Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Nurture followers on social media platforms and boost mouth and referrals with OURS GLOBAL’s social media marketing services. Connecting targeted audiences our team of professionals will ensure your followers match the demographics, interests, and behaviors of your typical customers. Building a strong connection through engagement with your audiences our social media marketing services will assist you to reach your business objectives. Handling your social media interfaces our expert and skilled professionals will guide you to 100 % results in the form of profits.

Generating sales, exposure and opportunity with result-oriented strategies our services will attract, engage and convert customers by influencing their purchase decisions. Isolating audiences with specific jobs, skills, associations, age, gender, interests, hobbies, locations and much more our social media campaigns will spread awareness and drive engagement to specific audiences. Our social marketing company services comprise of account setups, posting services, review generation and paid advertising options that will spread awareness and drive engagement. Driving customers, growing audiences and expanding your brands reach our social media management will cover all aspects of your development in social media.

Our Social Media Marketing Services comprise of:

  • Social Media Strategy: Our social media strategies will harness the power of social media to the maximum. Managing your social media presence with an effective call to action strategy, our professionals will amplify your ROI. With solid metric-driven analysis and content creation strategies, our social media strategists will optimize your performance in social media.

  • Social Listening & Real-Time Monitoring Services: Monitoring online conversations, understanding consumer attitude and analyzing consumer data from a range of online channels our professionals will convert data into practical insights. With the combined use of sophisticated technology and skills, we will help you to build favorable relationships with your customers.

  • Social Contest Development & Deployment: Prompting higher level participation and engagement of your audiences in social media contests our social contest development and deployment services will generate revenue for your brand. Planning events that generate a sense of closeness towards your brand, potential clients will choose your brand every time in future.

  • Campaign Amplification Services: Amplifying your messages and promoting it through different channels our campaign amplification services will promote your brand and products/services. Getting you an authority in your industry, our professionals will boost social signals and improve search engine optimization.

  • Site Conversion Improvements: Improving your online reports through conversion optimization strategies we will design and run steps for getting a higher percentage of your web visitors. Our team of statisticians, engineers and web designers will create engaging visuals and messages assisting you in the achievement of higher conversion rates.

  • Content Development & Distribution: Creating better quality and authentic content our team of professional content writers will ensure your website visitors will get bring readers with effective content. Utilizing variety of tools and strategies our content distribution will assist you to make sure all valuable content will reach appropriate customers.

  • Social Media Measurement & Optimization: Monitoring analytics over time and from campaigns or events, our social media measurement services will help you realize the impact of targeted marketing initiatives and campaigns. Planning and implementation of social media promotion strategies our professionals will enhance your virtual presence by leaps and bounds.

  • Virtual Marketing: Promoting businesses or products/services with result-oriented business strategies our virtual marketing services will utilize social media platforms for efficient marketing. Virtual marketing services involve email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, blogs, and other digital formats.

  • Community Management Services: Monitoring, management, and promotion of your brand across different social platforms we establish and promote a community of your potential audiences. Handling queries of your viewers we will act in response to feedback about your businesses. With effective strategies, we build, leverage and engage your audiences with your services and products.

  • Facebook Page and Twitter Account Management: Creating and managing campaigns across social media platforms our professionals will help businesses grow and meet their goals. Optimizing your social media channels and satisfying your marketing objectives our social media campaigns through Facebook and twitter will empower your businesses with organic traffic to our client websites and storefronts.

  • LinkedIn Profile and YouTube Channel Creation and Management: With a thorough understanding of both platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube our professionals will build and maintain a successful presence for your brand. Our professionals will create content, optimize it, enhance your linked-in connections/Youtube viewers, Article drafting/video campaigns, audience management/networking, and monitor/report analytics.

Why Outsource your Social Media Marketing Services to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which provides maximum quality services
  • Boosted focus on your core business strategies
  • Management of social media platforms readily updating it from time to time
  • Comprehensive analysis of your digital marketing strategies in order to maximize chances of engagement success
  • Consistent social media marketing without any breaks
  • Assured increase in ROI through a thorough focus on leads
  • Improvement of existing techniques and strategies from time to time
  • Blend of high-end technology and infrastructure

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