Customs Brokerage Services

Customs Brokerage Services

Facilitating shipment and delivery of goods is now much easier across different geographical borders with Custom brokerage firms. Keeping unaware of the general public the massive volume of goods coming across different countries the custom brokerages will drive hassle-free clearances through customs for clients, both individuals, and organizations. With proper awareness and day-to-day updating over rules and regulations of a wide array of countries, BPO services for Custom Brokerages will benefit freight forwarders, independent businesses, shipping lines, importers, exporters, trade authorities, etc. Latest-tech solutions have revolutionized logistics practices across the world.

Replacing slower environments with a much faster, highly competitive and Omni-channel business environment custom brokerages are improving themselves day-by-day with better speed, dynamics, and resiliency over your supply chain operations. Countries nowadays use electronic customs data interchange system for entry and exit procedure of goods. Risk- preventive caution inspections during processing and transit are stringent at 10-15% will be a high burden in business customs procedure. Imports in the US are growing by 4.4 % every year and are currently valued at 136 billion dollars. Similarly, every countries export/import is booming every year.

OUR GLOBAL's Customs Brokerage services will incorporate an effective supply chain strategy for assisting you with the best-out-of digitization. With IoT, a prominent transformative technology, we will drive error-free & robust data transfer over networks without any human input. Our custom brokerage services will fasten international cargo clearances with effective inventory management, warehouse management optimization of fleet routes, and reduce dead mileage. With compliance to all international trade regulations wary of national and international security borders, our BPO services will maintain the efficiency of your operations. Utilizing effective methods for document processing we will ensure proper speedy clearance of your international cargos for a healthy supply chain.

Our Customs Brokerage Services include:

  • ACI E-Manifest: Our ACI E-manifest services eliminate the occurrence of border delays and can enhance the efficiency of your supply chain by sending appropriate information to respective border service agencies for avoiding hassles at the national borders. By ensuring tariff & customs laws successful importing of your goods with your customs broker our services will also ensure you’re not charged with extra duties or taxes.
  • B3 Form Generation Services: Our B3 form generation services can assist in your organization's supply chain for faster delivery. Our team of professionals has comprehensive awareness of B3 Form generation & all related aspects of customs brokerage. These services involve scanning of all shipment documents & tagging them to docket numbers. Scanned documents are then transferred onto the Document management Service system for data entry. These documents will be later indexed and sorted for basic front end data entry. Selected invoices will be processed based on shipment value & priority. After a comprehensive inspection of valuation notes, electronic worksheets, CADEX notes we will also initiate procedures need for cash discounts, tariffs, value for duty codes & vendor relationships. After detailed data entry of B3 Form additions/ deductions will be made as per insurance, discounts and applicable customs plains. After quality assurance, our team will also ensure the whole process to be carried out smoothly.
  • Customs Invoice Processing Services: Our all-encompassing customs invoice processes can provide you assistance with efficient management of customs invoices with maximum speed & accuracy. Thus you can give more focus towards your core business operations. Under customs Invoice services the following sub-services are provided:
    • Separation and Indexing: Separation of documents for customs clearance followed by complete indexing which includes complete extraction & digitization of information from each document.
    • RMD Real Time: After entering the information required for interim accounting, data will be verified & sent to respective national border services through the Release operation Support system.
    • RMD Front End Entry: Direction of information needed for customs clearance on low-value shipments to respective national border services.
    • Harmonized System Code Classification: Identification of commodities with the assistance of the Harmonized System Code rating book.
    • NAFTA Verification and Registration: Examination the validity of your North American Free Trade Agreement certification by analyzing of contained information & completing NAFTA registration.

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