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Web Application Development Services

Get the help of industry best, highly qualified and skilled professional help from OURS GLOBAL for your web application service requirements. Our customized web application development services comprises services ranging from content management system website, web based internet applications, e-commerce portals, social networking, developmental services & more. Experienced with web application designing and deployment as per client requirements we can transform your static web page to a much dynamic interface between your users. Compiling all your internal business operations, our web applications can offer you with maximum accessibility. In spite being easily maintainable, scalable and secure our customized web applications can assist you for business use, social computing, web portals, e-commerce, Business process automation and much more.

Our Web Application Services include:

  • Web Application Design : Creating quality web applications while giving comprehensive focus on user friendliness and efficiency our Web application development processes includes high-level strategy, effective planning, research, business consulting, design, programming, testing, and training. Maintaining transparency throughout the process we do not compromise on quality/effectiveness of web applications.
  • Web Application Prototyping : Giving detailed attention to animations, advanced interactions and transitions while designing web experiences our team of web designers add dynamic content, show/hide elements, link to other screens, and much more. While designing UI wireframes to fit any screen size, our web designing professionals customize and adjust dynamic layouts for unparallel user experiences.
  • Web Application Testing : Testing web applications by state of art techniques our Web application testing services will deliver all your business objectives. Verifying all your web applications our team of testers interfaces along with other related functionalities.
  • Web Application Deployment : Deploying Web applications making it ready to use for your clients by effective structuring of files that constitute web applications in a certain standard way and it’s installation in a certain location of the server.
  • Web Application Maintenance & Support : Delivering maximum benefits for your end users with achievement of organizational efficiency and growth, we will enable them to leverage cost effective and efficient applications. Optimizing business processes with appropriate blend of technology and applications your businesses can minimize operational costs and achieve optimum operational efficiency.
  • Application Modernization : Modernizing your applications we can empower you businesses towards digital transformations success. Re-platforming, re-hosting, recoding, rearchitecting, re-engineering, interoperability, replacement and retirement, as well as changes to the application architecture our top cloud service providers assist businesses to reach optimum value, enhance flexibility, decrease technology obsolescence risks and reduce license and operations cost.
  • Web Application Re-engineering : Amending performance of existing web solutions our Web application Re-engineering services can deliver services as per your requirement. Re-engineering can re-energize development with high end features, architecture, technology and language attracting newer customers to your brand. Our web application re-engineering services can maximize performance, enhance user experience, reduce maintenance cost, better utilization of system/staff and effectiveness of business operations.
  • Custom Web Application Development : Customizing your websites/pages as per your desire on graphics, content and overall site look our web application development services will assist you in capturing potential clients for your website. Our designers provide wide variety of application developments such as layout, source code, presentation, user friendliness etc.
    Partnering with us can benefit you with dynamic solutions designed by a well experienced & skilled team of software professionals for your business achievements. We also avail services for front end and back end development for appropriate functional changes for driving for maximizing growth in your businesses. Well versed with latest web technologies such as Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS3, Drupal, Joomla, Word-Press, MS SQL and Oracle we can maximize your IT value, user friendliness and security.

Benefits of OURS GLOBAL’s Web Application Development Services:

  • Best in class front end & back end customer service
  • Maximum satisfaction, loyalty & retention among your clients
  • Improvement in your work force performance & productivity
  • Skillful and efficient utilization of programming languages & frameworks such as C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, CSS, .NET

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