Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Nurturing seamless relationships with your potential customers our email marketing services will drive website traffic by boosting customer relations and developing an interactive connection with them. Conducting campaigns with the use of Email marketing we also evaluate the success of our email marketing campaigns with the use of features such as conversion rates, click-through rates, etc. Our professionals will send edited emails to your potential clients for developing relationships with them. This method will assist you to send business messages to desired recipients in a short period of time.

Nurturing quality customer relations these email marketing services will thus drive website traffic through embedded links. Informing your potential clients about the progress and development of your company through bulk mail to clients/customers our services will ensure emails are sent, received and read by your recipients. Our team of dedicated email marketing professionals will leverage high-end skills for your business’s growth through Email marketing.

Our Email Marketing Services comprises of:

  • Built-in Email Templates: Designing and building templates through intensive processes our email marketing services will build engaging and strong customer relationships. Empowering your emails with attractive designs and presentation we will keep your audiences engaged to your emails.

  • Real-time Reports: Analyzing your email list growth and engagement, open rates, click-through rates and shares for each mail you send our email reporting services will deliver you detailed reports of all real-time analytics reports. Our real-time reporting services will gather information on email addresses and geographical location for a deeper understanding of most engaged customers.

  • Personalized Messages: Engaging prospective customers by communicating with each as individual outlining information such as benefits, challenges, frequently asked questions associated with products/ services and business events our personalized messages will convert audiences to your potential clients. Our personalized marketing services will improve customer experience, drive revenue, increase brand loyalty and create consistency across channels.

  • Mobile Compatible: Making your emails compatible with mobile devices our designers will incorporate features that enhance your mobile-friendliness. Developing better viewing experiences on smaller screens and aligning/ orienting controls we will extend your viewership of marketing emails to mobile users.

  • Duplicate Email Id Filtration: Scanning, delivering and accounting emails for locating users with duplicate email addresses our duplicate email Id filtration services will avoid email troubleshoots such as new domain checklist and DNS, bounce backs, missing emails, mailbox size, and spams.

  • Email validation: Verifying and removing invalid email addresses our Email validation services will preserve your sender reputation. Removing Email addresses that don’t exist and correcting misspelled email addresses our Email validation services will lower bounce rates, protect your IP reputation, increase deliverability, improves inbox placement and enhance your email campaign performance.

  • Google Analytics Integration: Collection, processing and reporting data related to user patterns and performances, our google analytics services will enable the collection of data such as visitor traffic, user agent, user’s location, etc. Our Google analytic services will enable you to locate your visitors, identify their most visited pages, segment analytic results by new/returning visitors and fine-tuning of your websites.

  • Automatic Bounce Handling: Lowering bounce rates with list management/permission-based list acquisition methods our bounce handling services will set up processors which will inform the deliverability of your mails. Generating comprehensive stats and deactivating bad email addresses after the identification of our services will enhance the deliverability of your mails.

  • Volume Sending: Employing our deliverability experts for efficient management of your internet service provider relationships our on-boarding services will send your custom business logic messages to desired audiences. With real-time customer engagement will strengthen your Email marketing campaigns.

  • Manage Unlimited Lists: Equipping your email management with efficient marketing software and result-oriented techniques our professionals will properly manage and produce high-quality email lists. These services will eliminate the problem of unorganized email contact lists that results in spamming, high bounce rates and other types of harms.

  • Tracking & Analysis: Tracking all analytics related to email tracking such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, unsubscribe rates and other alternatives our tracking and analysis services will assist you to generate targeted and personalized content, enhance brand recognition, boost sales, enhance customer relationships, optimize time & budget and increase traffic to your websites.

Why Outsource your Email Marketing Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which deliver maximum quality services
  • Successful marketing plans and execution with high-end expertise and industry knowledge
  • Minimum budget for your overall email marketing campaigns
  • High-end marketing tactics for effective implementation of personalization and segmentation messages
  • Maximum assurance in the achievement of your business goals
  • Maximum scalability as per your email marketing requirements

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