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Accounts Bookkeeping Outsourcing Services

A reliable and efficient accounting system can reinforce your organization for an effective financial management by efficient monitoring the flow of finance & management information. For maintaining such efficient accounting system it requires skilled resource and consumption of time. Benefit with the high-end accounting and bookkeeping services from OURS GLOBAL that can in turn boost your business productivity & efficiency. Helping your enterprise irrespective of its size or turnover to concentrate on core business functions we can take up efficient management of your accounting system.

Helping your organization to concentrate on core business operations with our highly skilled & experienced professionals provide financial processes and design a systemized process to implement latest practices in accounting and bookkeeping process. Offering unique result oriented & cost effective accounting services for each of your demands as per your requirement we can empower you to be stay ahead of your competitors.

Our Accounts Bookkeeping Services are as follows:

  • Accounting Set Up: Every business’s demands efficient setup services for making accounting processes smoother & faster. Our business set up services help partnerships, business liability partnerships, and limited companies, etc in analyzing their business performance against management objectives, evaluation of business operations, assessment of business-risks and comparison with industry standards and regulations. Our business auditors will devise long-term strategies including risks for assessment and management of financial data.
  • Income Statements: Summarizing all financial results from your businesses and presenting all revenues and expenses, our income statement services will assist you in identification and documentation of income or loss at the end of reporting periods. This financial reporting service will provide information on risk, financial flexibility, ROI and operating capabilities involved in a business.
  • Balance Sheet: Stating the financial position or net-worth of your business, our experts will list and evaluate assets, liabilities, and owner's equity. Assisting you to track business performances our balance sheet professionals will also identify ways for building up your finances and it's improvements.
  • Cash Flow/Budgeting: Our cash flow/ budgeting services will avoid short-term shortages of capital by an effective estimation of all cash receipts and expenditures during a certain time period. Monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly estimation will ensure your net income or profitability with effective financial planning & allocation, actual cash flow comparison, etc.
  • Financial Statements & Reports: Recording financial transactions, our professionals will assist you in conveying all business activities and financial performance of a company. These statements and reports can be submitted for auditing by government agencies, accountants, firms, etc for ensuring accuracy, taxes, financing, or investment purposes. Our financial statement services will drive efficient documentation of balance sheets, Income statement and Cash flow statement.
  • Preparing Closing Entries: Every accounting cycle requires journal entries to balance out temporary accounts into permanent ones for the next accounting period. Reconciling your company's accounts our accountants will perform closing entries for returning the revenue, expense, and drawing initial account balances to zero for preparing new accounting periods.
  • Monthly, quarterly, year-end review: Our financially reviewing services will provide assurance of no material modifications in your financial statements. These services are much preferred by businesses as it saves the cost of full auditing. Our expert accountants will perform appropriate operations for providing limited assurance over your financial statements.
  • Financial Analysis: Analyzing your financial resource-intensive operations such as accounting, bookkeeping, payroll processing, financial auditing, taxation, credit management, etc our high-quality and cost-effective financial analysis services will ensure better quality, lower cost, and easier financial management.
  • Management Reporting: Our advanced business management reporting services will improve profitability and drive growth for your business. Management Reporting requires management accounting that delivers financial intelligence for helping make data driven, meaningful and strategic decisions that drive performance.
  • Variance Analysis & Recommendations: Comparing the actual results to your company budget, our variance analysis, and recommendation services will identify actual results and the reasons for variance. Driving the best variation analysis, our services will recommend services that help to run your business professionally.
  • Recording & Reconciling Payroll Transactions: Verifying the accuracy of the financial processes of a business especially while formulating payroll, our accountants and clerks audits all entries for errors and makes any adjustments. Our accountants will also check for taxes for the period post against the appropriate Social Security numbers.
  • Comparison with Prior, Budgets and Industry Information: Comparing a company’s budget to actual results, our professionals will identify actual variance in data. These services will also enable businesses for comparing the performance of a division, line of business or services. Predicting variances from execution failures, market conditions and rival actions, our offerings will assist you in efficient decision making.
  • Software Research & Requirements Gathering: Incorporating appropriate requirement gathering techniques, our software research and requirements gathering services will influence system costs, efforts, time estimation, system development, software   quality measures and ultimate software performance. Analyzing interviews, questionnaires, joint application development, request for proposals and prototyping, our software research offerings will deliver better results in software development.
  • Designing the User Experience: Shaping appealing digital interfaces that binds together our experts will touch points, connect devices, and create omni-channel experiences. Our team of UI/UX designers incorporates industry best practices & techniques while creating solutions well tailored to match with client business objectives. Designing and creating digital experiences that are purposeful and enjoyable for end-users as well as clients, our goal is maximum satisfaction.
  • Accounts Payable Management :Assisting businesses in management of their payable obligations in the most effective manner, our accounts payable services will maintain proper functioning of business operations. Irrespective of the size and nature of the company, our accounts payable management services focuses to make payments to all suppliers & vendors accurately and legitimately.
  • Accounts Receivable Management: Our end-to-end accounts receivables management services will assist you in identification of flaws, leakages in revenue, improving cash flows and reducing the past-due receivables. Assisting CFO’s for reducing past-due receivables, our experts will ensure compliance to all industry regulations and enables better cash flow projections and management.
  • Bank Reconciliations: Matching the balances in your accounting records to bank statements, our bank reconciliation services will verify its accuracy. This will enable businesses to avoid events of check bouncing and overdraft fees. Detecting any types of financial fraud, our experts will also design better controls over the receipt and payment of cash.
  • General Ledger Reconciliation: Verifying the accuracy over general ledgers, our general ledger reconciliation services will reconcile revenue accounts, expense accounts, miscellaneous balance sheet accounts etc. These services assist businesses in proving accuracy over transaction sums to the accurate ending account balance.
  • Credit Card Reconciliation: Our credit card reconciliation services verifies integrity of data between credit card statements, associated reports from merchant services providers and a company’s internal financial records. Ensuring accuracy over credit card statements and balances, accountants will identify inconsistencies and take necessary actions.
  • Inventory Management: Supervising non-capitalized assets and stock items, our inventory management services will supervise the flow of goods between manufacturers, warehouses and point of sale. Our professionals will keep a detailed record of each, new or returned products during entering and leaving a warehouse.
  • Books Clean Up: Improving the credit scoring and financial recording of your businesses, our professionals will collect and analyze credit reports and scores and plan ways for eliminating negative and inaccurate items.
  • Revenue Reconciliation with Bank Deposit Matching balances in a business’s accounting records to bank statements, our time-to-time revenue reconciliation services will ensure a company’s cash record is accurate. This will result in bounced checks or overdraft fees in events of lower cash balances.
  • Cash Applications Accurately matching payments from your B2B customers to their orders, our cash application services will process the payment for later spending. Our controllers and accountants will ensure your each transaction is fulfilled accurately and completely.

Why Outsource Accounts and Bookkeeping Services to OURS GLOBAL?

  • Delivery of best results with combination of business domain knowledge and high-end technology
  • Flexible & dynamic services within agreed time
  • Flexible, dynamic and scalable solutions for business growth
  • Increase in your cash flow with actual business
  • A decade of experience in Accounts & Book keeping services
  • Efficient evaluation of services using benchmarking
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified company delivering high-quality services
  • One of the industry best services at affordable cost

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