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Database Management Services

Managing Database isn’t an easy task. If done carefully and by applying the effective measures, Database Management would definitely become an easy affair though. It shouldn’t also be forgotten that managing Data remains the lifeline of an organization as a critical factor to take the businesses at the success path. That is why it is always important to not only organize but also meticulously manage Data effectively to ensure that businesses operate without any hassles.

OURS GLOBAL has taken this important factor into account and therefore offers best solutions possible for Data Management with features to easily retrieve as well as store data for the multiple uses and purposes. Database Management is an assorted process to manage and store data in a proper system that ease its retrieval at any point of time. Furthermore, a planned Database Management must also have the rest features like easing data transfers within friction of minutes. It is a collective process to manage data once any company’s database development & migration is done.

Obviously, the need is to successfully maintain database for effective operation of a respective company and to keep information management capability requirements thoroughly robust with the strong measures to choose effective and highly workable Database Management services. They pave the way for smooth business operations. OURS GLOBAL has professional team of technical expertise who manage the databases and that too without overburdening you with unnecessary cost. Our customized database services are appreciated for all types of business operations.

Our Database Management Services include

  • Database Analysis, Design, and Development using a variety of Platforms such as Oracle, IBM, MS-SQL, and MySQL.
  • Development of ASP, CGI, PHP, PERL Inherited Applications Based on Web
  • Development of MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, Visual Basic, Foxpro Based Databases
  • Determining user Requirements Analysis
  • Executing Logical and Physical Design of Database
  • Development of Indexing Strategy
  • Stored Procedures Development
  • Creation of Strategies for Backup and Recovery
  • Analyzing and Defining Source Structure
  • Analyzing and Defining Target Database Structure
  • Performing Field Mapping
  • Defining Migration Process
  • Implementing Migration Process
  • Migrating Applications within the same Platform
  • Migrating Applications from one Technology/Platform to another
  • Migrating Databases

Benefits of Outsourcing Database Management Services to OURS GLOBAL

Close assessment of functioning of OURS GLOBAL for Database Management make you understand the irrefutable features of the services offered. Here are the most notable benefits of outsourcing such services to this company:

  • Assured numerous range of customizable Database Management service
  • Keeping variety of platforms under consideration while managing Database
  • Thorough determination of user requirements analysis for the Database
  • Focus on the logical Database Management and Indexing services
  • Easy and secure Database storage & management for future uses
  • Keeping an eye on the strategic Backup & Recovery solutions
  • State-of-the-art Database Maintenance solutions
  • Strong adherence to quality assurance in Database Management
  • Assuring Data security and Data Confidentiality features

Above mentioned features sum the major and minor factors to keep the Data safe and secure for future uses without causing to face any hassles. OURS GLOBAL has its strong team of experts to take into account various latest security measures which makes such easy, effective and accurate Database Management service possible.

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Your search for well-planned Database Management service providers end with OURS GLOBAL. We assure for safe and secure environment to manage the Data in rather comparatively affordable cost. Ours is the customizable and scalable Database Management service offered through the use of latest technology tools. Join hands with us for once-in-a-lifetime experience to manage Data and enjoy peace of mind.

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