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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Offering independent quality engineering and a wide variety of software testing services for over a decade, OURS GLOBAL’s team of skilled and experienced professionals will implement best possible software testing methodologies and applications with efficient use of world class software testing labs. Assuring to deliver our promise of quality engineering, quality assurance and digital assurance in our software testing services, our software testing experts always focus to help you get more out of your testing efforts and give you more time for marketing to improve your ROI.

Easing processes of installation, performance, compatibility, failure recovery, resource consumption, profitability, security and reliability our software applications and products can cater to all of your critical demands such as applicability, functionality, security and scalability at desired quality standards. With our through and unbiased testing processes you can be confident to deliver maximum caliber and performance.

Our Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services are as follows:

  • Manual Testing : Optimize operational costs and assign maximal budget for assuring quality by our cost-effective manual software testing services. This reliable and accurate way of software testing enhances production line by skillful detection of flaws. Our team of skilled and experienced professionals uses this cheaper method to test the functionality of devices and applications for an unparallel end user experience.
  • Automation Testing : Testing the maintenance life of applications will minimize turnaround time, regression costs & human error and maximize product quality. Much helpful for post-deployment testing of an application, this method will also ensure reduction of automation costs and speeding up of development processes. Our team of skilled, experienced and competitive professionals can do automation testing as per your requirements.
  • Security Testing : Eliminating the chances of security breaches, hacking and virus attacks we can enhance your customer trust through techniques adhered to legal and security measures. As a practical and cost effective method for safeguarding your applications our security testing services detects vulnerabilities and defects. These services can ensure quicker quality checking, enhancement of business efficiency and customer faith.
  • Black box Testing : Avoiding the events of defective products reaching your clients our Black box testing services can enhance market value, reliability and achievement of business goals. With strict steps to evaluate evaluation these services can safeguard your company’s reputation. The testing is carried out as per your requirements to reach top-notch software quality. These are the sub-services under Black box testing services.
    • Functional Testing
    • System Testing
    • Regression Testing
  • Performance Testing : Ensuring delivery of your specific business goals for our performance testing services will enhance client relations and enhance your brand reputation. Checking stability and client experiences of your business website/software product, this service also evaluates load testing, speed, scalability and stability. Thesea re the sub-services that comes under:
    • Load Testing
    • Stress Testing
  • Compatibility Testing : Ensuring a software application’s compatibility we can enhance fulfillment of SLA’s and customer satisfaction. Evaluating its performance in multiple environments such as operating systems, networks, hardware, platforms, devices and other applications our team of testers will reduce your operation and management cost while speeding up your software development life cycle.
  • Usability and Accessibility Testing : Crafting unparallel user experiences through your applications/website our team of professionals nurtures efficiency and Satisfaction while minimizing errors. Testing whether the website can be accessed with individuals with disabilities our usability and accessibility our usability and accessibility testing services can assist you for generating top–notch software applications and user-friendly websites.
  • White box and Grey box Testing : Ensuring quality of your applications we identify errors in the structure of application for guaranteeing robustness of your the functioning of your applications. Testing the performance of software businesses can minimize cost and management overhead as well as speed up their software development life cycle. These are the services that come under White box and Grey box testing services:
    • Component and Unit Testing
  • Agile Testing : Empowering businesses to execute projects quickly giving pivotal importance to quality, our developers and testers initiate developmental processes for removal of bugs, smoother & faster project completion and incorporating sudden changes and less post-deployment trouble shooting.
  • Application Testing Services : Delivering high end applications without compromising on integrity, quality, functionality and quality, our application testing services will maximize your ROI. Mitigating business risks our services will optimize processes and reduce lifecycle ensuring faster execution of your application development projects within minimal time and maximum consistency. These are the sub-services under application testing services:
    • Mobile Application Testing
    • Desktop Application Testing
    • Web Application Testing
    • Social Media App Testing
  • Database and Platform Testing : Monitoring integrity and stability of databases and applications our database and platform testing services will validate the quality, integrity, features, and functionality of applications. These services can reduce your operational and management cost as well as speed up their software development life cycle.
  • Cloud Testing : Our software testing services combine both traditional & high end methodologies for software applications as per your demand by developing testing strategies and execution models using best in class tools, frameworks and accelerators.

Our software testing services combine both traditional & high end methodologies for software applications as per your demand by developing testing strategies and execution models using best in class tools, frameworks and accelerators.

Benefits of outsourcing your Software testing & application development requirements :

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers services at uncompromised quality
  • Maximum scalability as per your requirements
  • Confidentiality of your data guaranteed
  • Comprehensive focus on critical concepts of your Ecommerce platform with maximum attention
  • Efficient mitigation of risks and costs thus reducing maintenance costs
  • Improvement in overall ROI, through enhancement in application quality and performance
  • Adherence towards latest industry regulations to make sure your product satisfy all quality parameters.

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