Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

OURS GLOBAL’s outbound call center services will ensure a hassle-free execution of marketing research surveys, the success of sales calls, follow up on customer leads, high-end customer service, and other business and marketing activities for driving your business to success. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals makes effective use of high-end technology and infrastructure for enabling you to concentrate more on your core competencies. This option also frees you from hiring & maintenance of skilled labor and cost of buying and maintenance of expensive pieces of equipment.

Maximizing your business efficiency for desirable results, our cost-effective outbound call center services will assist comprehensively for your sales approaches through market research, product promotion, surveys and data verification services, and other practices. Equipped with high-end infrastructures such as the predictive dialer, ACD, IVR, soft-phone, voice logging and call recording our team of trained professionals can take advantage of current market opportunities for driving your organization to newer avenues of growth.  

Our Outbound Call Center Outsourcing Services:

  • Sales and Customer Acquisition Services: Our sales and customer acquisition services can nurture and strengthen your customer relationships to promote revenue generation through effective strategies. Engaging potential customers to your brand through inbound and outbound communication we can promote your businesses to desired results. Our professionals support the entire overall lifecycle from lead generation to lead support through voice, non-voice, and mobile platforms.
    • Our Sales and Customer Acquisition Services includes:
      • B2C and B2B Customer Acquisition
      • Appointment settings
      • Lead generation
      • Direct sales
      • Sales lead Follow up
      • Sales Verification
      • Warm Calling/Existing Clients/Referrals
      • Cold Calling Campaigns
      • Product/Service Promotion
      • Outbound Sales
  • Research and Information Gathering: Assisting you to aid your business decision-making skills our market research and gathering services will minimize investment risks, identification of potential threats & opportunities, competitor analysis, and strategic planning. Empowering you to identify prevailing network opportunities and market trends these services assist you in utilizing them to your best.
    • Our research and information gathering services are as follows:
      • Tele surveys/Information gathering & customer satisfaction Survey
      • Market Research & Survey & Market Intelligence
      • Outbound Sales
  • Customer Care: Our quick, efficient and cost-effective customer care services can nurture you better customer relationships through efficient approaches that will attract your businesses with more positive referrals. Our customer care services include sub-services such as order processing services, email management, call-center support services, after-sales support, revenue management, and others. Addressing your needs through comprehensive inbound and outbound call center support, email management, live chat and text support we can enhance your brand value through proven Customer Relationship Management Strategies.
    • Our Customer Care Services include sub-services such as:
      • Customer loyalty programs
      • Welcome calls
      • Service satisfaction follow-ups
      • Email and Direct mail follow up
      • Rebate processing services
      • Telephonic auditing/Quality Assurance
      • Voice Broadcast
      • Reactivating Dormant customer services
      • Subscription Renewal services
      • Customer Follow up services
      • Webchat
      • Data Validation services
      • Data Recovery Service
      • Database Selling services
      • Toll-free Customer support
      • Customer satisfaction survey
      • Debt Collection
      • CATI

Benefits of outsourcing your customer care service requirements to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Over a decade of experience in high end outbound call center services across varied business verticals
  • Highly experienced, well trained and skilled customer service professionals with par above industry best knowledge and customer care practices
  • Reliable measures for enhancement of business efficiency, customer satisfaction
  • 24*7 uninterrupted connectivity to enable high-end data and voice communication which facilitates efficient call making and answering
  • Customized outbound call center services to enhance customer retention, engagement and customer loyalty
  • Reduction in overall operating costs
  • Adherence to industry regulations and periodic monitoring for measuring performance

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