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BPO Services for Education Industry

Cost-effective BPO support services from OURS GLOBAL can benefit you with a competitive advantage against other organizations in the educational sector by maximizing student enrollments & delivering quality education within your available resources & staffs. As a ISO 9001:2015 certified company we give assurance on quality output & data security while we enable your enterprise to achieve your organizational objectives. We cater our BPO support services to collages, academies, schools, online course providers and other enterprises in the educational sector. Coping with your challenges such as reducing attendance rates, reducing trained faculty, unavailability of equipments our BPO services are keen to enhance your educational system & provide much better services to your students and staffs.

Our BPO services for educational institutions are:

  • Call center outsourcing services: Our 24*7 competitive, improved and efficient global call center services such as inbound & outbound calling can lead your company to greater efficiencies by improvement in day to day customer service levels. Assisting you to stay competitive in educational business sector through highest quality of support which maintains consistency, professionalism and efficiency our team can guide you to develop better solutions. These are the call center services we provide:
    • Student lead generation
    • Appointment setting
    • Chat support
    • Email management
    • Course enquiries
    • Handling Follow up services
    • Voice & test Emergency response Emergency hotline
    • Fundraising
    • Bookstore support
    • Administrative support
    • Course Registration & Enrollment Assistance
    • Student lead generation
    • College festival/ Event/ Conference Registration
  • Back Office BPO services: Our comprehensive range of back office services covers data entry, data processing, data mining, data cleansing, catalog management & product data entry services to help you pave way for better revenue & management processes. The sub services under Back Office BPO Services:
    • Student Application Form Data Entry
    • Alumni Data Base management
    • Data Entry
    • Invoice & Purchase Order Data Entry
    • Enrolment management
    • Student Information System Management
  • Finance & Accounting BPO Services: Our Financial & Accounting services provides effective BPO solutions for educational institutions to enhance its operational & financial agility by streamlining & optimizing key processes such as cash flow management, methodical accounting adhered to industry regulations. Our finance & accounting services are as follows:
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable
    • Accounting & Book keeping
    • Financial Analysis Reporting
    • CFO Services
    • Payroll processing services
    • Tax Preparation services
    • Record to report services
    • Loan Processing services
  • IT Outsourcing services: Our IT Outsourcing services can provide you appropriate software solutions to propel your education businesses forward ahead of the competition. Using latest technologies for on-premise, cloud, mobile & web solutions our software engineers & developers follow best practices of design, development, deployment and maintenance cost effectively. Our IT Outsourcing services include:
    • Software Application Development
    • Web Application Development
    • Mobile Application Development
    • SaaS Application Development
    • Software Testing Quality Assurance
    • Cloud Computing Application Development
  • Digital marketing services: Our digital marketing services can approach your potential customers with the assistance of internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines and other channels getting you more global reach, lowering marketing costs and improve your conversion rates. These are the Digital marketing services we deliver:
    • Search Engine Optimization services
    • Pay per click services
    • Social Media Optimization Services
    • Display Advertising Services
    • Email Marketing services
    • Affiliate marketing services
    • Content writing/ SEO Content writing
    • Web Analytics & reporting services

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