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Mortgage Underwriting Support Outsourcing Services

Finding trouble in determining creditworthiness and payment capability of your loanee? Here’s the perfect solution for your problem. Offering support for ratio analysis, fraud detection our experts will also aid you in accurate assessment of applicant risk class & exact pricing for loans when comprised with market rates.

Mortgage underwriting support services we offer:

We provide the following services under Mortgage Underwriting services:

  • Setting Up Loan for Underwriting: Developing productivity of your underwriters by setting up files as per your demand to perform successful data validations & running files through compliance checklist can save up both money & revenue. Further your underwriters can expedite their loan review & take decisions in a much lesser time in turn improving the quality of files being submitted for underwriting.
  • Mortgage Underwriting supportMortgage Underwriting support: Our professionals also provide much support in providing mortgage underwriting support for credit unions as per their requirement.
  • Clearing of Loan Conditions: Preparation and sending ‘conditions to close’ to loan officer which comprises of documents required to validate a particular borrower’s case such as pat stubs, purchase agreements, letters of explanation etc. Our team will also inspect all requirements are fulfilled before issuing the 'clear to close' and final approval for the mortgage.
  • Title Support: Safeguarding interests of both the borrower & the lender our experts by inspecting all title documentations are not violating any legal claims, liens and lawsuits.
  • Appraisal Quality Control: Provisioning of ‘Appraisal Quality Control’ that states the underwriter's views related to the sufficiency and appropriateness of the collateral provided to support the mortgage transaction. This can also validate the value of property to be above current market value. This service will also comprise of reviewing of property sales history, property location map, property photograph, report date, appraiser's signature and license number.
  • Fraud Guard Review: Ensuring creditworthiness of loan applicants by identification of anomalies & potential falsifications in a loan file our Fraud guard Review service will also guide your underwriters to spot & verify potential fraudulent items such as addresses, AVM comps, multiple transactions, large deposits, withdrawals & other falsified details.

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Choose OURS GLOBAL as your underwriting support partner to ensure superior process quality and professionalism among underwriters to guarantee quicker loan approvals & improved credit decisions. Contact us for solutions for your mortgage underwriting, loan origination underwriting, FHA loan services & mortgage modification underwriting to ensure higher levels of accuracy and loan sales.

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