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BPO Services for Retail Industry

The retail industry links manufacturers of goods/services with end consumers. Fetching end products from middlemen such as wholesalers or distributors, retailers deliver finished commodities or services to customer shop-carts. In the year 2017, the retail industry contributed 5.9% of the whole US Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The retailing industry directly supports both the manufacturing and wholesaling industry. Retail marketers need to device strategic level plans on product, price, place, promotion, personnel, and presentation. This requires the support of an efficient Retail BPO service. Retail BPO services will benefit retailers, internet / eCommerce retailers, catalog/ mail-order companies, consumer product companies, marketers, loyalty program companies, grocery store chains, hypermarkets, luxury retailers, multi-brand outlets, general merchandise stores, department stores, warehouse retailers, multi-national retailers, etc.

The digital technology has influenced the Retail industry with comfortable shopping environments, enhanced customer interfaces, finance operations, digital marketing, business insights, etc. Empowering retailers to build online customer patronage retail BPO services will influence customer behaviors to your retail/eCommerce brand. Outsourcing back-office service requirements to Retail BPO services will enable businesses to concentrate on building core capabilities that will assure the delivery of desired results.

OURS GLOBAL's retail BPO services will drive accelerated growth and enhance your business efficiency at every stage. Our expert team of retail BPO experts will design innovative approaches and unique business models for accelerated growth for retail chains. Our team of dedicated experts has access to best-in-class BPO talents and skill-sets. Streamlining your retail operations our dedicated experts will boost your brand value and sales. OURS GLOBAL is a leading specialized outsourcing company that caters to best-quality back office support services which will suit to client requirements. Our specialized retail BPO support provides an array of services such as data entry, software development, creative design, engineering services, etc. to small, medium and large-scale retailers around the globe.

The BPO Support Services we provide for Retail Industries are as follows:

  • Call Center Service: Our efficient call center services will be a cost-effective option for the retention of your customers through improved satisfaction. Streamlining effective processes customer relation management we can enhance your business growth & profitability exponentially. These are the sub-services we cater under call center services:
    • Sales Support: Sales support services assist your sales team to focus on actually selling & closing deals with data acquired from lead generation, product training, customer services & active market communications
    • Real-time Sales Guidance: Our real-time sales guidance services can assist your employees in delivering the best of methods to sell your products or services by training them extensively in the field of training & coaching, field marketing, a marketing consultancy. This service can, in turn, enhance your enterprise with better results in the field of sales & marketing.
    • Customer Care & Service: Delivering professional, high-quality service & assistance for your customers before & after the delivery of your service or product we can your relationship with them.
    • Order Enquiry, Taking & processing: Checking on the progress of a sales order and any associated purchase orders using the attached reference. Each item found by the program is shown with a 'Status' in the rightmost column indicating what stage of the ordering process it has reached.
    • Order Enquiry, Taking and Processing: Checking on the progress of a sales order and any associated purchase orders our professionals record those orders accurately and also ensures to sends these order information to the accounting and shipping departments. Thus our order Enquiry, Taking & processing systems acknowledge you of tracking data on orders and inventory at every step.
    • Retail Answering Services: Our 24*7 retail answering service combines your business communications with our talented & creative receptionists helping you create happy customers.
    • Complaint Management: Resolving complaints of the customer of your business with 24/7 connectivity & courteous treatment we can assist you in building a loyal group of customers for your brand.
    • Loyalty Program Management: Defining your enterprise’s loyalty structure, our experts can outline appropriate loyalty strategies & campaigns to integrate a group of customer reward redemption processes that in turn will yield your enterprise desired enterprise goals.
    • Collections: Selection, development & maintenance of library materials as per your organizational demand our experts will also analyze their use, age, condition, timeliness, and coverage. These services will enable you faster payments, cash forecasting and reduce financing costs & debt write-offs.
    • Catalog Order Taking: Assisting your sales representatives for boosting company sales processes with perfectly tuned parameters to work with our catalog order taking services can improve your sales efficiency.
    • Troubleshooting/ Help Desk: Our troubleshooting/ Help desk services can make your products and processes operational again by the elimination of potential causes of a problem.
    • Payment/Billing Support: Our payment/billing support services can update your account settings which include both payment methods & administrative contracts. This can also assist you to set your budgets & alerts, view payment history & to export billing data.
    • Order Tracking/Status Enquiry: This order tracking/status inquiry services can assist you in acknowledging the order status.
    • Order Fulfillment Enquiry: Receiving, processing & delivering orders to end consumers on your behalf for lowering shipping and operating costs.
    • Order Related Notification: Our order notification services acknowledge your customers that an order has been placed or order message has been created, keeping tabs on your business & customer concerns.
    • Product Recalls: In case of product returns, we can assist your customers by sending a request on your behalf for product return. This can enhance brand image & customer experience.
    • Product Returns: Our product returns services handle your customer complaints thus nurturing your relationship with your customer and building positive word of mouth about your customers
    • After Hours Call Answering Services: This business after-hours call answering services can ensure prompt attending of customer queries availing them with prompt assistance & support even at late hours of business.
    • E-commerce Receptionist: We also provide online support services to maximize your website conversions by removing customer’s doubts & uncertainties encouraging them to buy what you’ve to offer.
    • E-mail Management: Efficient management of high volumes of inbound electronic mail for enhanced customer management.
    • Live Chat Support: We do offer high end Live Chat Support helping your business recover and make your clients happy by delivering excellent customer care services.
  • Finance and Accounting Services: With the responsibility of streamlining processes, maintaining compliance & optimizing resources we at OURSGLOBAL do provide support end to end functions aiming at enabling your organization to save cost & attain maximum efficiency. We provide assistance in transactional processes such as:
    • Sales Return Accounting: Our sales & return services record your customer returns as a debit to sales returns account and as a credit to Accounts receivable account. The sales returns will be deducted from your gross sales to yield a net sales figure. Reducing the number of accounts receivable will reduce the amount of account receivable outstanding.
    • Franchise Accounting Services: Our franchise accounting services provide personal & professional assistance in the management of personal & business finances as per your requirement. To assist you in tax profiting and financial growth of your organization our every strategic method will adhere to the laws set by the Financial Conduct Authority.
    • Inventory Accounting Services: Our inventory accounting services can account & evaluate assets during different stages of production namely, raw goods, in-progress goods & finished goods that are ready for sale. This accurate accounting will benefit you in verifying the true financial condition of your enterprise.
    • Pricing & Billing Processing: Our pricing processing services can increase your overall merchant savvy by determining the appropriate value of your product or service. This service can act as a crucial element in generating value for an organization as it can influence the direct impact on its successes.
  • Back Office BPO Services: Our back office BPO services can enhance your service delivery excellence while ensuring compliance with industry followed quality and security standards. These are the back office BPO services we provide:
    • Sales Invoice and Purchase Order Data Entry Services: Our sales invoice & purchase order data entry services can empower you easy access to digitized information & effective streamlining of financial processes.
    • Product Information Management Services: Our product information management services can enable you to transform legacy systems & deliver in-depth product information of your whole stock assisting you to deliver multiple channel successes. Empowering your organization for rapidly publishing & management of product information this service can increase the overall sales & customer satisfaction through improved collaboration with suppliers & effective marketing strategies.
    • E-Catalog Management Services: Management, updating, maintenance, conversion & data indexing of product catalog for giving key product information to your online customers.
    • Data Mining: Analyzing data from a large volume of sources and collecting it for useful business intelligence to discover prevalent market trends, predict future opportunities and assist with driving revenue & cutting costs.
    • Data Management: Our data management services comprise acquiring, validating, storing, protecting and processing data for ensuring accessibility, reliability, and timeliness.
    • Data Entry: Inputting data or information into a computer system for research & analysis at any desired time
    • Forms Processing: Capturing of information into data fields for later conversion to electronic format for faster processing, reduced data, improved customer satisfaction, and better compliance & control, this form processing services can improve the ROI of your enterprise.
    • Data Conversion: Conversion of one data format to another for improved management, maintenance, and management of data for prevention of data loss & information breach.
    • PDF Conversion: Revising & updating PDF documents our experts can deliver you high-quality document & compatible with many websites & online publishers.
    • Data Capture Services: Safeguarding your information we extract your data from all sorts of data ranging from printed, scanned to online directories & catalogs while maintaining strict quality control within quick turnaround time.
    • OCR Services: Conversion of scanned data into an editable format in turn driving improvement of your workflow and productivity.
    • Documented Data Digitization Services: Our documented data digitization services can empower you better access & analysis of information for further enhancing the efficiency of your operations.
    • Data Extraction Services: Retrieval of data for further processing or storage from a range of different mediums within a short turnaround time.
    • Data Cleansing Services: Our Data cleansing services identifies, corrects & eliminates inaccurate, inconsistent & corrupt data records in all file formats & locations for improved decision making, removal of data copies & deceased data files.
    • Product Coding: Our product coding solutions involve assigning identification to each finished/manufactured product which ready to be marketed or sale. This product also comprises of Universal Product Code, common barcode used for identification of packaged products.
    • SKU Data Management: Our SKU Data management assigns coding systems to keep track of your inventory & for measurement of sales. This service can also assist you in re-ordering of products and maintaining a profitable retail business.
    • Order Management: Efficient Tracking & fulfillment of sales orders in to create a positive experience for your customers.
  • IT Outsourcing Services: Our IT services deliver you effective delivery of IT enabled business processes, application service & infrastructure solutions for your desired business outcomes. These services will assist you to reduce costs, accelerate time to market and provide assistance to manage intellectual property. These are the sub-services that come under this category:
  • E-commerce Support Services: Our E-commerce support service manages increased data volume by ensuring accuracy of your commerce product data, delivering superior customer service & executing reverse logistics. Thus our E-commerce services enhance your E-Commerce efficiency and accelerate time-to-market of products while broadening your customer reach across different markets. Our E-commerce Support services are as follows:
  • Digital Marketing Services: With the assistance of search engines and social media we can reach your customers for adopting innovative marketing methods to acquire more sales, retain more customers and to strengthen relationships with them. From this service, we can assist you in driving traffic to your business, generate leads, register sales & strengthen your brand reputation. The services we carter under this category includes:
  • Logistics BPO Support Services: Our Logistics BPO support services can assure efficient delivery of products & services in a timely manner in order to maintain maximum customer satisfaction. This service can also guarantee you cheaper operation rates & quicker delivery. The services we cater under this category are:
    • Road freight logistics
    • Ocean shipping
    • Air freight logistics
    • Railway logistics

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