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Influencer Marketing Services

Engaging brands and developing relationships with individuals our influencer marketing services will divert your potential customers towards your brand. Influencing customers through the social media status of celebrities in media, art and other noting industries, our influencer marketing services will utilize their credibility in respective fields. Associating with credible influencers our professionals will combine appealing content with public relations, analyst relations and customer acquisition we will integrate any public marketing content.

Getting you updated with newer much trustworthy and renowned way of marketing than clichéd and formal marketing messaging our digital marketing services will focus on effective marketing of your brand, creating valuable relationships, reaching newer customers, generation of better marketing content with influencers and leveraging better connections with them. Building credibility through custom made marketing approaches our current digital strategies will boost consumer engagement to maximum.

Our influencer marketing services comprises of :

  • Metric reports tracking genuine engagement : Generating data spread sheets on information, how your content is received and acted our metrics reports tracking services will get optimal results for your businesses. Identifying specifically relevant social data such as audience reach, engagement, visitor frequency rates, social conversions and customer service sayings our media reports tracking services directly connect social media with business profits, make engagement numbers meaningful and actionable, optimize targeting of new and returning visitors and show impact on business bottom lines.

  • A multi-pronged approach using micro-influencers as well as bigger names : Our micro-influencer marketing services will develop relationships with influential personalities to promote your brand. Partnering with trusted non celebrity influencers in social media we will be able to drive audience trust towards your brand. These micro influencers who have more reach towards your potential audiences will boost sales conversions and in turn profits

  • Data-gathering to identify relevant micro-tribes : Identifying micro tribes or like-minded peoples our influencer marketers will identify your brand with them classifying your niches and brand position to influence them to your desired results. Getting them engaged with your brand our micro-tribe influencers will market them with well edited contents.

  • Creating multiple, targeted campaigns : Through commercial marketing techniques for social engagement our social marketing professionals will influence targeted audiences to change their social behaviors and thus benefit you. With much refined social marketing strategies we will evolve local, national and international communities in innovative ways. Targeting your desired communities we will generate publicity for your content changing their buying interests.

Why outsource influencer marketing service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers maximum quality services
  • Quick and efficient implementation of effective marketing with high end skill set and updated technology
  • Minimization of upfront cost and ease scaling of manpower and technology
  • Vetted pool of influencers who will empower effective campaigns in faster and accurate manner
  • Comprehensive knowledge on latest influencer marketing trends, current case studies and statistics
  • Analyzing of all metrics and analytics for designing campaigns as per your requirements
  • Maximum scalability as per your influencer marketing service requirements

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