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A sector of companies that are involved in production & sale, extraction, manufacturing, refining, and distribution of energy is called as energy & utility industry. Fossil fuel, electrical power, nuclear power, renewable energy, and traditional energy constitute the energy and utility industry. Energy & utility industry is constantly changing with ever-increasing customer demands, evolving business models, smart grid compliance, demand response time, dynamic pricing, etc. A study by Navigant Research found that the advanced energy industry is worth $ 1.3 million globally and is $200 billion alone in the U.S. This booming industry requires uncompromised back office support for driving itself towards growth.

With so many core competencies to address, many organizations are finding hectic to concentrate all back-office processes. Catering services requirements to an experienced third party outsourcing partner will ensure maximum efficiency. BPO services will assist energy companies to meet the changing demands of customers by implementing innovative solutions that ensure omni-channel access. With analytical driven engagements, end-to-end BPO solutions, and high-end technology BPO service providers will deliver transformational outcomes for clients.

OURS GLOBAL'S BPO Services can enable your Energy & Utility related businesses in the achievement of desired objectives. Get benefited with our affordable energy and utility BPO services for gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we can assure you high-quality results & maximum data security. The energy & utility enterprises that can benefit from our BPO services include electricity providers, water suppliers, natural gas providers, solar power companies, distribution & retail companies, oil & gas companies, transmission & distribution service providers, oil field services, energy trading & renewable energy companies, city-owned utilities, and others.

Our 24*7 customer relationship management can assist you in informed decision making & efficient business planning acknowledging changing demands of the Energy & Utilities industry. Our trained, experienced and qualified personals can cater to your specific needs in:

  • Vendor, material & customer data management
  • Analyzing & management of your company performance
  • Risk management
  • Expense management & promoting growth
  • Document Engineering for efficient integration of valuable data from various resources

Our BPO support Outsourcing Services for the Energy & Utility Industry:


Why choose OURS GLOBAL for your Energy & Utilities BPO Service requirements?

Our technical solutions can assist you in solving your business challenges:

  • Customized Services for your organizational needs for the fulfillment of your business goals
  • Ensuring customer attention and assistance for maintaining your brand image among clients
  • Handling of a variety of services from billing inquiries to customer support
  • Efficient customer service by assisting them in overcoming challenges & fulfillment of requirements
  • Reasonable cost services on the project’s complexity & volume of calls

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