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CRM for Ecommerce Stores Services

Attract newer customers and retain existing ones to your Ecommerce platform with OURS GLOBAL’s CRM (Customer Relationship management) services. Determining appropriate needs of your customers our customized solutions will influence your customers shopping habits, interests, shipping preferences and more. Organizing, storing, analyzing information about your company customers through multiple channels, our CRM services will provide on-time customer support and communication. Powering effective marketing strategies though Email marketing and social media our Customer relation professionals will always make your brand in touch with your clients. Thus with suitable marketing strategies our CRM solutions can drive optimum sales to your businesses.

Blending cutting edge technology and effective marketing strategies, our CRM solutions will boost your businesses with impressive functionality suited for your businesses. Encouraging your customers to make purchases with discounts through notifications, newsletter, personal coupon codes and newsletter, our promotion tools will attract them for generating more sales.

The CRM services for Ecommerce stores are as follows :

  • Multiple Marketing Strategies : Our customized marketing campaigns for your Ecommerce businesses will guide your customers for finalizing their purchases. Building online relationships and thus understanding their individual preferences with cost effective, user friendly and advanced strategies our marketing professionals will nurture promising relationships with your customers. Our Multiple marketing strategies include:

    • SMS Marketing : Marketing through permission based text messaging to spread promotional messages

    • Email Marketing : Preparation and sending of customized mails as per brand requirement for enhancing/nurturing customer loyalty and acquirement

    • Non Email Marketing : Non Email marketing involves keeping your customers updated with promotional events associated with your brand through cold calls and other methods

    • Survey Marketing : Collection of product feedbacks from customers to build customer loyalty towards your brand

    • Newsletter Marketing : Our newsletter marketing services involves sending of product-focused information through e-mails to potential and existing customers. Online businesses utilize newsletters to keep their brand top-of-mind for consumers, establishing authority in the space and notifying readers of products that may interest them.

    • Lead Generation via Web Forms : Producing quality leads for your sales team, our customer relationship management professionals collect information of potential clients through custom build web forms for your lead digital marketing campaigns.

  • Providing Informative Analytics : Providing reports and analytics our Customer Relationship Management analysts will assist you in effective planning, strategic building and sales forecasting. Leveraging rich industry knowledge, advanced analytic techniques and technology tools, our predictive analysis will enable your Ecommerce businesses for accelerated and accurate real time decision making.
  • Customer Support : Engaging customers to your Ecommerce stores through meaningful interactions, our customer support solutions will develop brand awareness and loyalty among customers in turn boosting your Ecommerce website profits.
  • Social Media Integration : Generating leads and in turn profits for your Ecommerce business, our social media integration services will be a promising promotion tool. Integrating social media platforms will not only ensure your business to get noticed but also engage them with the brand.
  • Statistical and Graphical Reporting : Annual, monthly and daily statistical and graphical reporting to predict customer tendencies

Why outsource your CRM service requirements to OURSGLOBAL?

  • Prioritization of hottest leads from analytics such as web page viewed, ticket created, level of engagement and country, city, and state for quality of fit.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company that assure maximum quality in delivery of services
  • Usage of high end technology, infrastructure and technology
  • Maximum scalability as per your requirements
  • Improved customer service as per the expectation of your online shoppers
  • Custom workflow design for your campaigns that target your sales leads
  • Detailed sales reports and forecasts to track the performance of your marketing campaigns

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