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Azure Cloud Services

Building, deploying and managing applications and services our Azure cloud services will improve online platforms of your businesses. Integrating IaaS & PaaS capabilities, AI & machine learning technology, DevOps, internet of things and security our azure cloud services will complement and integrate with-on premises systems. Exploiting the power of Azure, our certified Microsoft professionals will improve the speed, scalability, economics, data, analytics, AI, cognitive services and more.

Deploying cloud based technology for lead transformation of your businesses our Azure cloud services will cut your IT costs, achieve practical deployment costs and maximize acceptability among customers. Quickly and easily adapting to changes in business environment our cloud computing services will enable faster and easy scaling of your business growth. With practical deployment costs these solutions will maximize acceptability among your customers.

Adding robust features to efficiently designed and implemented Azure based solutions our specialists will efficiently develop your Azure cloud solutions securely and efficiently.

Our Azure Cloud Services will comprise of :

  • Azure cognitive services : Building intelligent applications without having direct Artificial intelligence, data science skills or knowledge our azure cognitive services will adjoin features in to your applications. Helping developers for seeing, hearing, speaking and reasoning, our Azure cognitive services will provide access to advanced algorithms for processing images & returning information, build custom image classifiers, enable face detection & recognition, effective recognizing and analyzing of stroke data, shapes and handwritten content. These services will enable you to extract insights from your videos.

  • Microsoft Azure IaaS
 : Empowering you with full control over virtual machine our Microsoft Azure Services will enable you for avoiding expenses and complexity of buying and management of physical servers and other data center infrastructure. Managing infrastructure, purchase, installation, configuration and management of your software our services will operate your systems, middleware and applications.

  • Microsoft Azure PaaS
 : Deployment and development of complex, cloud based applications our Microsoft Azure PaaS will build, test, deploy and manage web application lifecycles. Hosting applications our experts will maintain servers and its operating systems. Implementing developed applications our services will scale up or down depending on the traffic your application receives.

  • Microsoft Azure SaaS : Building and hosting third party vendors our solutions will assist you to build cloud platforms to lower entry costs and scale up as your customer base grows. Allowing users to connect and use cloud based applications over internet our Microsoft Azure SaaS services will provide complete software solution for your organization. Managing hardware and software with appropriate service management we will always ensure availability and security of your applications and your data.

  • Azure AI and Machine Learning : Enabling you to prepare data, develop experiments and deploy models at cloud scale our Azure AI and machine learning solutions will enable machines to think and learn. With the assistance of these solutions you can prepare data, develop experiments and deploy models at cloud scale. Enabling you to envision possibilities of new products, business models, operational efficiency, advanced customer experience etc our design led analytics will benefit you at larger scale.

  • Azure SQL : Assisting you for faster application development and use of familiar SQL database engine our Azure SQL Database engine solutions will maximize performances, data protection and accelerated application development. With lower maintenance costs, our solutions will optimize accelerate your businesses delivered as a service.

  • Azure Stack Services : Adhered to your Azure cloud platform requirements our azure stack solutions will combine Infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and standardized architecture for a unified application model and common DevOps tools. By creative planning and combining to different offers we will increase the efficiency, flexibility and productivity of your applications.

  • Azure Security : Integrating the security of your Azure applications our Azure security solutions will protect your data and infrastructure with unparallel security intelligence for quicker detection of threats and respond. Implementing result oriented strategies our security management will enable advanced threat protection.

Why outsource your Azure Cloud Service Requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers maximum quality services
  • Control and reduction of costly network maintenance cost
  • Flexible azure solutions as per your business requirements
  • Use of latest technology and architecture required for your businesses
  • Robust network infrastructure with 24/7 management
  • Integrated business practices and policies for management of networks to coincide with your organizational goals
  • Efficient management of applications and servers in a central data center
  • Enhancement of employee production
  • Easy access for users to centralized data within the same network
  • Better control over service levels, performance and maintenance
  • Quicker response through enterprise level monitoring and remote cloud services

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