Logo Design Services

Logo Design Services

Take the first step in building/enhancing your brand by designing unique and appropriate logos. Amplifying your brand recognition OURS GLOBAL’s logo design solutions will symbolize and summarize the attributes of your company. Our team of designers has the technical and creative competencies for developing, building and creating unique identity for your businesses/organization. Over a decade of experience in creating original/uniquely designed logos for corporations and products we always keep us updated with high end technology and techniques in order to deliver appealing solutions without any compromise.

After comprehensive understanding of your design requirements our team of directors/visualizers will work on design, fonts, graphics and colors. Every processes are reviewed periodically for implementation of design feedbacks and revised options are sent for final approval.

Our logo design services comprises of:

  • 2D Logo Design Services: Developing professional and customized 2D logos that will heighten your brand recognition our logo designs will also benefit you with positive first impressions, clear cut communication of business objectives and lasting impressions. Showcasing your company collateral through stationery and brochures to exhibition stands and websites, our 2D company logo designs will allure target markets and boost your business appreciation among them.

  • 3D Logo Design Services: Converting/crafting newer 3D logos for enhancement of your brand in the best light possible our 3D logo design services upgrade your marketing collateral to the next level. Catering 3 D designs as per your requirement animation companies will redefine logos and create brand identity. Our 3 D designs are crafted as dynamic and eye catching ones which can be showcased in web animations, commercials, video presentations, TV commercials, product packages etc.

  • Animated Logo Design: Catch the interests of your desired audiences with stories, videos and innovative gifs and boost your brand’s virtual identity and brand recognition. Our creative designing and animation team will design pleasing animated logos with an extra edge over your competitors. Our dedicated team of animators and logo designers will develop innovative ideas for your animated brand logo.

Why outsource your logo design service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers maximum quality services
  • Use of high end software such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe photo-shop, Max, 3ds Maya
  • Team of qualified visualizers, designers, graphic artists, illustrators etc
  • Delivery of Unique, high resolution animated corporate logo designs in fast turnaround time
  • Maximum scalability as per your logo design requirements

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