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Mortgage Post Closing Support Outsourcing Services

Providing effective solutions for your businesses OURS GLOBAL’S Mortgage Post Closing Support services will ensure faster payments in a shorter time for your enterprise adhered to industry regulations. Enabling your businesses to enhance its financial and operational agility we can streamline and optimize key processes in your businesses such as improvement of collection rates and faster processing of services. Increasing your enterprise’s Finance and Accounting capabilities our accounts receivable services will improve your financial agility thus helping your business to run efficiently and more profitably. Offering innovative approaches to help businesses we can reduce your Day Sales Outstanding, increase your overall work-capital and deliver measurable results by aligning our technology solutions with human capital resources.

Our Mortgage Post Closing Support services are as follows:

  • Sales order: Documentation of your customer’s purchase order can enable you to get a complete control over internal auditing. These services can create efficiency through automated data entry and approval routing. Giving easy access to documents and accurate data downstream you can also improve your customer service. Speeding up your order processing processes our sales order processing services can also deliver you to deliver your products/services faster and reduce your day sales outstanding.
  • Sales Order to Invoice Conversion: Our sales order to invoice conversion services involves handling of incoming invoices from arrival to payment. Saving you on expenses of high priced invoice processing software costs, this can free yourself from tedious procedure of employment and training in-house invoice procedures.
  • Matching Invoices with Customer payments: We manually Match Invoices with Customer payments for efficient management of your debit notes.
  • Invoice Receipt Verification: Confirming in SAP about accepting of invoices, our services also enters goods receipt for invoice verification to prevent disputes over accidental over-financing or financing invoices.
  • Monthly Open Balance Statements to customers: Our professionals can also document monthly open balance statements to assist customers by keeping track of their accounts.
  • Cash Application: Applying incoming payments to correct customer accounts and receivable invoices for reducing Mortgage Post Closing Support.
  • Aging Report Preparation and processing: Preparing and processing of aging reports can determine which invoices are overdue for payment.
  • Credit memos processing: Our credit memos processing services documents invoices that owes the payment from your customers.
  • Credit decision tools with continuous monitoring: Enabling automated, high-speed, high-quality credit decisions and customer screenings for B2C and B2B sales processes our credit decision tools also assists you with order and revenue management. These services also enables you take manual credit decisions.
  • Bad Debts/ Delinquency managements: Easing Prompt invoice generation our Mortgage Post Closing Support processes can enable dispatch of monthly statements on client specified dates. This service can also quickly convert receivables to revenue through effective cash flow management and collection of agency fees as well as expenses. Giving accurate assessment of your overdue invoices and financial standing this service will also manage customer invoices and mail clients on your behalf. Optimizing order to cash processes to gain operational efficiency our accounts receivable services can also leverage you to newer opportunities.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mortgage Post Closing Support Services to OURS GLOBAL:

  • Our accounting services are operated strictly adhered to regulatory to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
  • Assured reduction in cost of business operations
  • As a ISO 9001:2015 company, we always tend to maintain maximum quality while delivering our services
  • Ensuring maximum data security and data confidentiality we always give due respect to customer interests
  • Staying up to date with latest technology and procedures
  • Thorough consistent communication to assure maximum transparency, flexibility and efficiency
  • Customized services as per your strategic demands and goals

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