Call Center Services

Call Center Services

OURS GLOBAL’s 24*7 efficient call center outsourcing services will be an effective way to promote customer satisfaction and retention within your organization to stay connected to your customers. Our customer relationship management processes assists you in the achievement of business growth and profitability. Over a decade of experience in delivering multi-channel call center services, our team of professionals is well skilled for critical planning and execution of strategies for optimum customer satisfaction and retention. With real-time reporting and recording facilities, our multi-channel centers can be assistance to your enterprise irrespective of its size. Our call center outsourcing services including cloud contact center services, order taking services and answering services will fit perfectly to your requirements assuring your customers' undivided attention.

Our Call Center Outsourcing Services include:

  • Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services: Endowing phenomenal response to incoming customer calls through our unparalleled inbound call center services we can win you, invaluable customers, thus driving you towards your vision with an unchecked passion for success. Responding efficiently to customer queries and solving inbound call center challenges our services can free you from the costs of hiring specialized staff and maintaining infrastructure. With well skilled and experienced staff, our inbound call center services can yield you much better results.

  • Outbound Call Center ervices: Our high-end outbound call center services ensure you productive yields through successful sales calls, follow up on customer leads, proactive customer services, marketing surveys, and other business and marketing activities driving your businesses to success. Avoid tiresome and time-consuming tasks such as hiring & maintenance of skilled workforce and purchase & management of expensive equipment by outsourcing your outbound call center services to us. Analyzing your customer needs and queries our outbound operations will always be prepared to cater to any of your demands.

  • Order Management Services: Our quick and accurate order management services can benefit you with cost efficiency, speedy and on-time task fulfillments, increased customer satisfaction, reduced occurrence of errors, generation of actionable insights and better decision making. Providing comprehensive order management services we can enable your businesses to improve overall sales and revenue through the acquirement of newer customers and retention of newer ones. With our proven track record of serving multiple industries, we efficiently deploy our robust infrastructure and latest technology to deliver quick and reliable services. As an ISO certified service provider, we deliver quality order management services with unparalleled security.

  • Sales and Customer Acquisition Services: Our effective sales and customer acquisition services engage with all potential clients through inbound/outbound communication to strengthen customer relationships and promote your overall revenue generation. Our sales and customer acquisition services can be the fastest way for the achievement of your short term goals and business growth.

  • Customer Care Services: Our 24*7 customer care services are much more than responding to your customer queries, but cultivating s strong relationship with them for increased sales and ROI. Instead of scripted responses, our professionals are trained to deliver real human experiences for your customers by understanding and solving their problems. Every action from our customer care professionals will be wired with a notion to always keep your brand value much above your competitors. Assuring you a loyal client base adhered to your customer service requirements our tailored solutions will attract positive referrals.

  • Call Center Outsourcing Services: Get benefited with our specialist call center support outsourcing services to strengthen your customer relations through 24*7 call answering services, real-time reporting, and 100% call recording facilities. Assisting your business irrespective of its size or ROI we assure you best-in-class services at cost-effective and affordable prices. Known for our professional and transparent approaches we always follow strict call center training processes to meet each of our client expectations to boost your revenue by improving your operational efficiencies.

  • Email Support Services: Our cost-effective Email support services resolve issues over emails by efficient management of time, human resource and technical support. Our quick and prompt Email support services will guide your customers through step-by-step trouble shooting procedures to resolve their issues. Our team of professionals will be trained to answer all frequently asked questions following your business requirements. Outsourcing of your Email support service will enable you to balance the load between peak and off-peak periods.

  • Live Chat Support Services: Our easy, convenient and efficient Live Chat Support Services will deliver unparalleled customer service for your clients across the world for ensuring their satisfaction at maximum. Saving on your marketing costs by building long-term relationships with your customers we can maximize your sales and conversions. Our cost-effective personalized chat support services will deliver services as well as technical support as per your requirements. 

  • Technical Support or Helpdesk Services: Our technical/ helpdesk services provide ample support for enhancing your lasting relationship with your clients giving you a better edge over your competitors. Choose OURS GLOBAL to improve your customer retention through varied customer needs.

  • Debt Collection Services: Our debt collection services can solve your business’s problems of increasing debt such as payment delays and outstanding bills which are distracting you from your business goals. Saving on your time and resources our debt collection services enhances your business efficiency by ensuring all AR collections. Enhancing all debt collection processes our high-quality and reliable debt collection services will free you from the trouble of bad debts towards improved cash flow and maximum profitability. Thus through our debt collection services, we can help you newer ways to generate revenue.

Benefits of outsourcing your Call Center Service requirements to OURSGLOBAL:

  • Reasonable Pricing Structure: As a high-end call center service provider with an exceptional track record of providing call center services of the highest quality, our price structures are best in the market. Our pricing structure depends on project complexity, call volume, required skill levels and terms of the contract.

  • Best-in-class Professionals: For delivering our services we hire the highly talented and motivated workforce through processes such as election, screening, and induction.

  • Call Center Infrastructure: Our state-of-art infrastructure has adhered to global standards without compromising on safety, security, training, and protection.

  • Multi-channel Support: To facilitate the processes of customer interaction and experience management we always use 24*7 multi-communication channels.

  • Call Center Security Process: We always adopt stringent measures in robust security and privacy policies for overall call center security process of our IT infrastructure from cybercrime threats.

  • Quality Assurance and Monitoring: As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we always ensure high-end quality while delivering our call center outsourcing services.

  • Maximum Scalability and Confidentiality: Offering scalable call center services as per your business requirements we can alter our operations as during any stage of the process.

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