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Offline Data Entry Services

Even though there has occurred dramatic shift in business operations from traditional to digital applications in the recent past, offline data entry is still relevant. Not all sectors or industries are equipped with resources to go for online data entry. Offline Data Entry services are their best respites to get such tasks fulfilled in an affordable cost. OURS GLOBAL did thorough research to design such services for industries or sectors where data entry tasks are to be completed in the limited resources. Data entry for back office process is meant to deal with numerous things like smooth operation of billing, accounting to purchase & invoicing et al.

By availing strategically planned Offline Data Entry services, organizations concerned would also make their procurement steps easy. It is not easy to run the organizations. Countless papers and documents in sizeable number need to be managed whether they are bills, receipts or invoices for multiple transactions done. Offline Data Entry services from OURS GLOBAL secure your piled data and documents to bring them right in order. From capturing to collation and finally organizing them, data entry plays crucial role in bringing proper system. We involve experts to complete such tasks effectively so that each and every data usage is made hassle-free.

OURS GLOBAL has robust team to perform best Offline Data Entry services as per the needs of respective customers. Such data entries bring ample improvement in the business operations to enhance the efficiency level. While our team continues with doing such tasks, respective organizations may involve in the rest tasks with the peace of mind. Being an experienced data entry service provider, we are lauded by the global clientele for boosting business goals of countless corporations.

Our Offline Data Entry Services include

  • Excel Sheet Filling and MS Word Document Data Entry
  • Offline Entry of Data from One Version/Format to Another
  • Offline Data Capture (Shipping, Logistics, Financial Papers)
  • Offline Form Filling (Survey, Retail, Medical, Insurance, Enrolment)
  • Offline Entry of Insurance Claims
  • URL List Collection
  • E-Books Entry
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Labels Entry
  • Data Entry Into Database Programs
  • Offline Data Collection
  • Offline Data Entry from Mailing Lists, Websites and Image Files
  • Offline Form Processing
  • Offline Data Entry of Medical Records
  • Offline Data Entry Banking Documents
  • Invoice, Orders, Bills, Receipts Data Entry
  • Utility Bill Data Entry
  • Books, Documents, Data Entry
  • Handwritten Documents, Text
  • Offline Order Processing
  • Offline Bill of Material Maintenance
  • Offline Employee Data Maintenance
  • Offline Payroll Processing
  • Offline Data Capture
  • Offline Sorting and Indexing of Data Entry in any Format

Why Should You Prefer OURS GLOBAL to Avail the Benefits of Outsourcing Offline Data Entry services?

As OURS GLOBAL is in the global limelight for having the team of experts to effectively plan Offline Data Entry services to accomplish them minutely, you can rely on us to avail best services. There is no need to do additional investment on hiring staffs or infrastructure to procuring resources as outsourcing to us ease your task of perfect data entry solutions.

  • Customized and quality offline data entry service
  • Catering to the needs of diverse projects for data entry
  • Offline Data Entry services irrespective of sizes or complexities
  • Range of services from Excel to MS Word and different versions
  • Well-planned offline data capturing
  • Offline catalog data entries
  • Effective Offline Data Entry services for databases
  • Offline Form Processing under Offline Data Entry services
  • Easing Invoicing, Ordering, Billing and Receipts offline
  • Offline Data Entry services for utility bills
  • Offline Data Entry services for handwritten documents or texts
  • Maximum accuracy to accountability in Offline Data Entry services
  • Use of best infrastructure and data entry formats for Offline Data Entry

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You can contact OURS GLOBAL team any time to obtain quotations through queries. We have the team to receive queries round the clock. Write us for outsourcing your Offline Data Entry services. We revert back with customized solutions as part of the customer support strategy for your need fulfillment.

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