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Healthcare BPO Services

Role of administration stealing away all your time?

OURS GLOBAL can assist you with comprehensive healthcare BPO services as per your demands to operate costs fewer reimbursements or complex coding procedures. Supporting BPO services in resource allocation, enhancement of financial performance and efficiency our team of experts also focuses on reducing your administration costs. We provide a wide number of healthcare BPO services as per the following:

Our Healthcare BPO Outsourcing Services are as follows:

  • Medical Coding Service: This service can empower you to keep a more accurate recording of your patient care by streamlining medical billing processes, accelerating payments and identification processes. These services can support you with greater returns & sustained business operations for getting accurate, high quality results. With expert & dedicated team of BPO professionals we can assure you optimum quality medical coding deliverables for your business.
  • Billing & Collection Services: Our efficient revenue cycle management system can eliminate your missed, inaccurate & deleted growth and reimburse your revenue growth. Our effective bill & collection management can also enable you to streamline & enhance your Revenue Cycle Management efficiency and cash flow. Having in depth knowledge of wide variety of healthcare plans, billing processes, methods and its challenges our professionals can use industry best practices & high end technology for efficient execution of medical billing and collections. We have extensive quality audit procedures in place to ensure that all payments are made on time.
  • Medical Records Indexing: Our medical records indexing services involves organization & storing of data such as treatment information of patients for easy retrieval in future. These services can assist medical staffs to consider treatment options with compliance to patient data storage & healthcare document management requirements. Our services include indexing of medical records such as Insurance Information, Health Insurance ID card, Patient’s demographic sheet & EOBs, health care document management and insurance information. Scanned documents will be indexed to practice management software, electronic health record or Document management system.
  • Payment Posting: Our accurate payment posting services will benefit you with maximum cost efficiency by following best in industry practices. Payments will be posted in swift turnaround time to patient accounts with at-most attention while denials can be addressed. These services will benefit you with maximum cost efficiency by compiling ISO 9001:2015 standards and if any claim denials or need for adjudication rises, our denial management services will also look on to collection of errors & reimbursement process.
  • Revenue Cycle Management Services: Our Revenue cycle management services delivers comprehensive healthcare & medical revenue cycle management ensuring the safety of patient information and maximizing the efficiency of your operations. Our Revenue Cycle management services ranges from pre-registration and scheduling of appointments to coding & billing. With adherence to ISO 9001:2015 certification our systematic approaches aims in safeguarding your patient information & efficiency of your operations.
  • Medical Billing & Collection: Our medical billing & collection ensures all payments are done in time through extensive quality procedures with the assistance of industry standard practices, technology & medical soft-wares. Through this service you can reduce staffing & cost overheads, enhances quality of billing processes & collection and reduces rejection & unreimbursed claims.
  • Charge Entry Services: Our billing charge services can enhance your billing processes by reimbursing amount that you receive from the insurance payer. Our services also ensure correct entering of coded documents for submitting to the payer. This will improve the productivity of your in-house personnel by giving them time to focus on critical growth objectives.
  • Medical Data Entry Services: Our medical data entry services can assists you in locating, accessing & retrieving important clinical information by digitizing medical data in to an electronic format. Our simplified & cost effective solutions digitize bulk clinical data enabling your employees to focus efforts & resources on more critical aspects of your information.
    We do medical data entry for any type of clinical data, such as:
    • Hospital Records
    • Tests or Lab Records
    • Surgical Encounter Records
    • Prescription Medication Records
    • Clinical and Healthcare Records
    • Information related to Patient, Appointments, Account, Insurance Details, Doctor notes, Billing etc.
    • Medical Insurance Claim Forms
    • Demographic Entries
    • Charge Entry
    • Payment Posting
    • Text and Numeric Data Entry
    • Image Record Data Entry
    • Handwritten Document Data Entry
  • Medical Claims Processing Services: Our medical claims processing services solves your headache over multi- faceted-volume, accuracy, speed of processing and regulatory compliances in turn boosting your customer satisfaction. Efficiently compiling of diverse insurance claim forms our medical claims processing services manages insurance claims in a more efficient & cost effective manner.
    Our medical claim processing services are as follows:
    • Medical data entry
    • Data processing of medical insurance claim forms
    • Medical claim data indexing, extraction and archiving
    • Medical claim data validation
    • Provider & member data maintenance and cleansing
    • Medical claims administration support services
    • Medical claim related Finance & accounting BPO services.
  • Medical Accounts Receivable: Our medical Accounts receivable services checks on unwanted account aging, escalating number of AR days and denials to watchdog the risks such as increasing patient deductibles and operating costs. Providing reliable & systematic accounts receivable management services we enable your businesses to shorten revenue cycles and improve cash flow. Our cost effective and secure processes can efficiently collect insurance & payment reimbursements. This will enable you to focus critical processes & provide best in class treatment for your patients.

    Our ISO 9001:2015 certified organization can give you 100% data security and follow stringent protocols to guarantee clients security of their sensitive information 24*7.

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