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Mortgage outsourcing is of course a challenging task of mortgage lending industries. With changing compliance laws, high costs, changing technologies & tighter budgets efficient, reliable & proven mortgage processes that OURS GLOBAL adopt can assist you to improve the performance of your business.

Supporting your business amidst inconveniences of sifting, evaluating & processing of voluminous data associated with mortgages our simplified mortgage process solutions can assist your business. Operating 24*7 services round the clock our well experienced, skilled & qualified professionals can deliver your mortgage service requirements with quick turnaround time at a much reasonable cost.

Our mortgage outsourcing services do influence the global conveyance of technology, capabilities, transformation and as well as lending functions. Focusing on changing trends in the market, we can boost your profit margins with efficient mortgage process practices.

Our Mortgage Outsourcing Services are as follows:

  • Mortgage Closing Services: Our mortgage closing services cut down costs, saving time and usage of your services more productively. Our professional team do offer back office support to all phases of mortgage closing processes including working with settlement companies to get the taxes and fees, preparation of initial Closing Disclosures and preparation & sending closing documents to ensure compliance. Our mortgage closing services include the following:
    • Pre-closing: This process involves securing of finances and approving of proposed homes after inspection
    • Closing: This process involves effective and efficient handling of turn-around times requirement while ensuring accuracy on every file
  • Mortgage Title Support: Providing aid to assistance for mortgage title search support to your company, we can deliver you services in title reporting, analyzing the financial implications of the loan, arrangement for transfer of property rights & acquiring of mortgage policies as per your demand.
  • Mortgage Appraisal Support: Our Mortgage Appraisal support services will enable you to know the actual value of your real estate property.
  • Loan Processing Services: Scanning of start to end process of loan origination, from loan application to time of disbursing funds.
  • Underwriting Process: Updating and keeping mortgage information confidential assuring its security.
  • Post Closing Process: Reviewing of loan documents after the loan is closed or refunded before being sold to the investor.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mortgage Processing Services to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Well trained and skilled expert professionals at every step of the process
  • Elimination of time wasted on repetitive and error occurrence tasks
  • Effective usage of Six Sigma tools that yield quality outputs
  • Flexible and cost effective partner to support your mortgage processes
  • Boost in your business efficiency by reduction of operational costs
  • Given advantage of reducing your staffing needs
  • Increase in your business revenue and market share

Reasons to outsource Mortgage Processing Services to OURS GLOBAL:

  • A decade of experience in the field of mortgage processing
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company for delivering high-quality services
  • Experienced and skilled experts with exceptional domain knowledge
  • Delivery of services with quick turnaround time
  • 24*7 customer support to resolve all your queries

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