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Mortgage Appraisal Support Outsourcing Services

Mortgage Appraisal causing you problems?

Then outsource your Mortgage Appraisal to OURS GLOBAL who can carry out desk review & field review of your appraisal report to ensure technicality & consistency. This can further enable you for fast-track financing and eliminate complicated compliances. Offering wide range of appraisal services for commercial, residential and specialized purposes our experts acknowledged with automated valuation model, mortgage compliances such as Appraiser Independence requirements, Dodd-Frank Act, Evaluation Guidelines etc can deliver your solutions at optimum quality.

Mortgage appraisal services we offer are as follows:

  • Broker Price Opinions: Property evaluation through broker price opinions can enable you to know the actual worth of a property. This service involves:
    • Taking photographs of the collateral property
    • Satellite mapping & Source geography
    • Evaluation of the property to match reported value
    • Estimation of structural problems for evaluating fair value
    • Inspection on condition of plumbing, fixtures & interior renovations
    • Comparison of estimate property value over 30,90,120 days
    • Noting down positive & negative features of surrounding area
  • Task allocation & Appraiser selection: Onsite application and preparation of accurate appraisal report by a team of state-licensed appraisers & certified local owners who’re much aware of federal, state and GSE guidelines in a fast turnaround time.
  • Appraiser Enrollment: Guiding you to follow all appraisal guidelines & policies with the assistance of a skilled team of local appraisers who’ve much market awareness, state license and experience in property valuation
  • Appraisal Panel Review: This service involves auditing of your reports to check compliancy with Uniform Appraisal Dataset & Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal practice guidelines. Evaluating appraiser’s reporting practices & conducting fact checks to see if reported value aligns with actual measurement this service also ensure their validity and accuracy by securitizing & rectifying reports.
  • Supervision of Appraiser: Periodic benchmarking of performance of appraisers & appraiser reviews to provide scores based on turn time, quality & service. These services also readies an appraisal report for technical reviewing and quality assurance auditing for readability, quality, compliance with USPAP, and reasonability.
  • Comparative Market Analysis: Analysis of information such as listed price, selling features, the duration for which the property stood in the market, etc. The information is obtained through onsite inspection, analysis of exterior & interior photographs, street view, active listings, and homeowner association records. This service can thus assist you to get a competitive edge in securing finance.

Mortgage appraisal Processes we follow at OURS GLOBAL

  • Acknowledgement of your requirements without missing the minutest detail
  • Verification & validation of mortgage appraisal reports using Managed service model
  • High quality customized reporting that includes data which includes the value of your real estate
  • Complete assessment as per schedule & furnishing of reports within a short turnaround time
  • Compliant auditing & quality control auditing after project completion

Benefits of outsourcing your Mortgage Appraisal Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL

  • USPAP compliant reports
  • Independently evaluated appraisal reports
  • Reduced & fixed rates for services
  • Estimation with maximum accuracy & cost friendliness
  • Maximum Quality Assurance
  • Reduction of risks related to mortgage buy-backs

Why choose OURS GLOBAL as your Mortgage Appraisal service partner?

  • Globally certified Mortgage appraisal service provider with well awareness on local, state & federal regulations to deliver best in class services that comply with regulations
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company that maintains 100% data security
  • Services that maintains high accuracy & quality
  • Delivery of quality services at short turnaround time
  • Creation of reports from high quality appraisals to ensure scalability
  • Cost effective customized appraisal services to avail you maximum benefits
  • Engagement with only the representatives who’re well aware of entire project phase
  • Access to detailed reports that are compliant to local & state regulations
  • Experienced team of Appraisal Experts & Mortgage Analysts
  • Infrastructure well equipped with automation tools and appraisal software for faster delivery of your project and with maximum efficiency
  • Data confidentiality at its best with secure FTP & VPN network
  • 24/7 accessibility to subject matter experts irrespective of timezone

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