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Data Cleansing Services

With the consistent rise in the volume and complexity of data, maintaining and storing clean, valuable data across the organizations has become an ongoing challenge for companies. Organizations need to manage data for overall growth and take future decisions. OURS GLOBAL enables you to manage all aspects of data cleansing and data quality management, starting right from the identifying and mending incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete, random, or non-conforming data to achieving and maintaining clean, useful and high quality data.

Data cleansing service will reduce cost as the customers do not need to waste money contacting people who aren’t there. In addition, it will increase the response rates. It is a great way to protect your brand from duplicates and incorrect details, which cause a negative perception. Protect the environment by cutting down on wasteful mailings. There are numerous tools are available for data cleansing services, but they are fail to deliver successful data. Therefore, firms outsource the data cleansing work to an established firm with extensive experience in data cleansing.

We manually check the records, clean and update them on a regular basis, regardless of the volume and complexity of the project. We are accomplishing to the requirements of diverse industry verticals such as retail, insurance, banking, marketing, transportation and telecommunication. In addition, we also efficiently manage and cleanse customer records to ensure that they are perfect, error-free, meaningful, appropriately formatted and up-to-date. On the completion of the project, we provide the file to our clients in a suitable digital format, including JPEG, MS WORD, MS EXCEL, and PDF. We tailor our services as per the requirements of our customers.

Our Data Cleansing Outsourcing Services include

  • Identifying and removing duplicate records
  • Identifying and revising irrelevant, inaccurate, incomplete, missing, spurious, invalid, corrupt or obsolete data
  • Identifying key variables in an existing database
  • Suggesting new variables to enrich a database
  • Data auditing and aggregation
  • Database cleaning services
  • Address Data Cleansing
  • Adding missing details such as first and last names, date of birth, telephone numbers and postal codes
  • Suppressing information against industry standard files such as MPS, GAS, TBR, NSF etc.
  • Enhancing databases with additional information like product attributes, images and manufacturer specifications
  • Tagging similar records after a manual review
  • Comparing and removing records that march any third party information – e.g. opt-in and opt-out lists
  • Matching and correlating data across a number of fields
  • Interlinking and consolidating multiple data sources
  • Converting CRM systems from a set of records, tables or databases
  • Correcting values against a known set of entities, viz. name, gender, pronunciation, address, contact details and lower/upper case specifications
  • Rectifying discrepancies with respect to spellings, abbreviations and type errors

Why outsource your data cleansing services to OURS GLOBAL?

OURS GLOBAL is an ideal choice for a number of companies in all over the world getting data cleansing services on a regular basis. Some other benefits include:

  • Offer cleansing services your databases for our clients
  • Check for data accuracy and eliminate duplicated and incorrect entries
  • Our data cleansing experts can combine multiple data sources in order to enable an easy access to your data
  • Provide the data cleansing services in a variety of methods depending on the type of data at disposal
  • Follow a strict policy in terms of security and confidentiality.
  • Our clients can be assured about the privacy of your data
  • Rich experience in servicing several global customers and addressing their data cleansing needs
  • Timely delivery of each project

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