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Back Office Services for Real Estate Industry

Is your real estate industry constantly under pressure to deliver best services to your clients?

Stay above the problems of real estate market fluctuations to maintain high level of productivity through OURS GLOBAL’s cost efficient REO listing & back office processes such as financial accounting, software development, data management, photo & video editing and call center services.

Letting you concentrate on much more core capabilities, we can unburden your organization from your back office tasks. Over a decade of experience in BPO outsourcing industry our services have proven to be maximum cost effective and specifically tailored for the real estate industry.

Our Real Estate BPO Outsourcing services include:

  • REO Agent Registration: This service can enable brokers to register with online data banks & networks for establishing relationships with clients as well as related bank.
  • REO Billing & Reimbursement processing: Our REO billing services can assist you in efficient organization of your businesses by keeping track of expenses, multi-lingual and multi-currency support and improving of services for retaining of clients.Our REO Reimbursement processing services will ensure your REO bill imbursements related to maintenance charges, tax expenses and insurances efficiently & cost-effectively.
  • REO Valuation services: Our REO valuation services evaluate value of assets. Our valuation services include:
    • Listing broker price opinion & Third Party fee BPO: Our listing services can give you maximum visibility and our third party fee BPO can boost your reputation for generating additional value.
    • Updating the listing BPO: These services can maintain broker price opinion listings with periodic updating
    • Monthly Marketing Report: Monthly marketing reporting services can assist you in staying updated with critical market changes & updates.
  • REO Administrative services: Our REO administering services handles administrational operations saving your time & money. This service involves project management/ buyer leads marketing and MLS entries.OURS GLOBAL can give you tailor-made services as per your business requirement at highest quality & accuracy in every service giving you much advantage over your competitors.

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