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DevOps Services

Applying automated processes and streamlining IT , OURS GLOBAL’s DevOps Services will enhance your business capabilities, development and operations. Rolling out improved business capabilities our team of experts will drive your businesses to success stories through effective impact on your systems and digital businesses. With proven excellence in IT, our team of experts will provide effective DevOps implementation strategies for encompassing several capabilities such as light weight architecture, workload management on demand, iterative/incremental development and security and automated testing techniques.

Emphasizing on communication, collaboration, integration and automation, our team of experts will hurdles in software development and ensuring agile delivery for software driven innovation. Applying lean and agile principles across software lifecycles we will improve culture and processes to foster innovation and enabling effective responsive feedback mechanisms. Empowering you for faster development of software products/services our services will enhance software development, quality assurance, and IT operations.

Our DevOps Services will comprise of :

  • Assessment and planning : Integrating development and operations our assessment and planning services will accelerate software releases and deploy them efficiently. Improving processes, fostering innovation and enabling responsive feedback mechanisms we will help you with actionable plans and other requirements. With deep knowledge and experience of DevOps our assessment and strategy planning services will qualify your maturity model, visualize desired state, create roadmaps and action plan, identify traceable metrics and accommodate organizational changes.

  • Pilot Framework Creation : Through systematic and multi stage approaches our developers will automate frameworks for business operations in your organization. Our dedicated team of automation engineers will develop clear and reusable Automation Framework that will ensure successful implementation of QA automation. Through efficient automation frameworks our services will eliminate inefficient, ad-hoc scripting and replaces it with well defined and reusable automation processes.will operate your systems, middleware and applications.

  • Process Implementation : Helping your organization to deliver faster, better, high quality and reliable software our DevOps implementation practices will assist you to achieve maximum sales and in turn ROI. Our core DevOps practices will help businesses for achievement of effective communication and collaboration, bug free coding and smoother operations.

  • CI/CD Pipeline : Our fast & reliable CI/CD pipeline will assist you in your software delivery processes such as automated test running & deployment, initiating code builds, stage deployment or production environment. While removing manual errors our DevOps Services will deploy a stage or production environment, provide standardized development feedback loops and enable fast product iterations.

  • Process Automation : Auditing existing set ups and drawing ideal workflows our process automation services will set up and automate your continuous delivery pipelines. Generating codes on developer machine for further application and system in production our automation services will foster speed, accuracy, consistency, reliability and maximum deliverables.

  • Security Integration : Developing software for your business’s security with intense planning and detailed analysis our security integration services will perceive you to have a positive influence to your businesses. With maximum discipline and result oriented practices our solutions will design, build, test, release, support and maintain DevOps lifecycle. Improving security through improved collaboration and shared responsibility our DevOps Services will overlay entire DevOps workflow.

Why outsource your DevOps Service requirements to OURS GLOBAL?

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company which delivers maximum quality services
  • Faster recovery from failures, lower failure rates and less time remediating security issues
  • Team of experienced and skilled DevOps developers and engineers
  • Constant monitoring, continuous testing and extensive automation for improvement in quality of production code
  • Quicker deployment of newer capabilities
  • Maximum scalability as per your business requirements

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