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Healthcare BPO Services

Role of administration stealing away all your time?

OURS GLOBAL BPO Services offers the best and most trusted BPO health services at a relatively low cost. Digitization is having a deeper impact on healthcare, and most hospitals and clinics are running out of paper to increase storage space.

Healthcare is considered to be one of the fastest-growing and largest industrial sectors in the world. Today, however, the healthcare industry is facing serious challenges with widespread advances in technology and ever-increasing healthcare needs. The industry is experiencing a major spike in operating costs and a low return on investment. Therefore, outsourcing non-core activities can be beneficial as clinics and hospitals can focus their costs on the core business.

We have employed a dedicated team of healthcare experts who guarantee that the final results will be delivered with 99.9% accuracy and on time.

How can we help?

With the rise of health documentation cases, it is becoming increasingly difficult for documentation companies to manage confidential information. For the policyholder, this results in delayed processing time and he must reach into his savings to be able to cover medical costs promptly to meet this unique challenge.

OURS GLOBAL as a TPA offers a variety of fast, accurate, and efficient solutions for different electronic data entry and retrieval across different layers of the healthcare industry. The quest for conversion of outdated handwritten or printed application forms for health insurance companies into precise and precise digital information is the order of the day. Our experienced team is well-versed in processing a large number of health documentation forms in electronic form, which can be easily accessed by healthcare companies anytime and anywhere. In addition, it saves the cost and resources of BPO companies when processing complex claims and claims forms. For policyholders, we guarantee transparency in the claim settlement process and thus offer 100% customer satisfaction; while taking Mediclaim to the next level.

What do we do?

  • Personalized Care
  • Create a personalized, unobtrusive patient experience that meets the most stringent levels of cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance, and all other applicable regulations.
  • Optimizing Work Processes
  • Achieve cross-channel orchestration with a combination of personalized self-care and personal care that matches your existing network.
  • Increase Satisfaction
  • Use analytics and automation to give your employees what they want - if possible, quick answers to basic questions and, if necessary, personal support from special agents.
  • Achieve Resilience
  • In addition, insure yourself against unexpected absorption paths, seasonal fluctuations, or even natural disasters with a virtual workforce that can be upgraded or downgraded immediately.
  • Use Technology
  • Integrate your existing nursing workflows with technologies that customers use and seek, such as automated website chats, video software, social media, and medical apps.
  • Maximize Growth
  • Increase your sign-up rate with the help of experienced agents who know how to maximize customer relationships in ways that increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improve Governance
  • Simplify management of your member and patient experience, including welcome programs, appointments/reorders, product registration/support, and more.
  • Reduce Costs
  • Build systems to automate key tasks and customer response while engaging more with others, optimize agency use, and reduce customer rejection costs.

    Our Healthcare BPO Outsourcing Services are as follows:

    • Medical Coding Service: Medical coding is another important technique that involves assigning special codes (to facilitate easy access to medical information) and categorizing patient records to carry skills throughout the medical practice management process. Serving the healthcare industry, OURS GLOBAL is a new era medical coding company that specializes in partnering with certified and experienced coding professionals to provide you with world-class online medical coding services to increase your reimbursement costs.
    • Medical Billing & Collection Services: Billing errors are another factor driving the healthcare industry to outsource. This is an understatement and an overcharge, which can lead to expensive audits and legal consequences, and is generally viewed as medical fraud. Our medical billing and collection experts from OURS GLOBAL can be of great help in this regard, as we not only have deep knowledge and years of experience in the healthcare sector but are also very familiar with handling all medical billing and collection processes.
    • Medical Records Indexing: We strive for the perfect conversion of doctor and patient reports into electronic health records and electronic medical records. We index medical records so that indexed documents are easy to find. Our services include the development of information from insurance claims, medical history, patient data, doctor's letters, prescriptions, medical orders, and much more.ervices include indexing of medical records such as Insurance Information, Health Insurance ID card, Patient’s demographic sheet & EOBs, health care document management and insurance information. Scanned documents will be indexed to practice management software, electronic health record or Document management system.
    • Payment Posting: Our accurate payment services provide you with maximum cost-effectiveness, based on industry best practices. Payments are posted as soon as possible to process patient bills with the utmost care, while refusals can be handled. You benefit from this service with maximum profitability through the creation of ISO 9001:2015 standards, and if debt relief or court decisions are required, our waiver management service also handles error recording and remediation processes.
    • Revenue Cycle Management Services: Our Revenue cycle management services delivers comprehensive healthcare & medical revenue cycle management ensuring the safety of patient information and maximizing the efficiency of your operations. Our Revenue Cycle management services ranges from pre-registration and scheduling of appointments to coding & billing. With adherence to ISO 9001:2015 certification our systematic approaches aims in safeguarding your patient information & efficiency of your operations.
    • Medical Billing & Collection: Our medical billing & collection ensures all payments are done in time through extensive quality procedures with the assistance of industry standard practices, technology & medical soft-wares. Through this service you can reduce staffing & cost overheads, enhances quality of billing processes & collection and reduces rejection & unreimbursed claims.
    • Charge Entry Services: This is an important part of the medical billing process and our analysts will help you provide a personalized and reliable solution. The solutions include printing the supercharges received and verifying initial information, creating new patient accounts, entering demographic information, and entering coded cost documents into existing patient accounts.
    • Medical Data Entry Services: Our medical data entry services can assists you in locating, accessing & retrieving important clinical information by digitizing medical data in to an electronic format. Our simplified & cost effective solutions digitize bulk clinical data enabling your employees to focus efforts & resources on more critical aspects of your information.
      We do medical data entry for any type of clinical data, such as:
      • Hospital Records
      • Tests or Lab Records
      • Surgical Encounter Records
      • Prescription Medication Records
      • Clinical and Healthcare Records
      • Information related to Patient, Appointments, Account, Insurance Details, Doctor notes, Billing etc.
      • Medical Insurance Claim Forms
      • Demographic Entries
      • Charge Entry
      • Payment Posting
      • Text and Numeric Data Entry
      • Image Record Data Entry
      • Handwritten Document Data Entry
    • Medical Claims Processing Services: Our medical claims processing services solves your headache over multi- faceted-volume, accuracy, speed of processing and regulatory compliances in turn boosting your customer satisfaction. Efficiently compiling of diverse insurance claim forms our medical claims processing services manages insurance claims in a more efficient & cost effective manner.
      Our medical claim processing services are as follows:
      • Medical data entry
      • Data processing of medical insurance claim forms
      • Medical claim data indexing, extraction and archiving
      • Medical claim data validation
      • Provider & member data maintenance and cleansing
      • Medical claims administration support services
      • Medical claim related Finance & accounting BPO services.
    • Medical Accounts Receivable: Our medical Accounts receivable services checks on unwanted account aging, escalating number of AR days and denials to watchdog the risks such as increasing patient deductibles and operating costs. Providing reliable & systematic accounts receivable management services we enable your businesses to shorten revenue cycles and improve cash flow. Our cost effective and secure processes can efficiently collect insurance & payment reimbursements. This will enable you to focus critical processes & provide best in class treatment for your patients.

      Our ISO 9001:2015 certified organization can give you 100% data security and follow stringent protocols to guarantee clients security of their sensitive information 24*7.

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