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Mortgage Closing Services for Lenders

Need assistance with your pre-closing & closing services for accurate & accelerated mortgage closing?

The mortgage closing phase of loan processing do demands efficient management of rigid regulations, strict deadlines, synthesizing documentation and accurate calculation of closing fees & costs to yield better results for your organization.

Outsourcing Mortgage closing support services to OURS GLOBAL can offer you support in keeping precise and increased results in mortgage closing. Over a decade of experience in providing Mortgage closing services our well experienced, qualified and skilled workforce can offer mortgage closing services as per your requirements. Ensuring saving up of time, energy & capital we let your enterprise sail toward core processes. These are the services we lend under Mortgage closing services:

Mortgage Pre-Closing Review Services for Lenders:

Diligent reviewing of all documentation and ensuring affirmation over your purchases

The services we provide under Mortgage Pre-Closing Review services include:

  • Obtaining insurance for customers: For safeguarding your customers from unpredictable situations and prioritizing their interests and satisfaction we gather necessary documents and information for taking up to date decisions.
  • Property Down Payment & Closing Costs: This service includes requesting a cashier’s check on the behalf of covering down payment as well as any additional closing costs. With the assistance of your attorney, bank & client we also empower for error free efficient closing processes.
  • Payoff Statement Management: Ensuring accuracy & quality in closing processes our team of offsite mortgage support officials do inspect payment schedules, interest rate, balance due, loan amount, among other details to deliver information in maximum accuracy.
  • Preparation of the Closing Disclosure Form: Initiating error free closing processes by understanding procedures related to closing disclosure outlined by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This service can eliminate hurdles while closing of services.
  • Mortgage Closing Support for Lenders: Careful coordination of steps to accelerate and clarify complex mortgage closing processes
  • Collection of necessary documents: Planning adaptable and flexible closing-document packages as per your requirement running quality checks for elimination of any delay. Collection of fundamental documents such as promissory notes, deed of trust, certificate of occupancy and other documents related to transaction.
  • Property Title Appraisal: Taking strategic steps for reviewing legal rights of the property by reviewing the written deeds & mortgage documents, taxes, judgments and ongoing lawsuits while delivering this information
  • Construction of Closing Instructions: This involves exercising of multiple quality checks to assure standards for quality and accurate loan products. Communicating collectively with your enterprise & your client our professionals deliver closing instruction statement to financial department.
  • Fees and Tax Estimation with Settlement Enterprises: Representation of your company to the settlement enterprises, we determine the fees required for specific loan application which comprises of the loan origination fee, appraisal fee, title search, insurance, survey, taxes, deed recording fee, credit report charging and other costs too. We also provide guidance on regulation of distributing mortgage funds.
  • Final Review and Documentation Delivery: Constant communication with you to permit delivery of informed state & federal compliant mortgage closing documents. Making sure dispatching of closing disclosure to minimize delay we also ensure all information is present. This stage also assures consistent delivery of closing disclosure form three days prior to alignment of signing document of regulations.
  • High-quality Mortgage Closing Process: Leveraging respected, streamlined & innovative mortgage closing process we also give emphasis on accuracy, timeliness and quality. Giving attention to maintenance on data accuracy, management of origination policies and mitigation of inaccurate mortgages from closing phase, we do provide efficient mortgage closing support assistance.

OUR GLOBAL’S Mortgage Closing Processes:

Streamlining appropriate approaches towards these are the following tools we leverage:

  • Recording client’s social security number
  • Recording of recording that fulfills minimum service requirement
  • Information data submitted in Loan product Advisor
  • Documentation of Property Appraisal
  • Complete documentation of Income calculation
  • Satisfactory coverage insurance
  • Employment Standing
  • Quality Assurance

Why Outsource Mortgage Closing Support to OURS GLOBAL?

  • Maximum accuracy in closing disclosure and mortgage closing agreement evaluation
  • Reduction in your employee operational costs
  • Reduction in turnaround time in delivery of services
  • Access to industry best, skilled and experienced processors and underwriters
  • Maximum scalable processes during peak terms

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Recognizing critical time-bound, cost-effective & accurate services for development of your enterprise OURS GLOBAL provides mortgage closing services to assist you to restructure & innovate execution of your business practices. Contact us to get to know we can deliver you our mortgage closing services and revolutionize your business quickly.

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