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Business Intelligence Application Development Services

Forecast markets trends and optimize your operation strategies with OURS GLOBAL’s Business application and development services. Programming and implementing business intelligence solutions that will automate mission critical decisions our team of developers help your business to achieve optimum results. Our team of BI Application developers will develop solutions for responsive data collecting techniques, information channelizing, optimized reporting, disbursing and retrieving. Working side by side with different business operations our solutions will ensure long term success for your businesses.

Delivering superior results for your businesses irrespective of its size our business intelligence solutions will help for achievement of better Return on Investment. With uncompromised and consistent business intelligence approaches we can assure you consistent promising performances.

Our business intelligence application development services comprises of :

  • Business Intelligence Consulting : Working side by side our team of developers will analyze your business priorities and vision for development of business intelligence frameworks as per your business requirements. This service not only makes you understand of critical business metrics and analytics, save time, money and effort through informed decisions.
  • Business Intelligence Development : Our business intelligence development services comprises of development of custom business applications which can improve your business agility and efficiency through forecasting, strategy & optimization consulting, customer analysis, performance analysis, trend analysis, financial reporting and more.
  • Data Visualization Services : Offering data visualization for your businesses our data visualization services will assist you to spot trends, track goal achievement, identify outliers and compare performances of different categories, products, brands, etc. Our tailored solutions will always deliver as per your requirements.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting : Delivering your business analytical information through business intelligence solutions, our business intelligence reporting services will give you summarized and well structured business reports for further analysis or operations.
  • Integration and Customization : As per your business requirement your businesses intelligence applications will integrated/ customized. Our services will identify inefficient businesses and subject it for re-engineering.
  • Business Intelligence Platform Services : Our Business intelligence platforms will enable enterprises online analytical processing, information delivery, business intelligence management and development environment. These services will enable your businesses for faster accurate reporting, analysis or planning, effective business decisions, improve operational efficiency and reduction in operational costs.
  • Data Interoperability : Our Data interoperability services will enhance your data resiliency meeting market needs and will support your business growth. These services will minimize errors, improve efficiency and enhance report quality.
  • Business Intelligence Heath Check : Evaluating all technical aspects of your businesses such as data quality, user experience, subject matter coverage & versatility, system stability and performance our business intelligence health check services will examine the state of your business intelligence system’s overall health.
  • BI testing : Our business intelligence testing services will enhance your software application performance and product quality. Validating data completeness and quality, transformation logic our business testing services will enhance your overall business performance.

  • OUR business intelligence application development services also comprises of :

    • SSRS, SSIS, SSAS Development Services

    • Power BI Consulting, Development & Implementation Services

    • Custom Power BI Development Services

    • Power BI Integration Services

    • Real-time Data Analytics

    • Business Intelligence Reports

    • Consolidation Dashboards from different data sources

    • BI integration with Cloud and Web Apps

    • Rapid, cost-effective services for business intelligence consulting

    • BI consultants developers and architects

    • Big data Analytics & Business Intelligence

    • BI Development for Analytical Dashboards


We serve industries such as :

  • Ecommerce

  • Education

  • Gaming

  • Business Intelligence

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Business

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Sector

  • Logistics

  • Social Network


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