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BPO Services for Chemical & Manufacturing Industry

Transforming finished goods with blended use of tools, skill-sets, machinery and chemical processing comes under Manufacturing. Using the assembly line process and advanced technologies, manufacturing incorporates efficient techniques for taking advantage of economies of sales. Transforming goods, materials, and substances through physical, chemical and mechanical processes Manufacturers not only suffice the demands of the public but also contribute handsomely to the GDP of a country. There is a wide array of manufacturers from industries such as construction, motor vehicles, transportation, agriculture, etc. The chemical industry is highly diversified and broadly classified into Bulk chemicals, Specialty chemicals, Agrochemicals, Petrochemicals, Polymers, and Fertilizers. As per the researches from The MPI Group, over 31% of manufacturing industries have already started using smart device/embedded intelligence for maximizing efficiency, safety improvement, product innovation, and compliance requirement.

Manufacturing & Chemical BPO services are incorporating the Internet of Things (IoT) for achieving a variety of client-goals including cost reduction, increased efficiency, improved safety, meeting compliance requirements, and product innovation. IoT & predictive analytics will enable smoothened manufacturing operations and business processes. Driving business towards growth through innovative practices and high-end technology our BPO services will assist them to be updated with digital business trends.

OURS GLOBAL's team of well-versed and experienced professionals embraces high-end technology and data in innovative ways for delivering custom manufacturing solutions. Reinforcing your business with streamlined processes our Manufacturing BPO services will reduce costs and improve productivity with industry-standard solutions that drive your manufacturing industry to the next level. Our professionals will focus on mundane and repetitive non-competencies to let you concentrate on your core competencies and have a competitive edge over competitors.

Our Chemical & Manufacturing Industry BPO Outsourcing Services include:

Material Safety Data Sheets Transcription Services:

Our material safety data sheets transcription services include documenting of information on potential hazards such as health, fire, reactivity, and environmental means when working safely with a chemical product. Including information on use, storage, handling, and emergency procedures our services will also initiate a complete health & safety program that will infer information such as hazards of the product, safety measures while usage, symptoms of overexposure and measures to do if any such incidents occur. OURS GLOBAL’s expert team of MSDS preparation includes experienced professionals from chemical & manufacturing industries who are skilled enough to transcribe information contained in Material Safety Data Sheets. These guidelines will be developed with the highest level of accuracy & accuracy. Our Material Safety Data Sheets Transcription Services include:

  • Entry & updating of toxicology & eco-toxicological records of each material within a project.
  • Evaluation of risks & hazards
  • Transcription of formulated product
  • Defining of MSDS labeling elements by size, danger symbol, risk & safety measures
  • Revision of SDS as per regulations

Chemical and Manufacturing Back Office Services:

Our Chemical & manufacturing back-office operations can enhance value to client operations. Our back-office operations for chemical & manufacturing Back office operations include:

  • MSDS Classification: This service involves classifying of information on material safety data sheets according to health, fire & reactivity adhered to requirements.

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