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Financial Analysis & Reporting Outsourcing Services

roubled with accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, financial auditing, accounting, taxation, credit management in your organization?

Getting a specialized financial analysis and reporting outsourcing services like OURS GLOBAL can benefit you with more customers. With well trained & skilled team of analysts we can ensure you high end financial analysis & reporting services at a much reasonable rate. Taking responsibility over your financial analysis & reporting service requirements, we can enable you to concentrate on crucial tasks such as decisions over business strategies needed for increasing the productivity of your organization.

Steps Involved in Our Financial Analysis Process?

We at OURS GLOBAL follow a streamlined & systematic process in delivering best & quality financial analysis and reporting services. The key steps involved in our financial analysis process are:

  • Data Collection: Collection of information required for data analysis & decision making
  • Data Processing: Processing of information to build significant relationships
  • Data Interpretation: Processing & interpretation of financial information to derive necessary inferences

Our Financial Analysis & Reporting Services include:

  • Financial Analysis & Research: Evaluating businesses, their projects, budgets, and other finance-related transactions, our financial analysis & research services will analyze stability, liquidity and profitability for warranting a monetary investment. Empowering managers for efficient decision making and investors to identify best possible investment opportunities our analysts will consider overall financial health, analyze financial statements, products and services delivered, supply & demand, and other indicators of corporate performance over time.
  • Corporate Financial Statement: Our team of expert accountants prepares financial statements that reflect the income statement of your businesses, validating its solvency and financial position. These statements including income statements, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet and statement of cash flows will also exhibit cash inflows and outflows for a company over a period of time.
  • Analysis of Financial Statements : Our 24/7 processing of finance and accounting services will assist banks with cost-effective and accurate banking analysis services. Our team of CPA’s, statisticians and other finance professionals deliver 24/7 effective financial analysis services that streamlines operational processes, minimizes cost & complexity and maximizes revenue for banks.
  • Analysis of Portfolio Structures: Our financial experts will analyze your investment strategies and identify any risks related to it. Maximizing efficiency and reducing costs, our experts will suggest ideal number, size and type of mandates or financial products, draw up investment guidelines with compliance to all legal requirements, analyze all risks, identify suitable investment styles and enhance benchmarks, bandwidths and rebalancing mechanisms as per the strategy.
  • Analysis of Prospectuses and Offer Documents: Analyzing prospectus documents filed with SEC (securities and exchange communication) our prospectus analysis services will assist investors in making informed decisions.
  • Ad-hoc Reports and Industry Reports: Reporting businesses and other industries with critical and autonomous business insights, our team of auditors and other IT professionals will assist you with data driven decision making processes.
  • Creation and Maintenance of Databases and Libraries: All financial entries will be documented and digitized in databases and libraries. These sources will be subjected to time to time maintenance for any future use.
  • Financial Ratio nalysis, Break-even Analysis, NPV and IRR Analysis: Comparing results financial statements, our financial ratio analysis professionals will analyze conclusions from financial performance, liquidity, leverage, and asset usage of your business.

    Our break-even analysis services will assist businesses to determine whether your businesses are profitable. Break-even point refers to a situation where all cost has been covered.

    IRR or Internal Rate of Return analysis services will identify discount rates that make the net present value of a project zero.

    Our net present value (NPV) analysis services will deliver you the variation between present value of cash inflows and outflows. This assist you in capital budgeting and investment planning for analyzing the profitability of your projected investment or project.
  • Board of directors and audit committee presentations on financial results and EHS compliance: Our board of directors and audit committee presentations will audit all financial entries in a period and ensure its accuracy and compliance with all EHS standards.

Why Outsourcing your Financial Analysis service requirements to OURS GLOBAL is always a good choice?

  • Reduction in costs with service improvement & quality enhancement generating value for all stake holders
  • Application of high end technology and latest financial tools
  • Faster growth by increasing the productivity & efficiency of your organization
  • Efficient implementation of strategies & unique methodologies for successful results
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company with strict adherence to your confidentiality & data security
  • A decade of experience as financial analysis and reporting service providers

Advantages of Financial Analysis Service from OURS GLOBAL:

  • Comprehensive awareness on your cash position & profits
  • Efficient implementation of transparency & regulatory compliance for best results
  • Development of a reliable reporting system for accurate analysis
  • Effective financial analysis & reporting services

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