SaaS Application Development

SaaS Application Development Services

OURS GLOBAL's SaaS (Software as a solution) Application development services can lower development cost and ensure greater ROI with no data related issues. Saving your time & resources on development, up-gradation, distribution, marketing, and client conversion our software solutions can also assist your users by saving them from the trouble of installing a browser or a mobile app.

Delivering software applications as a service over the internet SaaS applications will avoid the hassles of installation and maintenance. This web-based software will also free you from complex software and hardware management. Running on a SaaS provider's servers, the provider will be able for management of the application, including security, availability, and performance.

Empowering your employees to access the cloud from any geographical location our software applications can improve your enterprise’s productivity through enhanced customer service & speeding up delivery timelines. Thus your businesses can leverage SaaS & gain a competitive advantage over your competitors with on-premise solutions from our skilled software experts.

Our SaaS Application Development Services include:

  • SaaS Conceptualization: SaaS application conceptualization involves the development of a simplified model of SaaS application. Understanding your project requirements our programmers and designers will design approaches and processes that address your goals and specifications. This involves market research, data collection, analyzing business trends and a thorough survey of end-user demands. 
  • Deployment Strategy Development: Designing deployment strategies for applications our developers and cloud programmers will avoid downtime without any user interferences. Testing and evaluating applications with a limited number of users our experts will verify the proper operation of user-interfaces and overall applications. 
  • Platform Strategy: Migrating business operations to Cloud as part of IT Infrastructure requires effective planning of strategies for building, usage, and management. Our developers will drive migration of existing/new applications to cloud Iaas and/or Paas through result-oriented approaches that address the client's business requirements. Evolving these custom strategies our experts will create cloud-optimized, cloud-native and hybrid applications that deliver optimum business results.
  • SaaS Architecture: Mapping and assembling of SaaS applications for hassle-free interaction that meets business or user requirements. Our team of expert developers and designers will ensure maximum scalability and reliability while identifying & incorporating functionalities into these applications. SaaS architecture will define its interaction with middleware, databases and other applications.
  • SaaS Design: Our UI/UX designers will ensure maximum appeal, functionality, and intuitiveness in resultant SaaS applications that can directly generate optimum business goals. Without compromising on the simplicity & efficiency of SaaS, our analysts will identify user preferences for incorporating the most relevant and functional tools. Streamlining applications our designers will smoothen most complex workflows with innovative and simple UX designs. 
  • Development: Converting your vision and ideas into scalable and extendable Software-as-a-Service application solutions our end-to-end solution experts will build SaaS applications at the enterprise-level quality.
  • Testing: Our software testing services will ensure the performance of applications, built using the software as a service model of development function as designed. With shorter testing cycles compared to traditional software delivery SaaS software testing also does not require testing on client/server installations, multiplatform end support, multi-version support or backward compatibility.
  • Migration from on-premise to SaaS: Our SaaS experts improve/replace your outdated business processes by assisting you to move from its existing technology stack to an upgraded or completely different technology. This will maximize your application scalability, reliability, and data security.

Assuring you of optimum qualitative applications our expert team of software professionals ensures vigorous attention at each and every stage of SaaS development for the highest standard delivery model. Looking at challenges at development level such as subscription, tenancy, security, security and so on applications will also be tested for the load, stress, security, functionality to ensure the finished products are in best in class standard.

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