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Mortgage Title Support Outsourcing Services

Getting tired with in-house title searches?

Why outsource OURS GLOBAL your service requirement of ordering of titles, examination of financial obligations of a property, transfer of title property from seller to the buyer and management of property insurance? With a decade of experience & expertise in providing support for mortgage companies our experts can aid you with title reporting, analyzing of financial implications of the loan, arrangement for the transfer of property rights and acquirement of mortgage policies as per your demand within a quick turnaround time and at affordable cost.

The Mortgage Title support services we offer are as follows:

  • Mortgage Title insurance: Safeguarding both the buyer & the seller we do provide insurance policies. When lender’s title insurance ensures the property has a valid mortgage lien the buyer will require a separate mortgage title insurance policy.
  • Mortgage Title Search and Ordering: We provide back office services such as delivering of specific details such as titles based on area, country or city. Our experts will also coordinate with title companies & loan officers to deliver you a detailed, accurate & exhaustive title report.
  • Title Examination: Clearing all errors & disputes related to a property we can serve you an anti-fraud mechanism for you. We can also carry out thorough examination of search encompassing taxes, lawsuits, judgments, liens & legal claims. This service can ensure you from fraudulent property transactions.
  • Title Commitment: We also deliver commitment report services which cover both the details of title insurance & conditions of insurance. This service thus facilitates the relationship between lenders & buyers.

Why outsource your Mortgage Title support requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • Expert & experienced mortgage title support professionals
  • Safeguarding rights of both the lender & buyer
  • Faster, easier and much economical services
  • 10+ experience in catering to title support requirements

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