Design Services

Design Services

Enhance your virtual designs from OURS GLOBAL’s Design services and get a competitive edge over your competitors. Understanding your specialized needs our team of design experts will create innovative design solutions that will influence your potential customers and stakeholders. Transforming your expectations to creative designs we assure you of superior results. Our team of expert designers combines creativity, imagination and technology for achievement of your advertising, communication and print requirements.

With over a decade of experience in delivering premium high quality services to wide variety of businesses, our designs will enhance your corporate images across various communication channels. Our defining principles of designing involve sustainability, economical resourcing, artistic narration and use of intuitive technology.

Our varied Design Services comprises of:

  • Corporate Design Services: Our team of corporate designers will develop authentic corporate designs after comprehensive understanding of your business requirements. Our expert designers will take the branding of your businesses quite seriously and will initiate effective strategies for the enhancement of your brand identity. Our corporate design services comprises of:
    • Annual Report Designing: Create positive impressions among your stakeholders with professional annual reports which convey company objectives, financial reviews and other business data to customers and stakeholders. As an effective tool for business planning, our annual report services will foster growth and development in your company.
    • Logo Designing: With rich expertise in logo designing, identity designing and branding our expert designers will create logos that will reflect your brand image and business vision. Our logo designing services comprises of 2D logo design services, 3D logo design services and animated logo design services.
    • Newsletter Designing: Build promising relationships with your customers with our newsletter design services. Our designers will design corporate newsletters as per your requirements. With maximum customizable designs and print layouts our e-newsletter are visually appealing and will effectively assist your businesses for marketing campaigns.
    • Business card Designing: Make lasting impressions with your stakeholders and customers from our business card designing services. Our team of designers will incorporate innovative and appealing designs with maximum accuracy and creativity at competitive pricing.
    • Interior Branding Designing: Engage your employees and customers more in to your brand with effective interior branding services. Promoting your retail stores or offices with appealing designs we will assist you in infusing branding in to your spaces including ceilings, counters, floors and walls. Concentrating in not only strengthening your brand we will integrate rich branding experience among your in-house customers, external customers and your employees.
    • Ecommerce Design: Maximize your sales conversions and in turn profits with alluring Ecommerce design services from OURS GLOBAL. Developing captivating virtual experience and influencing their buying decisions our Ecommerce expert designers simplify and streamline the management of your online businesses. With mind blowing custom templates and designs we will assure a competitive edge over your competitors.
    • Email Design Developing impactful Email templates our email design services will cater as per your requirements. Our tea of designers will ensure our designs are as per industry standards and trends. Our design services will cater you graphic designs, logo designs, brochure designs, illustration designs etc.
    • Editorial Desig: Enhance your editorials with innovative designs and layouts that captivate and retain your reader’s attention. Ensuring the accuracy of texts and images our designers will transform your editorials at affordable prices. Outsource your editorial service requirements to us and transform your editorials with creativity and uniqueness.
  • Marketing and Promotional Design Services: Developing appealing promotional material designs that will influence your target audiences, our designers can free you from tensions of non-competency tasks. Crafting your brand recognition at affordable costs, our flattering designs will fit in to numerous industry requirements. Our marketing and promotional design services comprises of:
    • Custom Brochure Design: Our team of brochure designers will create innovative graphics and catalogues, leaflets and booklets as per your business requirements. Our customized brochure designing will empower your marketing campaigns at affordable rates. Incorporating innovative designs our team of experienced and skilled designers will develop most appropriate brochures parallel to the principles of your company.
    • Flyer Design: Use our powerful flyer design services as a powerful marketing and promotion tool for effective communication. Representing your products/services and business vision in the most effective manner with perfect combination of technology and software we will ensure maximum customer engagement towards your businesses.
    • Banner Design: Influencing your online visitors, our professional banner designers will improve traffic, influence your clients and in turn nurture sales by developing banners for your business outdoor events and promotional programs. Our customizable banner designs will grab the attention of your potential customers and clearly convey your messages to them.
    • Hoarding design: Communicate with your target audiences with our alluring outdoor hoarding designs. With quicker and concise delivery of information our designers will build attractive images for your products and services. Our team of hoarding designers will add captivating images and catchy phrases to your billboard designs after comprehensive understanding of size requirements and resolution.
    • Promotional Material Design: Designing marketing materials such as T-shirts, travels cups and mugs our promotional material design services will enhance your brand value and empower your business’s market position.
    • Brand Design: Developing unique brand designs that drives successful brand engagement our brand designers will enhance your business exposure and in turn drive demands for your products and services.
    • Label Design: Crafting appealing 2D or 3D label designs for your product package materials our label design services will assist your product to achieve more demand.
  • Layout and Formatting Design Services: Designing book layouts, magazines and customized prepress, our layout and formatting designs will compliment your company content in the most polished, professional and perfect way. Incorporating photographs, artwork and graphic elements our expert designers, illustrators, artists and DTP experts will deliver optimum quality, cost effective and efficient creative services as per your requirement. Our Layout and Formatting Design services are as follows:
    • Cover Design: Our innovative, artistic and stunning cover design services will translate your ideas to appealing designs with the use of high end software applications. Giving thorough focus to finer details and nuances our cover designs will benefit you with winning results.
    • Web Page/Website Design: Creating innovative web designs as per your requirement our team of in-house web designers will create a unique website visual identity for your businesses. Encompassing messages for product marketing and improving brand reputation our web designs will engage and retain your clients using through user friendly experiences.
    • Illustration Design: Illustrating creative logos, posters or print pieces for your brand through hassle free processes our designers will deliver pleasing illustrations that complement any text. Our illustration designs will cater to your demands for website illustrations, product support illustrations, book illustrations, comic illustrations etc.
    • Graphic Design Services: Translating your thoughts and ideas to innovative graphic designs our team of talented graphic designers will work exclusively as per your requirement. Engaging high resolution and colorful images and videos will influence potential buyers towards your products and services.
    • Visual Design Services: Attract your client attention with impressive visual designs that make lasting impressions. Our quick, reliable and affordable visual designs will empower your marketing campaigns to promising results.
  • Packaging Design Services: Make your products stand out with eye-catching designs and influence buyers to choose your brand. Focusing in maintaining simplicity of your designs our smart packaging label designs will strengthen your brand image. With uncompromised, personal focus and dedication our graphic packaging designs will set your brand apart from your competitors. Our packaging design services comprises of:
    • Packaging Artwork and Product label Design Services: Designing packaging and product labeling our designers will get your products maximum visibility for your customers. Focusing on colors, highlights, features, shapes, textures and other designing elements we will influence your customers with enhanced brand image and proposition.
    • 2D/3D Product Package Designing: Our designers develop delightful package designs with the assistance of software applications such as 3DS MAX, Abode Illustrator and photo shop. Focusing on features such as product details, usability, manufacturing, branding and functionalities our team of artists will deliver maximum quality while delivering final output.
    • Retail Packaging Design Services: Creating custom packaging designs for your retail products with compelling and creative designs our team of designers will ensure that your product stands out from the line up.
    • Industrial Packaging Design Services: Our best industrial packaging solutions will maximize your sales and improve your company prospects. Our designers will focus on target market and incorporate all factors while designing processes.

Why outsource your Design Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers maximum quality while delivery of design services
  • Maximum scalability as per your requirements
  • A team talented, qualified and well experienced team of graphic designers, artists, illustrators etc
  • Usage of high end design software applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Indesign etc.
  • Adherence to Service level agreement

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