Insurance BPO Services

Insurance BPO Services

Insurance is a contract represented by a policy which provides an entity/individual with financial protection or reimbursements against events such as losses. An appropriate Insurance company pools all risks for thorough study and guidance for you to make the right payments for affordable insurance over client properties. The insurance policies thus covering a company infrastructure, property or workforce will suffice all damages or injury caused to a third party. Re-inforced with the latest technology, AI and Data-Driven processes Insurance providers are enhancing customer experiences & their satisfaction amidst changing regulations. As per the research of Deloitte auditing company the insuring business will drive 50% industry growth within the next five years.

To keep up with ever-increasing paperwork and daily processing insurance companies are outsourcing their back-office operations such as data entry, bookkeeping, and accounting to third-party BPO service providers. Focused on increasing efficiency and better client satisfaction, BPO services will assist Insurance businesses to capitalize on emerging opportunities in events of pro-active changes. Focused on business improvements, quality customer interaction, analytical insights for effective decision making, revenue growth, and profitability our BPO services will enhance Insurance businesses.

With a well experienced, trained and resourceful pool of experts, OURS GLOBAL specialized insurance BPO services will drive innovation and a comprehensive suite of capabilities into your businesses. Aided with the latest technology, methodologies, and frameworks we deliver non-core end-to-end backend processes, insurance back-office services, insurance data entry, insurance back-office support, etc. We assist insurance businesses in building & maintaining best-in-class customer expectations through result-oriented processes. Managing insurance processes our cost-effective BPO services will refine client -interactions, enrich decision making and significantly improve speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Our Insurance BPO Outsourcing Services are as follows:

  • Call Center Outsourcing Services: Our 24*7 call center service can assist you to the maximum extent with real-time reporting & 100% call recording facilities. Enabling you to acquire real-time sales & better conversion rates our multichannel call center services can help your company irrespective of its size to achieve desired goals. Our high-end call center services will be available to you at many affordable rates. These are the services that come under call center outsourcing services:
  • Finance & Accounting BPO Services: Taking the role of a chief financial officer, our finance & accounting services can control your costs, manage risks, drive business strategies and profit you with more revenue. This service can also manage complex legacy systems, data silos, internal controls & risks and technologies such as social media, analytics & cloud. Coordinating your financial & accounting operations, we can drive your enterprise towards the support strategy & growth plans of the enterprise. Equipped to meet newer challenges our finance& accounting experts partner with CFO’s office to digitize finance functions, streamlining & simplifying processes & establishing better governance adhered to laws & regulations. These are the finance & accounting services that come under this category:
    • Initial underwriting
    • Follow up
    • Actuarial Accounting
    • Fiduciary Accounting
    • Premium Accounting
    • Insurance claims processing
    • Payments processing
    • Document digitization services
  • Back Office BPO Services: Our back office BPO services can manage your settlements, clearances, record maintenance, regulatory compliance, accounting & IT services. Providing all business functions related to its operations our back-office personals can provide essential functions to your businesses. These services can also support your staff to perform their client-facing duties with maximum effectiveness. These are the sub-services that come under Back Office BPO services:
    • E-catalog management
    • Data mining
    • Data entry
    • Forms processing services
    • Data conversion services
    • PDF conversion services
    • Data capture services
    • OCR services
    • Data extraction services
    • Data cleansing services
    • Data management
    • Policy verification & validation
    • Policy changes
  • IT Outsourcing Services: Our IT outsourcing services can effectively deliver you IT-enabled businesses processes application services & infrastructure solutions for positive business outcomes. Assisting clients in taking appropriate sourcing strategies & vision, selecting IT service providers, structuring best possible contracts and governing deals for successful relationships our IT outsourcing services can reduce costs, accelerate time to market and take advantage of external expertise, assets or intellectual property. Our IT outsourcing services include:
  • Ecommerce Support Services: Offering comprehensive support to eCommerce organizations we can cater to your requirements in Ecommerce functions or complete store management such as order processing, digital marketing, inventory maintenance, bookkeeping, CRM maintenance, etc. These are the E-commerce services we cater to:
  • Digital Marketing Services: Our best in industry digital marketing services will prove to be an effective way to attract, engage and delight customers online. Designing, coordinating and incorporating digital marketing methods such as Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, etc we can deliver you better ROI through an increase in your sales. These are the Digital marketing services we deliver:

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