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Automotive BPO Services

Planning to better your customer management in your automotive industry?

Then why not outsource your BPO requirements to OURS GLOBAL and enhance your post sales support through stages of order placement & product delivery. Trusted name for over a decade as an Automotive BPO service provider, our experts can fulfill your demands with multi-channel customer care service enhancing your customer interface with positive returns. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company we will provide solutions on effective management of essential and limited resources across all functions of the organization to get maximum process efficiency. We cater our cost-effective automotive BPO services for automobile and car manufacturers, OEMs, auto component suppliers, dealerships, auto ancillaries companies, car rental companies, online pre-owned car resellers, taxi companies, and many others.

Below are the Automotive BPO Outsourcing Services we deliver to Automotive Companies:

Finance and Accounting BPO Services :Driving methodical accounting & efficient cash flow management with adherence to industry regulations we can safeguard the financial well being of your automotive enterprise. Enhancing your operational & financial agility by streamlining key processes we can assist your enterprise to reach optimum financial performance. These are some of the services we provide under Finance Accounting BPO services:

  • Accounts Payable : Management of your payment cycle activities in a timely & effective manner by providing financial, administrative & clerical support to your organization taking roles of receiving payments, processing, verifying and reconciling of invoices.
  • Accounts Receivable: Ensuring the collection of your payments in shorter period of time, we improve your collection rate & faster processing of invoices which will in turn contribute to increase in cash flow.
  • Accounting & Book-keeping Services: Constituting important requirements of effective financial management for your business, we ensure you optimum business growth & efficiency
  • Financial Analysis and Financial Reporting Services: Assessing your company’s financial performance of past and ongoing time period we deliver high end IT-BPO services understanding the importance of accurate financial reporting & the need for precise preparation of financial statements.
  • Outsourced CFO Services: This service enables you in taking accurate & effective financial decisions to minimize expenditure and expedite growth with the assistance of a Chief Financial Officer, at a portion of the cost.
  • Payroll Processing Services: This service benefits you with smooth payroll management services to achieve better resource management and thus saving you the hassles & time-consuming tasks of payroll processing.
  • Tax Returns Preparation Outsourcing Services: With our accurate tax processing & tax preparation services you can ensure legal measure to maximize tax savings and incentives. This service can in turn maximize the efficiency & profits, while minimizing the operational costs in your organization.
  • Record to report services : This involves collection, processing and delivering of relevant, timely & accurate financial information to get strategic, financial & operational feedback to understand your business performance.

Digital Marketing Services : Harnessing the power of internet to take we help your enterprise to gain much visibility across search engines, boosting website traffic and conversion of website users to your customers. Following are the services we provide under Digital Marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization Services :Improvement of ranking of your company website with strategic marketing tactics such as quality content and successful SEO campaigns.
  • Pay Per Click Services : Effective online advertising model by enhancing traffic in your website by paying the host to display the advertisement of your brand in their website.
  • Social Media Optimization Services : Usage of powerful keywords in your website content in turn improving the rank of your website & brand image.
  • Display Advertising Services : Driving targeted visitors to your website by using visual ads that come in wide variety of formats such as banner, video, rich text, plain text & interactive ads.
  • E-mail Marketing Services : Effective marketing strategy of sending e-mails to prospects & customers for better customer – company interface.
  • Affiliate Marketing Services : Offering affiliate program solutions to win potential affiliates, we can in turn enhance your lead generation and sales. Analyzing & ensuring these strategies on potential affiliates, we can benefit you with effective lead generation, effective ROI and rapidly increase your traffic & sales.
  • Content Writing / SEO Copywriting Services: Providing support to your content & copywriting needs as per your demand can deliver you high quality content in fast turnaround time.
  • Web Analytics & Reporting Services: Ensuring successful delivery of deeper insights on web analytics by collecting, measuring & analyzing of web data to empower you in taking correct decisions.

IT Outsourcing Services : IT outsourcing services from OURS GLOBAL empower effective delivery of IT enabled business process, application service & infrastructure solution for your positive business outcomes. The sub category services we look after under this are as follows:

  • Software Application Development : Development of your software as your requirements with strategic benefits by requirement gathering, strategizing, creating a model, implementation & deployment while maintaining constant communication.
  • Web Development : Delivering web applications across various industries such as healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing & telecommunication our skilled experts create websites on easy to use platforms reducing your cost for web solutions to minimum.
  • Mobile Application Development : You can give your customer’s an extensive experience about your brand letting us create high performing, digitally transformative and feature packed mobile applications.
  • SaaS Application Development: Developing latest generation of software solutions our SaaS Application Development services can assist you delivery models which saves time & resource on development, up-gradation, distribution, marketing, and client conversion
  • Software Testing Quality Assurance : Ensuring quality in your software processes we can assure you maximum development and maintenance processes that are continuously improved to produce products that meet specifications.
  • Development of Cloud Computing Application : Assisting you in direct active management of computer system resources such as data storage & computing power over the internet we can facilitate your IT & customer service to improve business & IT agility and lowering the costs.

E-commerce Support Services Our E-commerce support services ranging from customer service, order processing & fulfillment, E-commerce product photo editing and product information management can assist you to accomplish product data feed management. This product data feed management of products can maximize accuracy & also enable you to augment your Ecommerce efficiency and accelerate time-to-market of products while broadening your customer reach across different markets. These are the sub-services that come under E-commerce support services:

  • Call Center Outsourcing : Helping your enterprise to get a better reach to customers in the best possible way 24x7 answering services, real time reporting and 100% call recording facilities can enhance your sales and better conversion rates.
  • Digital Photo Editing : Providing high end digital photo editing services such as photo retouching, photo restoration, image clipping, album designing, 360-degree panorama stitching, 3D virtual tour creation our experts can assist you in attaining high quality post processed photographs saving both revenue & time.
  • Digital Marketing Services : Enhancing your enterprise to gain much visibility by converting website traffic & conversion of website users to customers.
  • Finance and Accounting (F&A) BPO Services : Ensuring error free cash flow management & accounting with adherence to government regulations our Finance & Accounting services can enhance your operational & financial performance.
  • Production Information Management Services : Efficient management of product information for accurate and up-to-date product information driving your enterprise to maximum profitability.
  • Order Processing Services : Providing high end customer services & delivery of business services our order processing services can enhance your business supply chains for quicker & prompt order fulfillment.

Logistics BPO Support Services : Assuring timely delivery of your products our logistics BPO services we can assist you in identifying newer ways for reaching process efficiencies and price advantages. These are the services we avail for our clients under this category:

  • Road Freight Logistics Support Services : Providing encompassing solutions for freight logistics through road we offer you measures to take strategic measures for fighting rising oil prices & stagnant economic climate in turn driving growth in your organization.
  • Ocean Shipping Logistics BPO Services : Providing wide range of solutions for ocean shipping industry, we can support you with enhancement of performance of your supply chain by creating more efficient operations at reduced cost.
  • Air Freights Logistics BPO Services : Offering air freight support services can benefit you with eliminate threats such as rising costs, inflexible schedules and numerous other factors.
  • Railway Logistics BPO Services : Our Railway Logistics BPO Services can boost your fuel efficiency and cost benefits by ensuring result oriented processes providing a complete solution for railway logistic businesses.

Back Office BPO Services : Our services on efficient management of back office operations such as order fulfillment, applications processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections can promote business efficiency and improves bottom-line. The services we impart under Back office BPO Services are as follows:

  • Car Rental Forms Processing : Accelerating your business processes with simple & efficient rental payment processing we can smoothen your running of your organization.
  • Purchase Forms Processing: Our systematic processing of data such as invoices, medical claims, insurance documents, tax receipts, purchase orders and more can eliminate the chances of data loss & errors. These services can also streamline forms processing in your organization, but also save you time.
  • Automobile Insurance Forms Processing: Our Automobile claim solutions can create and manage automobile insurance claims for complete & accurate processing for associating data about claims & supporting documentation.
  • Data Entry : Entering & updating of data in to a computer system for further documentation of information associated with your organization can assist you for wide variety of economical & non-economical purposes.
  • Database Management : Defining, manipulating, retrieval and management of data in a database for reducing data redundancy, data sharing, data integrity, data security, privacy, back up & recovery and data consistency.
  • Invoice & Purchase Order Data Entry : Our invoice & purchase order data entry can make your data accessible on a regular basis for efficient management of business operations. This service can save your time & resources for other business operations benefiting your organization with fruitful results.
  • Catalog Management : Our Catalog management services can drive your organization for effective and strategic catalogue management ensuring the quality of product data and that the data are configurable to your client’s required form.
  • Order Processing : Our order processing operations ranging from manual & paper driven for overseeing processes or work-flow associated with the picking, packing and delivery of the packed items to a shipping carrier.
  • Product Information Management : Centralizing & management of e-commerce business product information to ensure a single, accurate, view of product data for cost effective management on e-commerce business product & services.
  • Maintenance and Repair Information Management : Our maintenance & repair information management can assist your organization in full capacity utilization of resources; minimize production & maintenance costs and maximize product quality.

Call Center Outsourcing Services : Handling all kinds of your customer services requirements we can enhance your relationship with customers which in turn can boost your enterprise ROI.

  • Sales & Customer Acquisition : Driving more customers to your enterprise through methods of warm calling & cold calling, our sales & customer acquisition services can benefit you with more sales opportunities & thereby enhance your sales outcomes.
  • Customer Care & Service: Our customer care & service can take care of customer’s needs delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met.
  • Answering Services : Our answering services provide a wide range of tools, features and options that can make every phone call we receive a positive and productive one for your enterprise.
  • Switch Board Services : Ensuring maintenance of technology, hardware, software, connections, capacity, redundancy and security are always maintained in high end standard, our switch board services can ensure you can always be sure that the technology is meeting each employee’s needs.
  • Order Management Services : Our order management services can benefit you with cost efficiency, increased customer satisfaction; eliminate reoccurrence of errors and taking actionable insights with educated decision making. This service can enable your businesses to improve your sales & revenue.
  • Cross Selling and Up-selling Services : Convincing your customers to buy additional products or upgrading them to a more expensive model with additional features and warranties with their purchase this platform can assist you in generating more sales.
  • Reservation Services: Our reservation service agents can assist your customers with their bookings &purchases through online or phone providing information on your products & services
  • Car Rental Reservations: Our car rental reservations services can manage your rentals easier enabling you to handle all the bookings from a single, multi-segment order management panel. The bookings are entered & stored in system database automatically & instant confirmation will be sent to your customers. This can assist you in generating quotations easily and also easily coordinate promotions & discount rates.
  • Maintenance & Repair Reminders : With our Maintenance & Repair reminder services we can inform your clients about their due maintenance & repair reminders. This can in turn assist them in reducing further maintenance charges building much stronger relationship & trust towards your brand.
  • Customer Loyalty Program Management and Customer Retention Services: Our customer retention services will assist you in staying connected customers with your call center executives through phone calls, SMS, E-mail & chat to ensure your brand remains adhered to their interests from the initial purchase itself.

Benefits of outsourcing Automotive BPO Services to OURS GLOBAL

  • Delivery of services within the desired timeframe without delay or errors we can improve your productivity with mission-critical objectives.
  • Business solutions generated by high end staffs as per your requirement
  • Ensuring achievement of your results as per your enterprise target
  • Improved customer satisfaction & business efficiency enabling your business achieve maximum efficiency
  • Well maintained infrastructure as well as software
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which follow stringent guidelines for quality assurance
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Streamlined vendor management
  • Best global practices through metrics & key performance indicators
  • Streamlined vendor managemen• Real time reporting to be aware of the progresses to facilitate your enterprise in achievement of goals.

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