Sales & Customer Acquisition Services

Sales & Customer Acquisition Outsourcing Services

Generating optimum sales through appropriate customer acquisition strategies OURS GLOBAL’s Sales and Customer Acquisition Outsourcing services will assist you in increasing your business’s ROI. Our call center services can engage with all potential clients through inbound and outbound communication using multiple channels. Nurturing and strengthening client interface with your brand through both voice and non-voice interaction our multi-channel contact centers can support the entire customer lifecycle.

Designing appropriate engagement strategies our professionals deliver personalized experiences for increasing quality and quantity of sales by the achievement of sales through trusted relationships. OURS GLOBAL always stays updated with high-end marketing, sales and automation technologies for executing demand & acquisition, growth & expansion and retention and loyalty in your business.

Our Sales and Customer Acquisition Services includes:

  • Inbound Sales: Our Inbound sales services influence your potential customers through personalized and customer-centric approaches to maximize the sales performance of your industries. Our Inbound sales services are delivered through call centers.

  • Inbound Call Center Sales: Our efficient call center services respond to customer queries, feedback, and surveys with apt sales & acquisition strategies for enhancement of your business ROI. These services can yield you better results through increased sales leads and strengthening of customer relationships.
    • Our Inbound Call Center Sales Services are as follows:
      • Inbound Order Taking
      • Direct Response Call Center
      • Inbound B2B and B2C Sales
  • Outbound Sales Services: Our outbound sales services design business development strategies for delivering both B2B and B2C outbound campaigns that will maximize your ROI through the increase in production and sales. Our highly trained and educated outbound call center professionals engage with customers through dynamic communication to uncover sales opportunities and identify potential decision-makers.
    • With experience and skill par above than normal, our professionals will always you deliver with positive results.
      Our outbound sales services include:
      • Outbound Call Center
      • Outbound B2B and B2C Sales
  • Customer On-boarding Services: Our customer on-boarding services encompass interactions and engagements with your brand for enhanced customer experience and influence the customer interfaces with your brand and product. More than delighting your customers this customer on-boarding services can reduce your customer acquisition costs, boosts customer retention, influence purchase decisions and reduce customer service loads.
  • Telemarketing Services: Our telemarketing services can help your businesses to increase ROI by augmenting your current customer relationships for effective closing of sales. Through our inbound/outbound telemarketing services we can guide your businesses in acknowledgment of customer issues through enhanced customer relationships. Our telemarketing services mainly consist of cold calling services.
  • Cold Calling Services: Our cold calling B2B and B2C services can drive your businesses to develop newer business opportunities, increase your revenue and expand your market share through the acquirement of newer customers by motivating their purchase decisions with friendly interactions. Our B2B and B2C cold calling services attract newer customers to your brand with the assistance of accurate and right script which can enhance the credibility of your brand.
  • Cross Selling and Up Selling Services: Through multi-channel approaches, our cross-selling and up-selling services can boost sales in your businesses by driving cross- selling of your products and services through comprehensive customer interaction. Our professionals are highly trained in understanding customer signals and their usage to sell similar products and services. Working closely with call scripts they will ensure the effectiveness of each conversation.

Benefits of outsourcing your sales and customer acquisition outsourcing service requirements to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Increase in revenue and customer expansion for your businesses
  • The capability of handling larger volumes of customer communication
  • Flexible pricing structure depending on factors such as call volume, project complexity, the term of contract and demand of call center agents
  • Best in industry call center professionals selected after selection, screening and induction processes
  • 24*7 multichannel support to facilitate the process of customer interaction & experience and boost growth
  • High-end call center technology and infrastructure for delivery of best services
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company to maintain high-end quality

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