Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate Marketing Services

Advertise your products/services by placing links on potential websites where audiences will engage in. Through affiliate sites, our team of expert professionals will empower your marketing campaigns for effective generation of sales. Monetizing these affiliate websites we will offer a higher ROI to your businesses. If you are ready to take advantage of this pay per performance model, then OURS GLOBAL is here to help you. OURS GLOBAL’s plethora of affiliate marketing services are backed up with skilled and experienced key influencers, advertisers and publishers will enable for connecting your businesses with appropriate marketers and thus maximize your returns.

Offering your businesses with an extensive platform for advertisement of your product/services for the acquirement of leads and in turn sales, our services will open a way for you attracting buyers. With the experience of managing hundreds of affiliate marketing campaigns, we will enable all applications and remove all junks that will encourage lower bounce rates, minimize cost savings.

Our Affiliate Marketing Services comprises of:

  • Advertisement and Sales Pitch Creation: Monetizing affiliate blogs through affiliate directories we will collect your potential audiences with appealing advertisements. Creating affiliate marketing programs linked to your business websites every click will be redirected to generate multiple clicks and impressions via software. Instead of pitching your product or service, we will infer how they could fit into your niche through our marketing channels.

  • Text ads Creation: Effectively communicating with your audiences, our services will promote your products/services on Google Network. Text ads will be added in languages that label them as advertisements for better acknowledgment of your audiences.

  • Banner Designing: Understanding your requirements our team of expert professional designers will craft unique and desiring banner designs at affordable costs. With the use of high-end software, our team of experts will offer the best solutions lined with the latest market and industry trends. Aiming for optimum professionalism and craft we incorporate multiple design options for finest and creative banner designs.

  • Affiliate Marketing Advertising Network set up: Developing affiliate networks we will find your participation suitable for your business website. This will benefit you with the generation of more income for your businesses.

  • Affiliate Program Management: Overseeing and developing your brands affiliate marketing program we will yield desired results for your businesses. Automating affiliate networks our affiliate professionals will use network tools to keep your marketing campaigns effective.

  • Advanced Sales Tracking and Reporting: Our advanced sales tracking and reporting services will manage every sales activity enabling you for tracking, managing and accelerating the lead processing for maximum conversion. This will help you for nurturing more profitable leads more efficiently.

Why Outsource your Display Advertising Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers maximum quality services
  • Appealing graphic content solutions designed and styled to perfection
  • Better facilitation of brand awareness benefiting for your business
  • Local and global advertising targeting customers in certain countries, regions or cities.
  • Effectively target with Display Ads relevant to your businesses

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