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Logistics and Supply Chain BPO Services

Looking to balance costs and improve your BPO service operation?

Whatever business, small or big all you need is an efficient outsourcing partner for striking accomplishments that can enable your business to work efficiently through promising business decisions. Outsource Freight Bill Auditing, Invoice Processing, Track & Tracing, BOL Generation & Customer Helpdesk Services to OURS GLOBAL and take advantage of our expertise for exponential business growth

With ever-growing customer demands it is vital to pay close attention towards both short term and long term solutions. Our team of highly experienced & qualified professionals will deliver you extensive solutions and assist you in saving time & resources for running much key business operations successfully. With a decade of experience in providing Logistics process Outsourcing services around the globe, we have shaped in to a trusted partner for global businesses committed to improve customer experience through experience through convenience, accuracy of orders, and timely delivery. As a ISO 9001:2015 certified company we use customer centric & industry specific business solutions to meet your desired goals with proven methodologies and approaches to manage deliverables.

Providing end to end solutions for Ocean, Air, Rail & Road our customized solutions are designed to maximizing your profit margin with conscious mitigation of risks and efficient streamlining of operations.

  • Road: Our Less than load (LTL) freight solutions are designed to develop the efficiency of your supply chain and also drive cost reduction
  • Ocean: We also provide solutions for supporting logistics for the ocean shipping industry, supporting your organization to compete better with your competitors
  • Air: Our Air freight logistics BPO services can enhance your business efficiency with effective & efficient freight document processing
  • Rail: Our railway logistics BPO services guide your business processes to maximum efficiency with both core & supporting processes

Our Logistics & Supply Chain BPO Outsourcing services include:

  • Road Freight Bill of Lading Services: Our services can drive elimination of your shipment delays by efficient processing in Bill of Lading documents to enhance supply chain efficiency
  • Logistics Data Entry Services: We also provide effective services on quick & efficient management of logistics data entry. This can help you to divert your focus to non-core business tasks, reduce operational costs and enhance business process efficiency.
  • Freight Invoice Processing Services: Verification & organization of logistics processes as per your organizational demand
  • Freight Bill Audit and Payment Processing Services: This service involves conversion of freight invoices in to integrated electronic format for enhancement of your organization’s supply chain. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company we do ensure maximum data security. We also maintain consistent communication throughout the entire process with our pre & post freight bill audit services.
  • Ocean Freight Bill of Lading (BOL) Services: Processing bill of landing services involves precise documentation of information such as details of goods & destination of shipment for guaranteeing smooth shipment. This service can assure maximum accuracy of Ocean Bill of Lading processing services in fast turnaround time. As an ISO certified company we follow effective processes which ensure maximum data security.

Our logistics processes:

We do follow the following processes for ensuring smooth functioning of our logistics processes:

  • Sourcing/Procurement
    • Processing of documents
    • Forwarding of freights
    • Bill of landing
    • Transaction processes
  • Sourcing/Transaction
    • Invoicing
    • Payment processing
    • Third party payment processing
  • Warehousing
    • Inventory Management
    • IT Services
    • Payment Processing
    • Invoicing
    • Third Party Payment Service
  • Order processing
    • Business Intelligence
    • IT Services
    • Invoicing
    • Payment Processing
    • Third Party Payment Services
  • Customer service
    • Document Processing
    • Freight Forwarding
    • Bill of Landing
    • Transaction Process

Why partner OURS GLOBAL as your Logistics BPO service provider?

Offering custom based bases to you with innovative & fruitful telecommunication outsourcing services we offer our expertise for your organization’s success. These are the key benefits we in leveraging our services.

  • Efficient document management of sophisticated paperwork which can enhance your business growth
  • Assisting & tracking of inventory with cloud based warehouse management or ERP systems
  • Enhancement of business growth by saving your time & revenue
  • Tailor-made services to meet requirements of each client24*7 helpdesk for your queries
  • Easy access, analysis and reporting by dashboards
  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction with BOL generation, track & tracing, freight bill auditing, POD updates, Inbound & Outbound call center, Accounts payable & receivable, Customer helpdesk, Email & chat services from experts
  • Quick access of newer market
  • Improvement of performance while gaining control

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