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Node.js & MongoDB

Gaining popularity over the years, Node.js and MongoDB have proved as most recognized open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environments for crafting dynamic web pages content and reliable databases. Supporting developers for a field, range-query, and regular expression searches MongoDB documents can be indexed with primary and secondary roles for enhancing the availability of data with replica sets. With MongoDB, the development of databases is open to horizontal scaling using sharding for splitting data into ranges and its distributions. This database program also supports the development of databases that will support multi-documented data transactions for guaranteeing data-validity in the event of power-failure and errors.

Entitling liveliness in web-page content with Node.js our experts will unify web-application development around an uni-centered programming language for server and client-side scripts. Node.js will empower the development and deployment of data-sensitive applications and solutions with fast back-end and user -friendly front-end developments. Consulting, designing, and developing databases within the architecture of specialized applications, our experts will build robust web applications using MongoDB. Our team of developers is well versed in technology stacks, design, and development of dynamic solutions for diverse business verticals.

Our Node.JS & MongoDB Platforms comprise of:

  • Full Stack Development: An entire computer system or application from front-end to back-end and software coding that connects them is termed as Full-Stack. Creating or optimizing front-ends with tools such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript our specialized team of product managers, UI/UX experts, full-stack developers will offer your business superior effects. Without compromising on the quality of the project our expert team will offer full-stack development services ranging from PHP to Mean Stack, Ruby on Rails, Angular JS, Node JS & others.

  • Mean-stack Development: Building dynamic and feature-rich applications with MEAN stack components such as MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS and NodeJS our developers will ensure rapidity and efficiency in building feature-rich and dynamic web/mobile applications. Utilizing JavaScript, our customer-centric MEAN Stack Development services will solve issues in multiple industries such as media websites, data-intensive, real-time messaging applications, etc.

  • Angular JS: Building single-page applications with AngularJS web development frameworks from Google, our experts will analyze Document Object Models and use Angular-specific element attributes for delivering cleaner codes easier to understand and less prone to error. Leveraging the power of MEAN stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS and NodeJS) our AngularJS services will build secure, functional and easy to maintain web/ mobile applications.

  • Node.JS Development: Developing faster and scalable real-time applications with Node.JS our experts will incorporate v8 javascript engine that emphasis concurrency, speed, and intensive data exchange such as video & text chat engines, real tracking apps, online games, and collaboration tools. Enhancing user-experiences our developers will maintain browser-server connection persistently without the need for refreshing & pages.

  • Mongo DB Development: A NoSQL database, MongoDB will empower your business with maximum scalable and flexible solutions. Our MongoDB developers will design scalable, next-generation mobile/web applications. Optimizing scalability, speed, and security of applications our MongoDB developers will craft solutions as per your business requirements. 

Why outsource your NODE.JS and MongoDB service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified Node.JS and MongoDB development service provider
  • 10+ years experienced Node.JS and MongoDB service provider
  • An expert team of a dedicated team of experienced Node.js and MongoDB developers
  • Maximum confidentiality over your business data
  • Effective solutions for field-level queries, range-level queries, and expression related queries with MongoDB
  • Scalable database with sharding for increased performance of data processing
  • Complex queries by making indexes on JSON data
  • Deployment and management of applications across data centers
  • Risk assessments and quality control assurance 
  • 24/7 technical support and maintenance

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