Mechanical Engineering Services

Mechanical Engineering Outsourcing Services

Optimizing engineering processes, shortening project timelines, reducing costs and accessing best in class mechanical engineering solutions, OURS GLOBAL ‘s mechanical engineering services solve the problems such as rising costs, increasing competition, and profit margin compression. Streamlining product development and engineering services our mechanical engineering services can maximize productivity and give you access to unparalleled mechanical engineering solutions as per your requirement. With the experience of providing engineering solutions and value-added services for over a decade, we have experience in the analysis, design, manufacture, and maintenance of various mechanical systems.

Assisting you in the improvement of R&D service, product development, shortening development cycles and product development costs our mechanical engineering services can improve resource utilization, refine product innovation, and gain a competitive edge over your competitors with a wide range of solutions in animation, design, graphics, CAD-related services.

Our Mechanical Engineering Services:

  • CAD Conversion and Migration Services: Redrafting paper, PDF, and scan-based drawings to editable design drawings with optimum accuracy our CAD conversion services will always offer customized solutions at quick turnaround time. With much experience and skill in understanding and converting drawings related to Mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering, civil engineering, architecture, structural engineering, Fabrication, and shipbuilding our team of engineers, architects, and draftsmen will also point out errors and rectify it if needed. Our CAD conversion and migration services include:
    • CAD Digitization
    • CAD Vectorization
    • Other CAD Conversion Services
  • 2D Drafting Services: Our efficient 2D drafting services will convert your manufacturing drawings, structural drawing, sheet metal & fabrication drawings, structures and also your 3D models to 2D CAD files. Our expert engineers and draftsmen can attend to any complex design projects with the effective employment of the latest CAD platforms needed for your manufacturing and fabrication needs.
  • 3D Rendering, Modeling and Drafting Services: Our cost-effective 3D rendering, modeling and drafting services can render solutions for the drafting requirements of mechanical, architectural, electrical, electronic, and structural domains across the globe. Our team of CAD specialists comprises qualified engineers, CAD designers, managers, analysts, and draftsmen who will create drafts at desired quality saving a lot of time and cost. Incorporating the latest 3D modeling software like Revit, Catia, Solid Works, 3D Max Software, etc our professional experts can convert your 2D designs to 3D CAD designs needed for your industrial and residential projects. Impress your clients with 3D model ideas for your tailored requirements.
  • Reverse Engineering Services: Improvise the designing operations of your products with Reverse engineering services from OURS GLOBAL with cutting edge technology and efficient reverse engineering processes. Assisting you in scaling up of products, product upgrading, capacity optimization OURS GLOBAL’s effective reverse engineering processes will help you quantify performance goals and ultimately get you the deliverable you need. Our reverse engineering services include services such as:
    • 2D/3D Drawings
    • Detailed Dimensional/geometrical Analysis
    • Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Analysis
    • Prototyping
    • Manufacturability Analysis
    • Quality Control Inspection
    • Electronic and Electrical Analysis
    • Material and Surface Analysis
    • Detailed dimensional/geometrical Analysis
  • Plastic Injection Molding Services: Our specialized plastic injection molding services can deliver you high-quality plastic injection molded parts and Mold tools. Maintaining high-quality product and process standards our cutting edge plastic injection molding services assist manufacturing and mechanical engineering industries. Assisting you in processes such as prototyping, product design, mold tool design, and analysis as well as manufacturing our injection molding services are tailored enough to fit any of your requirements such as minimal production of end-use parts, bridge tooling before high volume production, mass customization of product lines, and functional prototyping. Our plastic injection molding services comprises of:
    • Plastic Production
    • Mold Design
    • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Mechanical 3D Product Services: Get a visualized view of your product or concept even before a prototype is produced to showcase the functionality of the product without increasing much on operational costs. Our realistic 3D animation services can give you and your client a better idea of the final product and its performance. Our product designers comprise of engineers and animators who create precise, detailed mechanical 3D models of your product engineering drawings, CAD files, or product samples.
  • Finite element analysis services: Our finite element analysis services can reduce product failures and provide measurable benefits such as lowering of manufacturing cost, reduced product development time and increased efficiency. Outsourcing your finite element analysis services can lower your production costs and give your competitors a competitive edge. Our industry best, skilled and experienced mechanical engineers use the latest FEA tools and techniques to deliver industry-best services. Our Finite element analysis services comprise of:
    • Structural Analysis
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Static and Dynamic Analysis
    • Electromagnetics
    • Fluid-Structure Interaction
    • Design Optimization
    • Composite Analysis
    • Thermal Analysis
    • Multi-body Dynamic Analysis
    • Stress, Fracture Analysis, and Fatigue Analysis
    • Explicit Dynamic Analysis
    • Other Services
  • Plant Design Management System: Our plant design management incorporates the latest technological advancements in planning, designing, modifying, installing and maintaining various plant facilities, systems, and equipment. Increasing productivity and decreasing bottlenecks our team of experienced engineers, senior designers, draftsmen, and managers will provide you with ideal, cost-effective solutions within the required turnaround time. Developing appropriate equipment specifications, plant designs, etc our plant design management system can offer you flexible execution strategies including on-site as well as an off-site team for personalized attention. Our plant design management system comprises of:
    • Pre-bid Proposal Engineering
    • Bid Evaluation Assistance
    • Detailed Engineering
    • Design and Drafting Services
    • 3D Modeling and Design
    • As-built Documentation
    • Piping Design
    • On-site Engineering Consultation

Benefits of outsourcing your Engineering Service requirements of engineering industry:

  • Reasonable and affordable pricing structure without compromising on quality, accuracy, efficiency or timelines.
  • Effective project management with the assistance of users which includes planning, organizing, and management of resources which results in increased productivity
  • High end tools and techniques used for providing an unmatched level of services for our customers
  • Numerous global centers across the globe which provides aesthetic design services for various business verticals
  • Quality assessment at stages of project planning, process definition, execution, and design verification to provide uncompromised quality while delivering services
  • Accurate structural steel detailing for all type of manufacturing and construction activities

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