Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Outsourcing Services

Aiding you for planning, drafting and construction processes of small, medium and large projects OURS GLOBAL’s civil engineering solutions can assist you with cost-effective solutions to meet growing overhead and technology expenditure. Assuring quality with the latest technical and dynamic project management tools, our services will assist in contemporary drafting and designing practices by overcoming project and budget constraints. Enabling you to focus on your core business areas, our team of efficient drafters and modelers will deliver services across different business verticals.

With state-of-art technology and global engineers, our cost-effective civil engineering solutions can enable you to develop high-end design developments. Assisting not just designers, architects and builders for efficient operations, our tailored Civil Engineering design, and construction solutions will cater to all industries.

These are the Civil Engineering Solutions OURS GLOBAL offer:

  • CAD Conversion: Archiving, retrieving, copying, editing and sharing drawings will be much easier with our CAD conversion and digitization services. Converting paper drawings to fully functional and operation ready CAD digital forms can enable you for future modification and access through the latest CAD software. Our services can deal with conversions of HVAC, Site plans, Floor plans, Exterior elevations, Roof plans, Foundation plans and Electrical plans.
  • Construction Drawing Services: Our detailed, highly specified and construction drawing services can enable you for better analyzing, planning, and execution of GA drawings with maximum precision. Drafting construction drawings for commercial buildings, residential buildings, and others in the fastest turnaround time of 24 hours, we will plan and execute an end to end solution for the construction processes. With a much talented and skilled team of engineers, our blueprints and drafted drawings can always maintain the highest standards.
  • Land Development Designing Solutions: Our land development designing solutions prepare draft designs for your exact requirements of land development with detailed environment land development designs. Maximizing your site with economical design solutions with sustainable designs, low impact development and sound engineering practices our solutions use intuitive design features with maximum accurate images for smarter data-led decisions.
  • MEP Design and Drafting: Our lucrative Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing solutions can assist you in your designs and drafting needs to get a competitive edge over your competitors. Our team of experienced and qualified Engineers, Draftsmen, Experts, and Superiority Analysts can generate innovative designs that can add value to your businesses. Our core services include MEP Design Services, MEP Drawings, MEP Drafting Services, MEP Modeling Services, HVAC Design Services, HVAC Duct Design, HVAC Piping Design, HVAC Layout Design, HVAC Drafting Services, HVAC Drawings, Plumbing Design and Plumbing Drawings Services.
  • HVAC Designs: Lower the costs and increase productivity and access by outsourcing your heating, ventilation, air conditioning design requirements to OURS GLOBAL. Planning, preparing, designing and drafting of your products can benefit you in terms of lowered costs, increased productivity and access to experienced professionals. Attending to every detail such as sizing, scheduling, detail & control charts, thermal load calculation with adherence to global and civil engineering standards and coordination plans we can get you closer to desired results.
  • Geospatial Calculations: Our geospatial civil engineering solutions will assist you to analyze, manipulate, store, manage and present clear and accurate geospatial images. Our wide range of geospatial data services will develop profile-based geographic information systems. Reducing costs and supporting multi-discipline analysis we improve the quality of complex civil projects with the efficient merging of cartography, database technology, and statistical analysis. Our Geospatial services comprise of:
    • Photogrammetric Solutions
    • Ortho-photo Production Services
    • Planimetric Mapping Solutions
    • Topographic Services
    • Digital Elevation Modeling Services
    • Terrain Modeling Services
    • LiDAR Mapping Services
    • Geographic Information System Services (GIS)
    • GIS Surveying Services
  • 3D Modeling Services: Get benefited with our 3D modeling services and accelerate your product development venture. Transforming your two-dimensional plans into accurate and rich renderings our team of highly qualified drafters, architects, engineers, and consultants who can provide outstanding 3D modeling solutions can assist you in executing successful projects
  • Construction Cost Estimation Services: Giving optimum importance for accuracy of your construction cost estimates our construction cost estimation solutions will assist you in initial investment decisions, implementation contract, and cost control measures.
  • Drainage Design Services: Our drainage design services combine hydraulic designing WINDS suite, analysis programs, AutoCAD based 3D Ground modeling software to check capacity and ensure optimum design in terms of pipe depth and gradient. These services can ensure to meet the requirements of the current 'Building Regulations'. Our team of technicians, civil engineers, and architects create comprehensive drainage (dewatering) designs, retrofit, and layouts designs as per your requirements.
  • Plumbing Design Services: Our best in the industry plumbing design services provides plumbing design and management services for major industrial, commercial, residential and retail projects. Ensuring best-in-class piping demands we can ensure check valves, kitchen, and bathroom installation systems that meet quality standards.

Other Civil Engineering Services include:

  • Environment Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Industrial Engineering services for Construction Engineering sector
  • GPS Surveying, manual surveying, laser scanning and EDM surveying for Surveying sector
  • Urban planning, Rural planning and cost estimation for the planning sector
  • Bid phase management, Construction CPM Scheduling, Dispute Avoidance & Resolution, Construction Design Reviews, Inspection and Quality Assurance, Change Order Analysis, Productivity Analysis, Construction Cost Estimation & Evaluation services for construction management

At OURS GLOBAL we follow these steps for while rendering our Civil Engineering Services:

  • Determining the scope of work and making sure details are available to them
  • Analyzing of inputs and eliminating all errors
  • Estimation of remuneration by ascertaining time, resources and prices
  • Allocation of project tasks to various officials and resources
  • Execution of drafts based on input brief
  • Sharing of expenses with customers and also check customer queries and feedbacks
  • Processes for quality checking and assurance
  • Final delivery of services as per client requirements

Benefits of Outsourcing your Civil Engineering Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Services catered at affordable prices saving a lot in designing, drafting, and turnaround costs.
  • Maximum security over your information with unparallel attention
  • High-end infrastructure and technology use
  • Highly trained and experienced professionals to deliver best in class services
  • Delivery of complete projects within a specified timeframe in a streamlined process
  • Uncompromised data confidentiality with adherence to confidentiality agreements and privacy policies
  • Usage of high-end tools and technology to deliver quality services such as AutoCAD, XSteel, Solid Works, Inventor, 3D Studio Max, and more.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers best quality services, solutions, and consultations by implementing quality control processes in several stages
  • Maximum Contact us to find out how our civil engineering solutions can assist you with cost-effective solutions for meeting growing overhead and technology expenditure.

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