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Energy & Utilities Services

OURS GLOBAL'S BPO Services can enable your Energy & Utilities industry in achievement of desired objectives. Get benefited with our affordable BPO services for gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company we can assure you high quality results & maximum data security. Outsourcing to us will allow your workforce to focus on your enterprise’s mission critical tasks. The energy & utility enterprises that can benefit from our BPO services include electricity providers, water suppliers, natural gas providers, solar power companies, distribution & retail companies, oil & gas companies, transmission & distribution service providers, oil field services, energy trading & renewable energy companies, city owned utilities and others.

Our 24*7 customer relationship management can assist you in informed decision making & efficient business planning acknowledging changing demands of Energy & Utilities industry. Our trained, experienced and qualified personals can cater to your specific needs in:

  • Vendor, material & customer data management
  • Analyzing & management of your company performance
  • Risk management
  • Expense management & promoting growth
  • Document Engineering for efficient integration of valuable data from various resources

Our BPO support outsourcing services for energy & utilities industry:

  • Call center Outsourcing services: Our 24*7 efficient customer support services will be an effective choice to promote customer satisfaction & retention in your organization. With our call center services, our businesses can achieve a high resultant business growth & profitability. These are the call center outsourcing services we provide:
    • Sales & customer Acquisition
    • Customer care & service
    • Answering service
    • Switch board
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Chat Support
    • Email management
    • Electric/Natural Gas/Green power sales
    • Collections
    • Emergency hotlines & Dispatching services
    • Billing
    • Technical support
    • Notification campaigns
    • After Hours Support
    • Business to business sales
    • Outage & Emergency reporting
    • Start/Stop services
    • Appliance repair Scheduling
    • Meter reading
    • Account inquiry
    • Budget Plan Enrollment
    • Late Payment Notification
    • Appointment remainder
    • Planned Power Outage
    • Power Restoration confirmation
    • Peak Time Billing / Savings Updates
    • Customer Surveys
    • Complaint Resolution
    • Field workforce Communication & Support
    • IVR
  • Back Office BPO services: OURS GLOBAL’s Back Office BPO services can drive your energy & utilities organization towards the path of success while adhered to industry followed quality & security standards. Ensuring enhancement business efficiency & bottom-line of different energy utility companies around the globe with our quality back office BPO solutions we aim to boost our every clients service delivery excellence. Our Back Office BPO Services comprises of the following sub-services:
    • Energy Contract Validation
    • Data entry
    • Customer data base management
    • Form processing
    • Invoice & purchase order data entry
  • Finance & Accounting BPO Services: Our Finance & Accounting services can take up the role of your chief financial officer and guide you to world class financial operations for effective & efficient management of finance functions. Driving rigorous operations in line while keeping down costs we can assist your companies in achieving high performance in a challenging, multi-polar world. With our strategic efforts, you cannot help but progress. Our finance & Accounting services includes:
    • Meter billing processing
    • Pre-payments Adjustments
    • Meter to cash cycle management
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounting & Book keeping
    • Financial Analysis Reporting
    • CFO Services
    • Payroll Processing services
    • Tax preparation services
    • Record to report services
  • IT Outsourcing services: Our IT Outsourcing services can provide you comprehensive IT management & support services with guaranteed performance levels lowering your IT operating costs by focusing entirely on core business objectives & projects. With comprehensive industry knowledge we can develop your IT strategies by ensuring your information systems are secure, dependable, robust, secure & efficient. Our IT Outsourcing services includes:
    • Software Application development
    • Web Application development
    • Mobile Application development
    • SaaS Application development
    • Software Testing quality Assurance
    • Cloud Application Development
  • Ecommerce support services: Optimizing your e-business systematically our E-commerce support services can offer required assistance in choosing of right platform, integration of appropriate site searches, and development of customized ecommerce strategies to enhance commercial & technical performance of your online venture. These are the ecommerce support services we provide:
    • Order processing
    • Product Information management
    • Finance & Accounting (F&A)BPO
    • Digital marketing services
    • Digital photo editing services
    • Call center services
  • Digital marketing services: Our pioneer digital marketing services reinvent your digital marketing strategies through fully integrated, dynamic, personalized and experiences converting your potential customers to sales turnovers. These services can also strengthen your customer relationships. These are the digital marketing services we provide:
    • Search engine optimization services
    • Pay per click services
    • Social Media Optimization services
    • Display advertising services
    • Email marketing services
    • Affiliate marketing services
    • SEO, Content writing services
    • Web analytics and Reporting services

Why choose OURS GLOBAL for your Energy & Utilities BPO service requirements?

Our technical solutions can assist you in solving your business challenges:

  • Customized Services for your organizational needs for fulfillment of your business goals
  • Ensuring customer attention and assistance for maintaining your brand image among clients
  • Handling of variety of services from billing enquiries to customer support
  • Efficient customer service by assisting them in overcoming challenges & fulfillment of requirements
  • Reasonable cost services on project’s complexity & volume of calls

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