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Accounts Receivables Outsourcing Services

Getting a load off your responsibilities to us, we at OURS GLOBAL can handle your account receivables responsibilities enabling you to concentrate on your core responsibilities in a real estate company. Ensuring smooth cash flow and faster collection of payments we can empower you to focus on key business tasks needed to boost efficiency and effectiveness. Over a decade of experience in implementing Account receiving management, Reporting and other account receivable services we can ensure quicker payment recovery, improved collection rates and faster invoice processing we can commit to make increased cash flow in and out of your real estate business.

Being among the industry best Account receivable outsourcing partner, our well skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals follow streamlined account processes to deliver quality services in faster turnaround time. Thus we cater to your accounts receivable requirements assisting you to save time and revenue.

The Account Receivable Services we offer are as follows:

  • Reporting: Reporting of operating and financial data within an organization improves business intelligence and knowledge management. This involves extraction, transformation and loading of information later to be used with reporting tools for distribution via mail and accessing through internet.
    • Preparation of Monthly Reports: Preparation of monthly business reports which includes business balance sheet, cash flow and income statements is an easy way of verification of performance & strategies of your business.
    • Maintenance of Financial Schedules as per your demand: Broadly summarizing the audited financial position of your company will in turn provide an additional detail on the current status of assets & liabilities of your company.
    • Comparison over Monthly Budgets & Operating results: Comparison of monthly budgets to operating results can assist you for efficient planning and tight management of financial performance of your company.
    • Creation of Monthly Operating Reports:Generating monthly reports of operating results can support you for efficient & effective use of resources in order to attain desired results.
  • Tenant Accounts Receivable Management: Maintenance of complete set of receivables-both from tenants and non-tenants such as rent, utility payments, late fees, maintenance charges, security and pet deposits which in turn can contribute to your company’s profit by reduction of bad debts. Through our tenant Accounts Receivable Management services you can also enhance the professional image of your company. The services we provide under Tenant Accounts Receivable management are as follows:
    • Analyzing Tenant Ledger Reports: Reviewing of reports on rent payments can aid you in event of future disputes about your rental payments.
    • Development of Reports on Move-ins, Move-outs and Late fees: Coordinating a report on move-ins, move outs and late fees can back you in handling appropriate charges to ensure much more smoothened client relations.
    • Generating Rent Statements: Generating and recording rent statements verifies all rental finance details including credit and debit balance eliminating future.
    • Rent Processing: A reliable service which benefits landlords for easy collection of rents without wasting much time and money.
    • Rent Collection Processing: Landlords and real estate companies can collect rent from tenants ensuring arrears in rent if in case of late payments, missed payments or evictions.
    • Setting up Leases or Leasing Software: Recommended as a much benefiting methods of real estate financing, alternative to cash as it is a quick and convenient approval process which can finance 100% of your operations. This methods keeps you updated with latest technology and can also reap you more tax benefits.
    • Applying Late Payments for Delinquencies: Our services can empower you to validate any late payments from the tenants as an act of misconduct making you eligible to demand penalties.
    • Successful Management of Move-ins, Move-outs and Renewals: Efficient and error free management of move-ins, move-outs and renewals can guide you.
    • Tracking Utility Expenses: Analysis of utility expenses such as electricity, gas, sewer, water, tele-phone and internet service can assist you in saving money, simplifying your utility bill audit & payment processes, and gaining valuable data & strategic insights through a single platform.
  • Accounts Receivable Management: Procedures and practices for management of sales and services offered on credit by your company for evaluating client credit worthiness & risk, establishment of sales terms & credit policies and designing an appropriate receivables collection process, thus enhancing much sales growth, cash flow, profitability and stable operating cycles. Following are some of the services we offer for Accounts Receivable Management:
    • Tracking Security Deposits: Tracking security deposits from tenants can help you in finding client details and in watching financial trends.
    • Processing Monthly Rents and Printing Invoices: Recording & processing of monthly rents & printing invoices can smooth relationship between you and your tenant.
    • Managing Move-ins, Move-outs and Renewals of Contracts: Efficient management of move-ins, move-outs and renewal of contracts can in turn benefit both you and the tenant eliminating any chances of tensions in future.
    • Following-up by call or email: Responding to call or email can fetch you more sales and in turn more ROI in future.
    • Billing properties for management charges and other fees
    • Managing deposit sheets and input cash receipts

Benefits of outsourcing Accounts Receivable services to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Our accounting services are operated strictly adhered to regulations of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Assured reduction in cost of business operations
  • As a ISO 9001:2015 company, we always tend to maintain maximum quality while delivering our services
  • Ensuring maximum data security and data confidentiality we always give due respect to customer interests
  • Staying up to date with latest technology and procedures
  • Thorough consistent communication to assure maximum transparency, flexibility and efficiency
  • Customized services as per your strategic demands and goals

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