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Mobile Application Development Services

OURS GLOBAL’s Mobile App Development Outsourcing services deals with development of mobile applications which is now becoming a necessity among companies who aims to provide an unconditional experience for their users through diverse devices. Our skilled & experienced team of qualified software professionals has the expertise to design & deploy a mobile application as per your demand with efficient use of technology. Setting your enterprise apart from competitors we efficiently adapt to effective business models that can take appropriate usage of mobile technology.

We deliver our high end Mobile App Development Services are as follows:

  • Design User experience : Designing positive experiences, we engage users with personalized, efficient and enjoyable environments while focusing on efficiency and discoverability. Streamlining processes to serve spontaneous needs of your users, we engage and ensure the continued use of such items.
  • Development of cross- platform Applications for Mobile : Our expert cross-platform developers will develop multi-platform experiences that for users, business, industry and wide variety of vertical needs. Building cross platform mobile applications with technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, our services can enable your websites unparallel with your competitors.
  • Design & Development of Apps for IOS Platform : With exhilarating and skilled team of developers we offer customized iOS app development services and competitive iOS solutions. With rich experience of supremely scalable and high utility applications we can assist you in achieving optimum productivity.
  • Design & Development of Apps for Windows Phone : Our exclusive windows application development services will design and develop applications that will cater services as per your distinct requirements. With certified, trained and skilled developers who have experience in Visual Studio 2010, SDK, Windows Phone, APIs, and frameworks our windows applications can assist you in capitalizing unmatched experiences on Microsoft.Net and Visual Studio applications.
  • Development of web application for Mobile : With unparallel knowledge & experience on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, jQTouch, PhoneGap our team of developers always excel in delivering applications with effective mobile web development techniques. At affordable and within stipulated timeline we create impactful & digitally transformative experiences as per your demand.
  • Testing of Mobile Applications : Our services of testing mobile applications includes testing of applications compatible for multiple platforms and devices, including Ios, Android, Windows, Mac, and other open source operating systems. With specialized test and domain knowledge our application testers will our test coverage for applications built with latest mobile and web technologies including HTML 5, CSS 3.
  • Design & Development of Apps for Android platform : With efficient use of application development technologies, our expert developers create customized and visually appealing solutions. Having in depth understanding of XML Java and JavaScript, our applications will have user friendly layouts, easy accessibility and smooth backend processes & components.

Our Mobile Application Development Services can assist you in the following ways:

  • Interactive engagement with customers for building loyalty
  • Enhancement of profit margin with improved customer satisfaction, business efficiency and employee productivity
  • Newer revenue channels to improve overall ROI
  • Employees can work from multiple geographical locations with the assistance of a stable internet connection
  • Delivery of useful insights which comprises of location of users, ratings, reviews and more

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