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Fashion Photo Retouching Services

Reproducing fashion images that make a statement not only elevates your brand in ways the outside world touch, feel and measure but also builds up a future era for the brand itself is called photo retouching services. As the current era of fashion images demands to be showcased with animation, drama, energy and freshness extensive usage of Photoshop editing and retouching is needed to ace others competing you. Join hands with ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and stretch to newer versions of fashion images altogether. Well experienced for 10+ years our team can transform unprofessional pictures with wrinkles and marks to lighten and also remove all imperfections associated with skins thus adding significant depth to your pictures. Highly skilled and experienced fashion editors at OURS GLOBAL can transform your brand to a whole new level, trust us.

Fashion photo retouching services can provide you the following advantages

  • Retouching of fashion and beauty standards for photos that demand glamour portrait retouching
  • Color modification among elements of a fashion photo
  • Editing of light and shade throughout an entire area or in a focus area
  • Sculpting of body shapes either by enlargement or reduction
  • Elimination of acnes, blemishes, streaks and discoloration
  • Image masking and clipping path services
  • Photo retouching for glitz/ pageant
  • Skin retouching services for skin rejuvenation, background editing and enhancing
  • Addition of virtual visualized environment and human elements

Fashion Image retouching services we offer are as follows

Working on your inputs our professionals take tactical measures as per your interest to deliver high quality image results. Photographers across the globe reach us for our assistance in getting perfection among their photos. The photo editing services we provide for fashion photographers are as follows-

  • Enhancement and regeneration of skins

Failed snaps most probably can’t be impressive or can’t be the best representative of a subject. Irrespective of any photographic errors our professionals’ our virtual makeover expertise can rectify it only to enhance the overall beauty of the face. Under eye darkness, teeth brightening, fixing of red eye, enhancement of lip color, removal of wrinkles are some works we look on to while we attend skin retouching for fashion photographs.

  • Background photo editing

Elimination of unwanted distractions and addition of better backgrounds that suit the image is a pivotal part in fashion photo retouching post production. Leaving this skilled works to OURS GLOBAL would be an open confirmation that your photos are in better hands.

  • Photo retouching inclusion

As each element of an image is unique each one demand varied approaches- techniques, processes and tools that keep on changing. Image adjustment done in optimum manner can assure best quality outputs. Our team of well experienced editors can pull in whole contrasting tones to confirm maximum possible charm.

  • Shadow and color saturation

Shadows do add a sense of realism but its irrelevance can cause deterioration from further purpose. Optimal color saturation does bring the best and our fashion expert editors do know how to include shadows to elevate the professional feel among images.

  • Body shaping and adjusting

Adjustments to shapes can create huge impacts over the images. So if needed our professionals attend to images by shape sculpting and reshaping either to the face or the entire body. In certain cases we also add virtual make-ups for completing the makeover.

  • Removal of spots, blemishes and moles

After the peripheral level changes extensive and high end fashion photo retouching is unavoidable if you’re looking for excellent high end images. Removal of spots, blemishes, stray hairs, pimples and moles can enhance the originality and uniqueness of the resultant images.

  • Correction of colors

Images subjected to color replacement can work wonders even if it is a change in background color or color of attire or even accessories. Slight change in skin color too can enhance the image experience.

Our fashion photo retouching services caters to:

  • Promotional materials like brochures, catalogues, magazines and apparel brochures.
  • Fashion and apparel outlets
  • Fashion photographers
  • Apparel E stores and online shops
  • Apparel brands and manufacturers

Why you should outsource fashion photo retouching services to OURS GLOBAL?

Well equipped with most experienced, skilled and competent fashion editors backed up with advanced photo editing tools and software. OURS GLOBAL’s fashion photo retouching services do have expertise to handle commercial, fashion and editorial images. Using high end fashion photo techniques at par with global industry standards

  • High end photo retouching
  • Creative approach towards photo editing and retouching
  • Color management digital and print media
  • Image post production services and consultation.


If you’re well confident with our photo retouching services kindly forward us your raw amateur images for retouching processes. You can get free samples in advance and do expect our high quality and professionalism in it. Feel free to contact us round the clock through phone, chat, or email.

The team of OURS GLOBAL specializes in services like photo retouching, body sculpting, portrait retouching, image clipping, digital photo restoration, alpha masking and addition of virtual visualized environment etc. to a wide variety of clients across the globe, stretching from United States (USA) to United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Finland, Ireland and other countries around the world.

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