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Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions

Worried about your in-house mortgage closing services?

In need of a team to prevent the loss of your valuable customers?

Join hands with OURS GLOBAL for a better mortgage closing support and benefit with high end workforce management & reporting tools to get a competitive edge over your competitors.

Lower mortgage rates & closing costs makes Credit Unions like you much preferable among clients. Deliver the best service to your customers by meeting them personally with their appropriate lenders by providing best in class service amidst increasing regulations, competition & Globalization. We can provide you the best mortgage closing assistance by eliminating all issues you face in assessing documentation quality & keeping integrity of data intact during loan closing processes.

Our Mortgage Closing Support for Credit Unions includes:

  • Data Validation: Reviewing of processes of the closing conditions by using automated mortgage closing assistance tools
  • Proper Assembling of Mortgage Closing Support Documents: Efficient, error free and compliant assembling of appropriate documents which comprises of flood certificate, appraisal reports, inspection reports, title search, mortgage insurance, homeowner's insurance, contracts, and the LE.
  • Preparing and Sending Closing Instructions: Examining accuracy of mortgage closing documents and its delivery within 3 days of signing we can avoid you from penalties by 100% adherence to federal regulations. This can also free you off the pressure from careful approaches while closing mortgage loans.
  • Tax free & Assessment: Collaborating assistance from settlement companies by evaluating fees and taxes, our team of trained loan processors will analyze clarity and pass on instructions for final disbursement of the mortgage loan.

Tools we use at OURS GLOBAL for Mortgage Closing

Streamlining appropriate approaches towards these are the following tools we leverage:

  • Byte-Software
  • Calyx-Software
  • Ellie-Mae-Encompass
  • Lending-Pro-Software
  • Loan-Assistant

Our Mortgage Loaning Processes:

Offering appropriate mortgage closing support to you we do provide efficient loan ending practices & mortgage closing support solutions which could go hand in hand with their business model. Our mortgage closing support process includes:

  • Assembling of Mortgage closing documents: Collaborating mortgage closing documents on your behalf, we also do modifications as per your requirement. These documents generally include trust deeds, modifications, tax records, Uniform Commercial Code records, judgments etc.
  • Assessing legitimacy of Documents: Reviewing the legality of claims & documents our mortgage closing makes all inclusive assessment to find any errors.
  • Preparation of closing instruction Statement: Reviewing of these documents for inconsistencies for preparation of closing instructions statements and later transferring it to the loan funding office.
  • Evaluation of Taxes & Fees: Evaluation & sorting of related mortgage closing support services to evaluate taxes & related fees and transfer of credit union instructions to the agent for final payment of mortgage funds.
  • Delivery of Mortgage Closing Documents: Making sure that all concerned properties in final closing processes are aware of the time & date giving strict adherence federal guidance for providing documents within 3 days

Why choose OURS GLOBAL as your Mortgage Closing Support partner?

Guiding you in the process of adopting a non-profit business model we do take measures to maintain safety & quality of our mortgage closing support processes. We do maintain its quality by ensuring 100% compliance regulations. These are the benefits if you’re choosing OURS GLOBAL as your Mortgage Closing Support partner:

  • High-quality mortgage closing support services with assistance of our highly experienced and understanding closing support agents, project team, and call center executives.
  • State of the art infrastructure with high end office spaces, uninterrupted network facilities, and the best-in-class mortgage tools & technologies.
  • Multiple delivery centers around the globe to enable mortgage closing services across all time zones with in a quick turnaround time.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which ensures 100% confidentiality over your data.
  • Flexible pricing models based on the volume of data validation, project type, shift coverage etc.
  • A decade of proven service experience for providing solutions for changing demands of mortgage industry maintaining best in class services.
  • 24*7 call center service regardless of time zone difference.
  • Required resource competence, in terms of expertise & infrastructure.
  • Single point of contact to address for your queries to assure updates on your project and keeping you track with all the developments

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Providing high-value mortgage closing support for credit unions our mortgage closing support professionals who can provide you with a high-level of scalability & flexibility, which can be customized based on your service needs. Get in touch with us to know how we are planning to deliver your credit union our mortgage closing services.

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