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Media & Entertainment is an industry-driven by digitalization backed up with the advertising industry and rising customer demand. Producing and distributing motion pictures, television programs, commercials, streaming content, music, audio recordings, broadcast, radio, book publishing, and video games this industry suffice the demand of their audiences. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, the entertainment industry in the US is a 703 billion market that constitutes 33% of the global Media & Entertainment industry. This ever-growing industry requires BPO support services for further focus on their competencies. Broadcasting and cable companies, advertising, design, production and new media / digital media companies; film, music, gaming and other entertainment studios; publishing companies, etc will benefit from business process outsourcing services.

Business process Outsourcing will create a measurable impact on Media & entertainment businesses. Shifting from physical to digital BPO service providers open wide newer revenue-generating opportunities for the media & entertainment industry. With newer distribution channels, mergers & acquisitions and innovative buying patterns, BPO services will devise newer digital content strategies for rapid improvement of processes & revenue. With effective guidance, BPO services will offer solutions that specifically meet the requirements of the media & entertainment industry.

OURS GLOBAL is the leading IT-BPO service provider which can benefit your entertainment industry with optimum process efficiency through our integral service operations. Adhered to ISO 9001:2015 certification we will support your business with high-quality output & data security. Our Media & Entertainment BPO services cater to businesses including broadcasting & cable companies, publishing companies, gaming & entertainment studios, new media/ digital media companies, information services and market research firms.

Our Media & Entertainment BPO Outsourcing Services:

  • Call Center Outsourcing Services: Bridging your gap between your brand and your clients our call center outsourcing services can boost your sales and enhance your conversion rates. Delivering real-time reporting & recording facilities our multi-channel call centers cater services to companies irrespective of their size. Our services range from cloud contact services, order taking services to answering services as per your requirements. With uncompromised service, we can deliver your customer's unparalleled attention. Our call center outsourcing services include:
    • Website membership & Account assistance
    • Website access assistance
    • Billing inquiries
    • Outbound surveys/polls
    • Customer care
    • Technical support/helpdesk
    • Direct response campaigns
    • Audience call-in management
    • Subscription renewal services
    • Reactivating dormant customers
    • Data validation services
    • Subscription renewal services
    • Lead generation services
  • Back Office BPO Services: Are you stuck with back end processes and concerned with time, effort and expenses to fulfill the same? Our back-office BPO services can drive your enterprise to better revenue & management of processes. Allowing you to focus on your core business you can save on your revenue, time & efforts needed to hiring, training and maintaining an in-house team of back-office operation experts. Ensuring to deliver quality back end support services our in house team of domain experts will create greater opportunities for your business while ensuring compliance with industry standards and your requirements. These are the Back office BPO services we deliver:
    • Enterprise content management
    • Digital asset management
    • Content creation
    • Content digitization & conversion
    • HTML & XML conversion
    • Content tagging, indexing & archiving
    • Image tagging, indexing & archiving
    • Metadata tagging
    • Document conversion
    • Inventory management
  • Finance & Accounting BPO Services: Our finance & accounting services provide end-to-end support as a chief financial officer enabling you cost savings & gain efficiency. The benefits of hiring our financial BPO services go beyond just increasing your profit margin but also avoid you from legal penalties, better revenue generation without increasing your workforce or expenses. Our finance & accounting services include:
  • IT Outsourcing Services: Enhance your competitive edge amidst business complexities and changing regulations with our innovative IT service strategies through our agile best in class solutions. Guiding you towards revolutionizing operations we can guarantee you maximum positive business impact. Maximizing operational excellence & driving growth we can help you charter success stories with our best in class, end to end solutions & collaborative approaches. Our valuable staffing and technological resources are well focused on mission critical core competencies generating you with competitive advantage. These are the IT outsourcing services we deliver:
  • Ecommerce Support Services: Our E-commerce support services assist you to manage large product data volumes with maximum accuracy. Partnering with us can enable your E-commerce company to maximize your E-commerce efficiency, enhance your marketing strategies and broadening your reach across different markets. We deliver our E-commerce customer service through call centers, live chat and other channels to benefit you with loyal customers, better conversion rates and an advantage over their competitors. We can thus guide you to adapt to changing landscape of consumer expectations. These are our E-commerce support services:
  • Digital Marketing Services: Our digital marketing services empower you for newer way of approaching customers and understanding how they will behave to traditional marketing. Engaging with your potential clients we can assist your business to acquire more sales, service & retain customers and maintain a firm relationship with them. Driving traffic to your businesses we can thereby generate leads, register sales & strengthen your reputation. Our digital marketing services include:
  • Digital Photo Editing Services:Our digital photo editing services can be used as an effective tool to influence your prospect’s purchase behavior by adding desired level of clarity & vibrancy. Nullifying different issues such as glares, background errors, technical glitches, discoloration our image post processing services can revolutionize your brand image among the masses. Our digital photo editing services are as follows:

Benefits of outsourcing Media and Entertainment Services to OURS GLOBAL

  • Creative individuals
  • Multi-layer quality checking processes
  • Round the clock availability
  • Tailor-made services to meet the requirements of each client
  • Latest designing software and tools
  • Guaranteed quality with faster turnaround time
  • Creative services at affordable rates
  • Editing services to improve quality

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