Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

Accessing crucial business information 24*7 can empower you in initiating appropriate cash saving policies and enhancing vendor relationship to heighten your ROI and betterment of your vendor relationships. Over 10 years of experience in providing Accounts Payable services, OURS GLOBAL can revolutionize your payment activities by effective automation of document management, exception resolution, elimination of duplication and disbursement-related services.

With perfect blend of professional skills and automated tools we make your businesses much more streamlined, easily manageable and controllable with web enabled functions. As per your demand we use experience and expertise in delivering effective and efficient accounts payable outsourcing services. At much reasonable price our services are designed and developed in such a way to maintain significant quality and uniqueness.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Payable Services to OURS GLOBAL

We at OURS GLOBAL focus on the competitive pricing without compromising with the quality. Some more features that keep our company into streamline are as follows:

  • Strategic redeployment of staffs to bring in more business or adding of value to your customers.
  • Efficient monitoring of accounting rules and implementation to keep track of constant changes.
  • Reduction in cost (Infrastructure, workforce, space and technology)
  • Assists during challenging economic situations
  • Scalability and Flexibility as per business demands
  • Maintenance of security & confidentiality of client and business data.
  • 24*7 operations to meet any scheduled deadlines

Who can benefit from Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services?

Our Finance & Accounting BPO services can benefit individuals and enterprises for different purposes as per their needs:

  • Management bodies and business owners for evaluating & analyzing their financial performance and position
  • Investors for efficient management of their funds.
  • Suppliers to keep a record of credit details
  • General public for job opportunities and educational uses.

Our Accounts Payable Outsourcing services include:

  • Data Capturing: Our data capturing services identify and collect data to deliver high-quality products enhancing customer relationships & sales. Our data capturing services include:
    • Sorting: Arranging data into meaningful order to make it easier to understand, analyze or visualize.
    • Data scanning:Examination of the files stored on your computer to discover the ones with more confidentiality.
    • Document storage and retrieval: Utilization of secure facilities and networks for document processing, storage, and retrieval to find the documents they need for conducting businesses effortlessly.
    • Audit & reconciliation of scanned invoices: Our batch processing improves efficiency by assisting you in the management of a large amount of data efficiently.
    • Batch preparation: Our batch processing improves efficiency by assisting you in management of large amount of data efficiently.
    • Document Indexing: Grouping information under a file for searching & retrieval purposes in the future for later programming into a database for easy access is termed as Document Indexing. 
    • Maximum Availability of scanned invoices: Easy identification and capturing of invoice information that can improve the overall processing of invoices to nullify hidden expenses and overcome inefficiencies easily. 
    • Receiving and processing of incoming mail: Efficient receiving and processing of incoming mails can drastically improve the efficiency and operational excellence by boosting productivity, lowering process costs, maintenance of better responsive customer service, reduction of unwanted volume of mail and greater control & insight into mail processes such as mail volume, type, and recipients.
  • Data Processing – Exception Management/Resolution: Calculating, classifying, summarizing and consolidating of accounting information for your business.
    • Approval and exception routing: Our Approval services can easily verify initially approved expenses, the arrival of shipment before payment and authenticity of the invoice that will, in turn, enhance your approaches to ensure timely payment to maximize discounts.
      Our exception handling can assist you in examining the financial & operational results of a business to notify substantial differences to the management if in case of substantial differences from budgeted or expected amount.
    • Documented audit trail: Our Document audit trailing services can make your business information more accurate, readily accessible, and usable enhancing your response against cyber-threats, security breaches, data corruption, or misuse of your business information.
    • The shortened month-end closing process: Our Shortened month-end closing process can get you accurate and consistent financial statements for early identification of accounting issues.
  • Suspect Duplicate Analysis: Calculating, classifying, summarizing, and consolidating accounting information into an accounting system is termed as Suspect duplicate analysis. 
    • Three-way database matching: Our three ways database matching can assist you in eliminating incorrect and fraudulent invoice while processing of invoices received from a vendor or a supplier
    • Manual and automated data entry: Our data entry services optimize your bookkeeping workflows irrespective of their size. However, automated data entry is suitable for a large volume of documents.
    • Electronic invoice processing: Electronic invoice processing can assist you for easy management and organization of your business activities by efficient management and streamlining of invoices scanned, emailed and faxed to a single centralized location.
  • Disbursement Services: Our Disbursement services can help you determine the amount of money flowing out of the company, thus allowing you to cut unwanted expenses
    • Secured maintenance of check stocks: Our services can secure the maintenance of your check stocks for enabling you to cross-check on the issuance of cash.
    • Print and distribution of checks: This service can guide you for efficient adjustments in payrolls and paychecks by crediting the employee deduction and your contribution to tax’s assigned liability.
    • Electronic payment handling: Our Accounts services can smoothen your electronic payments that ensure time-saving, expense control, reduction of risk in handling money, low transaction cost, increased speed & convenience and effective customer service.
    • Special invoice mail handling: Efficient handling of special invoices can foster quicker approval of invoices, better visibility of real-time invoice processing and rapid reconciliation of purchase orders
    • Online check proofing: Online check proofing can back your audit proofing of your business records enabling you to document all your income, deduct unwanted expenses, storing and updating of your proper records.
    • Return check handling: We also record the return deposit item on the ledger account for maintaining the accuracy of your financial data.
  • Supplier management: Optimizing measures in choosing, evaluation and partnering vendors for goods and services we can increase your company’s productivity, ROI, competitiveness, and profit.
  • Special projects reports: Creating innovative intelligence solutions, our solutions can report your servers the deployment of projects and other related information affirming you to take appropriate steps needed for a successful project.
  • Customer service: Providing provision of service to customers before and after the purchase of service/product from your company can in turn increase sales, customer loyalty, public image and positive working environment for your workforce.
  • Utility bill management: Automating collection, validation, and payment of utility bills will ensure better saving of your time & resources by effortless bill payment rooting for better customer integration services.
  • Travel and expenses processing: Complete & integrated processing of travel & expenses can record expenses to correct taxation and posting in financial accounting for better fund management.
  • Tax reporting: Our tax reporting services can empower you for better business decisions while reducing risk while increasing the value of tax analysis and planning for benefiting broader business goals.

Why to choose OURS GLOBAL for your Finance & Accounting services?

  • Customized work strategies as per customer demand
  • Market best service at the best price
  • Latest technology and industry procedures used by highly skilled professionals
  • Better adherence and commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Assured data security and confidentiality
  • Optimized transparency, flexibility, and efficiency in delivered financial services

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