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Electrical Engineering Outsourcing Services

Get a wide range of electrical engineering services at affordable rates from OURS GLOBAL and make sure your products are aligned to your business goals. Optimizing and integrating all components of a power system, we make sure your products reach business goals. Our team of highly skilled and experienced electrical engineers will cater to all your electrical engineering requirements. As a leading provider of best in the industry electrical engineering services we do have expertise and experience needed to deliver smart solutions. Our efficient, reliable, safe and high end equipments and design tools to meet all your requirements.

Adhering to all international industrial standards, our state of art software such as CAD, Micro-Station, AutoCAD, Pro-design and Smart-Draw our professionals always ensure highest of quality while delivering services for your requirements.

Our Electrical Engineering Services are as follows:

  • PCB design & layout : Designing PCB design layouts for printing in circuit boards our skilled and experienced team of engineers deliver efficient and flexible assistance for your electric projects. Our PCB design & layout services comprises of efficient PCB Design, PCB Layout, Schematic capture, Capture Prototype & procurement and Component Footprint by blending mixed signal, high speed digital and analog in power boards with highly efficient PCB design tools. Our innovative printed circuit designs use custom scripts and programs to maximize efficiency, augment the current design tools, and improve quality.
  • Electrical systems Design and layout services : Offering high end and qualitative electrical schematic layouts and PCB designs for your electrical equipments, our Electrical Systems Design and layout services will deliver you the desired outputs at uncompromised quality. Offering superlative and quality electrical designs in 3D space systems defined by 3D CAD being our primary objective, we can create and manage electrical schematic layout & PCB designs for any type of electrical/electronic equipment.
  • Electrical instrumentation services : Minimize your operational costs, optimizing efficiency and maximizing uptime of your petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power, Infrastructure, and other industries with our state of art electrical instrumentation services. Understanding the problems your industry faces our integrated services will deliver efficient project management, planning, design and engineering, material procurement, equipment testing, installation and commissioning. Undergoing rigorous quality and load checks for ensuring maximum precision and accuracy our operations will always focus on overall service quality and reduce wastage with efficient resource management.
  • Electric Schematic Drawing : Our electric schematic drawings services can benefit wide variety of industries namely construction, automotive, aerospace and many others. Creating detailed schematics that clearly depict each circuit component and technical information; we assure to deliver first class CAD services at finest quality.
  • Electrical 2D drafting : Our accurate and precise electrical 2D drafting services will cater to industries of different verticals namely security services, architecture, product, networking, and more. With field layout, power distribution, small circuit diagrams, and other drafting works from our team of designers you can benefit with better productivity, reduction of errors and better management of design information. Using CAD software we always strive for optimum accuracy and precision while meeting the demands of your large and small projects.
  • Electronic Circuit Design Service : Taking advantage of high end technology and skills of our team of engineers and consultants deliver electronic circuit design services such as customized Electronics Design, PCB Design, IoT Hardware Design, Embedded Systems Design, Prototyping & Electronic Manufacturing Services. Enabling clients to get high quality products and services at affordable costs for over a decade, our exhaustive testing and validation of designed work ensures complete robustness of the delivered work.
  • Electrical Equipment Support services : Our electrical support services offer solutions on planning project management, system design, testing, monitoring and automated process control. Understanding and evaluating electrical systems we ensure safety and compliancy in systems through a range of design, auditing, testing and analysis services. Ensuring optimum performance, safety and compliance we provide wide variety of services such as auditing and protection testing to labor support.
  • Smart Panel Layout Drawing Service : Our cutting edge smart panel design solutions will assist for efficient management and monitoring of energy consumption in an intuitive way. With customizable smart panel layouts & schematic, latest software and tools we can deliver you high end services as per your requirements.
  • Power Distribution Services : Analyzing power distribution in your facility our power distribution services can improve distribution efficiency with the assistance of our team of engineers.
  • Control System Architecture Services : Assisting your industry with our control system architecture services we can enable you to achieve plant-wide automatic control, which includes full integration of process control and plant business systems.

Benefits of Outsourcing Electrical Engineering Services to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Our electrical engineering services are much affordable and flexible as per the complexity of the project, skill, and expertise of resources, etc.
  • Maximum adherence to safety and data confidentiality
  • ISO certified company which delivers highest quality services
  • Flexibility of services as per your requirements
  • Maximum transparency to ensure highest level of service standards
  • 24*7 customer support from professionals who have vast experience in electrical field

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