Animation Services

Animation Services

Transform your website and videos with gripping animation works from OURS GLOBAL as per your requirements. With expertise in a wide array of animation services such as 2D/3D animations, logos, animatics, medical illustrations, caricatures, portraits, product demos etc. our experts will deliver solutions as per your requirements. Blending art, design and sound our captivating animation solutions will reflect high production quality and elegance.

Assuring cost efficiency, our team of experts will always incorporate high end infrastructure and technology for creating desired 2D and 3D animation services. Understanding on deadlines, our animation services will generate solutions for animations, short-form media, brand and image marketing educational videos, corporate presentations etc.

Our Animation Services include:

  • 2D Animation Services: Generating creative designs, our animators will create 2D characters and images by skillful blending of high end animation software and techniques. Implementing practices such as morphing, onion skinning and interpolated rotoscoping our experts will provide animation services for movies, E-learning courses, product demos, website banners, corporate presentations, animated logos and simulations. Well versed with drawing, engineering and animating skills our team guarantees on-time delivery of your projects as per your requirement.

  • 3D Animation Services: Visualizing plans, products, processes and entities our affordable 3D Animation services will deliver stunning graphics at unbeatable animation quality. With skilled animators our 3D animation services will transform digital armatures to 3D characters and images for movies, games, websites, product demos, television program or presentation. Our 3D services involve 3D prototype, engineering simulations, 3D modeling, special effects, character animations and others.

  • Visual Effects Services: Providing state of art multimedia solutions, our specialists will deliver uncompromised VFX Services that will create innovative visual effects that unleash storylines and artistic visions. Powering premium content as per your requirement, our studios will take unique approaches for helping story tellers create world class experiences. Our VFX Services have over a decade of experience in delivering stunning visual effects designs for filmmakers, film studios, advertising studios etc.

  • Rotoscoping Services: Our team of artists will transfer objects from one scene to another with high end rotoscoping techniques making your high quality action sequences at cost effective rates. By using high end computer graphics and advanced software, our professionals will perform tracking, masking and editing for delivering optimum quality results.

  • Flash Animation: Using Adobe Flash, our flash animators will create high quality flash animations as per your requirements. With latest tools and techniques we deliver futuristic designs within deadlines without crossing the budget. Generating creative animations our flash animations will create an extra edge for your websites and presentations.

  • 3D Animation Rendering: With comprehensive understanding of geometry, viewpoint, texture and lighting information our 3D animators will generate images through texturing, shading, lighting, addition of dynamics, rigging and animation which are possible through effective rendering. These services will thus showcase your products in creative and unique ways.

  • Animatics: Our cost effective animatics will display a series of still images in sequence blending time counters, sound effects, voiceovers etc. Empowering you to figure out filming angles and simplifying overall shooting processes, our animatics services will free you from costs and avoid reshoots. These services will even guide you for last minute modifications to your production before take.

  • Storyboards: Assisting you to pre-visualize your video or motion graphics project our storyboard services will eliminate errors such as lighting, camera angles etc. Saving you money and time by avoiding mistakes while shooting these services will help you pre-visualize motion pictures, interactive videos, electronic games, motion graphics etc.

  • Whiteboard Animations: Engaging viewers and driving traffic to your social media channels our Whiteboard animations will promote your businesses, products and services. Generating handcrafted whiteboard videos, our illustrators will focus on versatility, effectiveness and short development time. Well versed in creating appealing hand-drawn videos we can assure you to draw in more viewers.

  • Animated Videos: Boost your brand, products and services with animated videos effective for business presentations which will capture, enthrall and explain subjects to audiences.

  • Animated Illustrations: Our innovative and creative animated illustrations will assist you for business advertisements across different social platforms. Incorporating Adobe illustrator our animators will develop frame by frame illustrations we will export file format as per your requirement.

Why outsource your Animation Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers optimum quality services
  • Team of expert animators, designers and project management professionals
  • Maximum scalability as per your requirements
  • Use of high end technology as per your requirements
  • Superior quality services at reasonable prices
  • Delivery of projects within scheduled delivery time
  • Optimum customer satisfaction by extensive reviewing

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