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Live Chat Support Outsourcing Services

OURS GLOBAL’s empowers your business to take easy, convenient, cost effective and efficient marketing methods with timely delivery of customer services. Giving you more time to concentrate on core competencies our live chat support services can provide personalized customer services on both technical and non-technical products and services interact with your customers proactively with interactive customer support tools as well as effective marketing aid that can convert casual browsers to sales conversions.

Our Live Chat Support Services Include Sub Service such as:

  • Inbound Customer Service : Our efficient inbound customer services respond effectively for your customer queries/ sales calls, feedbacks, surveys and other activities. Guiding you with appropriate sales and acquisition strategies our inbound customer service can yield you more revenue through increased sales leads and enhanced customer relationships. Our trained and experienced staffs will definitely surpass your expectations with effective blend of our high end technology and resources.
  • Customer Service for Retail education, real estate, Insurance, health care and other domains : Our customer service platform caters live chat support services to a wide variety of businesses without failing at any point.
  • Customer Care : Aimed at building you a solid client base our customer care services can enhance your brand value and attract your businesses for positive referrals. Communicating with your customers through email, SMS and phone calls we can resolve your customer complaints and queries. With suitable customer relationship management strategies our customer care services can work as a seamless extension of your business.
  • Live Operators and Live Web Chat : Our Live Operators and Live Web chat services can answer and resolve to your customer queries and complaints much accurate and fast. This can lead your businesses to more sales and revenue.
  • Outbound Customer Service : Our high end and efficient outbound call center services will ensure successful sales calls, follow-up on customer leads, proactive customer service, efficient execution of marketing research surveys and marketing activities, empowering your businesses for effective marketing. These services can save you from hiring skilled labor, purchasing expensive equipment and its successful management.
  • Visitor Initiated Chat : Our visitor initiated chat services answer to queries from your clients while they visit your website. Providing reassurance and sense of value in the product they purchase through authentic human conversation we influencing them to nullify the gap between your brand with pop up chat options. With professional, courteous and appealing interaction our visitor initiated chat services can improve customer management and boost sales.
  • Chats for Customer Queries and Complaint Resolution : Attending your clients their queries and complaints with outmost professionalism and authentic our chat services will build lasting relationships by inspiring future communication and loyalty towards your brand.
  • Lead Generation and Lead Follow Up : Backed with high end marketing technology, smart marketing strategies and skilled professionals we can effectively give you the power to scale your sales team and effectively boost your sales through our lead generation and lead follow up services.
  • Technical Support/ Trouble Shooting : Our Technical support services will improve your service quality, lower costs of ownership and reduced risks with 24*7 customer services through well experienced and trained engineers. With interfaces through web, email, chat or voice, within quickest response times and levels of quality we can assure you desired results.
  • Telemarketing : Our telemarketing services have a proven record of success by contributing success to businesses through surge in profit levels with effective solutions of outbound calling. With cost effective and result oriented techniques our professionals will influence customers through calls in a short period of time.
  • Information on Products/Services : Our professionals can provide accurate information on product/services creating a transparent interface between your brand and your clients.
  • Order Management : Our order management services can benefit your business with cost efficiency, error reduction, speedy and on-time fulfillment, increased customer satisfaction, actionable insights generation and efficient decision-making. Assisting your businesses through transition our end to end order management can enable businesses to efficiently process orders and thereby improve sales and revenue.
  • Order Fulfillment : Our order fulfillment services can handle effectively your inventory management, order picking, and shipping operations for your ecommerce businesses. Focusing on growth drivers such as product development, marketing, and multichannel expansion our order fulfillment services will always fit in to your unique business needs.
  • Order verification : Our order verification services ensures the authenticity of the order placed and making sure elimination of all inconveniences that may disturb your customers.
  • Order Processing Queries : Our quick and accurate order processing services can encourage your customers for positive referrals in future. Our well experienced, trained and reliable professionals with the assistance of high end infrastructure and the latest technology will validate and authenticate your orders quickly without any errors.
  • Billing Support : Our billing support services will manage proficient billing and receivables management to make your business much more competitive among your competitors. With timely and accurate production of bills, payment processing & payment collections and effective handling of customer bill inquiries with faster responses our billing support services always stay alert in building your business a solid client base.
  • Helpdesk Support : Our dedicated IT helpdesk support will improve end user experience of your customers by constant monitoring of software and hardware for changes and errors. With single point of contact, our help desk services will we can effectively look on to functions such as troubleshooting, guidance for regular and routine IT issues, and capabilities for solving other relevant IT problems. Safeguarding your IT infrastructure against all unknown threats we ensure your businesses overall productivity and functionality.
  • Real Time Website Monitoring and Traffic Analysis : Our website monitoring and traffic analysis services monitor how users interact with your website through their behaviors and activities. Collecting, analyzing and reporting of data our services can always stay you updated with customer interests for effective planning of your future business strategies.
  • Debt Collection Services : Our debt collection services can improve business efficiency by ensuring complete AR collections saving your businesses from the burden of bad debts, enhanced cash flow and get back on the path to profitability. Guiding you towards effective management and organization of effective revenue, our high quality and reliable data collection will deliver your businesses with desired results.

Our Live Chat Support Services cater solutions to wide variety of industries such as:

  • Logistics Supply Chain and Transportation
  • Travel, leisure and Hospitality
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Chemical Pharmaceutical
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Educational Institution
  • Retail and Commerce
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Government Agencies
  • Automotive
  • Real estate
  • Banking
  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Telecom

Benefits of outsourcing your Live Chat Support Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Flexible price structure for Live chat support services depending on complexity of project, call volume, skill level required for call center agents
  • Workforce built o processes such as selection, screening and induction to maximize the performance and quality of our services
  • 24*7 multichannel support for facilitate the process of customer interaction and experience management and boosted growth.
  • High end technology and infrastructure to deliver best in class services
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers services at maximum quality
  • Maximum security and confidentiality for both your business and client data
  • Maximum scalability to deliver services as per you’re your requirement

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