Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development Services

Free your organization from the troubles of building and maintaining application by fulfilling your cloud Application Development service requirements from OURS GLOBAL.

An internet-based application whose progressing logic & data storage is processed in the cloud and user interactions are made via web browser/mobile applications are termed cloud Applications. The processing of data is managed by a combination of local devices & cloud computing solutions.

Designing, building, marketing and delivering applications that enable users to access your business's credentials and information from any geographical location, our expert cloud developers will virtually increase productivity and support core business competencies. Driving your organization's transition to the cloud our experts will enhance business capabilities at fixed costs, minimum technical infrastructure and ownership costs.

Engaging 24/7 connectivity with your employees, customers, and stakeholders around the world, we enable you to take advantage of mobility and data analytics. Tackling problems such as infrastructure costs, legacy software & hardware and data storage constraints our cloud application solutions will boost productivity, reduce costs and propels your business forward.

Our Service Offerings include:

  • Assessment for Cloud Preparedness
  • Migration of Cloud Application

Our expert team of professionals will develop applications in any platforms including:

  • Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Rack Space Open Stack
  • Google App Engine
  • Amazon EC2

Emphasizing quality, our software professionals will always develop and deploys cloud applications that can be accessed through a wide variety of modes such as mobiles, desktop applications, and browsers. Also, private, public or hybrid models can be implemented as per your demand with meticulous attention during the assessment and planning process.

Benefits of outsourcing your Cloud Application Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL:

  • High-quality resultant cloud applications
  • Reliable assistance to your businesses from phases of architecture, design, development, deployment, migration, and integration.
  • Maximum security during cloud application development and deployment to protect your data
  • Stringent protocols to guarantee maximum quality in application development and deployment

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